civ4 colonization We The People multiplayer search

Hello , im searching for people with whom i could play "we the people" mod in multiplayer .

What version of the game (all need to use the exact same version to avoid problems, preferrably the latest one)?
What computer do you use (preferably the fastest computer should host the game)?
What timezone do you live in / at what times to you have time to play (as there are players of several timezones writing in the WtP subforum)?
I would REALLY love to play this with a friend. I made him buy the game, download the mod, go through all the not-so-simple process of installing it, only to find out we couldn't connect to each other. I'm used to playing Civ4 with the Realism Invictus mod and I play with friends using Hamachi and the Direct IP Connection option under multiplayer. Unfortunately, only AFTER going through the aforementioned ordeal I found out there is no such option inside the Civ4Col, only the other four (LAN, Internet, PbeM and Hot-Seat), none of them are functional.

Could any one shed a light on this? Even if to say in a definitive manner: "no, mate, you can't play Civ4Col with a distant buddy nowadays, sorry!"
You need to forward a couple of ports. I wasn't able to do it and had to set the DMZ on my router to the computer where I was hosting a pitboss game. (I'm talking about Civ4, but it uses the same engine.)

I suggest to try and use a virtual LAN service. ZeroTier is my favourite; it's very light and easy to use. Setting it up requires a bit more attention, but it's not rocket science. After that all multiplayer modes (LAN, Direct IP, etc) should work. Just don't forget to use the virtual IP address instead of your real one. ;)
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