Civ4 BTS v3.19 Patch


Nov 4, 2002
Section 1
I entered the MP lobby this afternoon, and lo-and-behold, a new patch is downloading, version 3.19.

Download Link:

Patch notes:

List of changes for version 3.19

Special thanks to Bhruic


- Info screen always shows demographics when espionage is disabled

- Players can no longer receive obsolete resources through trade

- Fixed bug where culture obtained through espionage was 100 times lower than intended

- AI player better evaluates his situation before voting for a ban on nuclear weapons

- Fixed a few AI civic evaluation bugs

- AI changes civics during Golden Ages

- Fixed bug with AI not knowing how close its cities are to other players

- Re-enabled Foreign Advisor "Glance" screen

- Fixed Team Battleground map script to distribute hills better and work around team-counting problem

- Civilopedia lists buildings that replace a given building

- Barrage promotions no longer available to units without the ability to already cause collateral damage

- Conquistador ignores walls, to be consistent with Cuirassier

- Fixed AI defender bug for newly captured cities

- Build-specific production modifiers are no longer counted for overflow gold calculations

- Building or destroying a fort now properly refreshes resource connections

- Collateral damage modifiers, collateral damage immunity, and air defense modifiers, multiply instead of add

- Fixed event triggering on a dead unit

- AI uses Warlords to make super-medic units

- Better AI decision-making related to damaged air units

- Better AI use of missiles to disconnect enemy resources

- AI evacuates ships and planes from cities in danger

- AI no longer joins Great People to cities in danger

- Fixed bug where AI Great Engineers would hurry Wonders in other players' cities

- Spies no longer interrupt their mission when moving next to an enemy unit

- Fixed map generator bug for water starts

- Situations which invalidated Secretary General/AP Resident now force the next vote to be an election

- Fixed team-counting bug that would cause some mapscripts to fail

- Moved some gamecore-specific code into the DLL

- Fixed cheat where you could apply a free tech from one game to another

- Diplomacy summary no longer claims that a civ is the worst enemy of a human team

- Groups on sentry awake based on best unit's vision rather than head unit's vision

- Hidden Nationality units can enter friendly rival territory when starting in a city

- Fixed bug where captured cities could give double bonus for the Apostolic Palace

- Fixed a bug in AI war declaration in exchange for technologies

- Sea patrolling ships no longer attack if they have less than 50% chance of winning the battle

- Terrain height no longer affects aerial recon missions

- No Espionage option: no Free Great Spy from Communism, no espionage-related events

- Blockading AI Privateers can no longer sense invisible units

- Colonies no longer assume the name of an eliminated player
Yes, I can confirm that :)

Also, not listed in the 3.19 changes:

- Fixed loophole where you could use a Gamespy emulator to log on as any user
- Fixed rounding error in main interface progress bars (research, food, production, nationality) where the last color was sometimes not drawn
- Increased culture thresholds for no-espionage games, since espionage is converted into culture.
- Hammer decay of build items not currently being worked on correctly scales with game speed
- Fixed save/load issues with RTW mod
- Reduced frequency of city liberation popups
- Fixed spurious war declaration popup when loading a ship in the same tile as a rival ship.
- Fixed strategy text for Jaguar Warrior
Alex, thanks for fixing that OOS bug, and the bug where the patch never finishes. Those two fixes are worth it alone for the MP community! We just found a bug in the lobby, however. For some reason, it is appending our names to include "TK-TK2" (whatever that means).

For instance, even though I am logged in as "Speaker," my name says, "Speaker-tk-tk2"

Fixed loophole where you could use a Gamespy emulator to log on as any user
You must made a *lot* of people very happy, and one little kid very unhappy. :)
That is rather unexpected. I wonder if mods work with the new patch?
I echo Speaker's comments. This is a very welcome patch, especially the shutdown of Linde's misbehavior. Less than 45 days ago, Firaxis promised me that they would get to the bottom of it and shut down these exploits. I am very happy that you guys followed through on your promises.
I'm wondering if the new update is going to be provided to Steam as well? Looks like the update doesn't work for the downloaded version - at least the installer crashes on me. :(

edit: seems to be a general problem, not just for Steam users.
Whoah, I thought Firaxis and Take 2 washed their hands of civ 4 a while ago. Guess I was wrong

*Goes to update*
Nice job. This is going beyond what most software companies would do for a product this old. I also notice that most of the fixes are from the UP or BBAI, hope that demonstrates what a practical and useful move releasing source code to the fan community can be :)
What about the diplo bug where you can't bribe a civ runing their favourite civic to change any of their other civics?
Doesn't really seem necessary if you have BetterAI or the unofficial patches...
Indeed a lot of the BBAI and the 3.17 UP changes are here ( not all, so i think we will have a 3.19 UP close )

Time to check mods compatibility issues , I guess :p
A pity that they didn't fix the AI same-continent behaviour with transporting settlers and troops (Huayna Earth Map syndrome).

On the other hand, I'm glad that the developers are still paying attention to their fanbase and are willing to use their work. Gives BetterAI a bit more legitimacy...
I won't be able to use that patch for a long time anyway, 'till the guys at make an unofficial 3.19 for the Russian distributor. I hate the Russian distributor, since I play my civ4 in English anyway.
- Barrage promotions no longer available to units without the ability to already cause collateral damage

I had really hoped that if a new patch came out they'd restore tanks to their former glory. Looks like that isn't the case. Too bad, looks like I'll keep playing with 3.02.
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