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Civ4 Patch v1.61, SDK, PitBoss, & Low-res Movies Released!

Discussion in 'Civ4 - General Discussions' started by V. Soma, Apr 13, 2006.

  1. V. Soma

    V. Soma long time civ fan

    Apr 13, 2004
    yes, it is true :)

    The long-awaited patch for Civ4 (v1.61) has finally been released. The patch includes a variety of changes, fixes, and additions such as new map scripts, scenarios, and unit changes. The patch is 45.7 MB and can be downloaded either through the Game's main menu screen (Advanced > Check for Updates), or by going to Civ4's official site download page.

    The Civ4 SDK and PitBoss are also released. The SDK contains the core game DLL source code (including all the AI and game code), allowing gamers to completely rewrite or modify literally everything about the game they want! This opens up a whole new world of modding and it's possible to make a completely different game loosely based on Civilization using the SDK.

    The PitBoss application is the the persistent turn-based server program for Civilization IV and a beta version was released back in January.


    Download the v1.61 Patch (45.7 MB) from: 2K Games | Firaxis | 3D Downloads | 3D Gamers | FileFront | WorthPlaying | VGPRO
    Download the SDK (6 MB) from: 2K Games | CivFanatics | Firaxis | 3D Downloads
    Download PitBoss Application (3.56 MB) from: 2K Games | CivFanatics | Firaxis | 3D Downloads

    For people who have trouble playing the in-game Civilization IV movies, Firaxis has released low resolution versions of all the movies for download on Firaxis website. Before downloading these movies, you should try the v1.61 patch first to see if it takes care of the problem. If not, try the following:
    • Open the config (ini) file in notepad, and find the line which reads HideMovieBackground = 0, set it to HideMovieBackground = 1
    • The intro and victory movies expand to fill the screen, so play the game at lower resolutions (like 1024x768) to get the best performance.
    • If that doesn't help, you can download the low-res movies in three separate files:

      Download Low-Res Movies - Intro (68.09 MB) from: 2K Games | Firaxis | 3D Downloads
      Download Low-Res Movies - Victory (40.19 MB) from: 2K Games | Firaxis | 3D Downloads
      Download Low-Res Movies - Wonders (271.04 MB) from: 2K Games | Firaxis | 3D Downloads

    The patch ReadMe:
  2. jwildstr

    jwildstr Chieftain

    Jan 5, 2006

    AUGH! Looks...soo...good....Can't...play...at...work....

    Can I go home now? :goodjob:
  3. Colossian

    Colossian Prince

    Nov 14, 2005
    11% Downloading

    48291703 bytes

    v1.61 Patch

    v1.61 is a major upgrade to Civ IV and includes number of new and exciting features including new scenarios and map scripts, unit adjustments and enhancements and more!

    Note: This patch is for all versions of Civilization IV with the exception of the Direct2Drive version.

    Download the patch from 2k games (45.7 MB)
    Click Here to view the complete list of updates.


    v1.61 Patch


    randomized processing order when multiple players try to move on the same turn slice
    only the host can set the admin password
    Horseback Riding now a classical tech
    Kremlin now gives -33% hurry production cost
    can't airlift from foreign cities
    expanded subject for PitBoss e-mail
    lightened the color of some civs' text
    mp retire fix
    less hammers from chops the farther away from a city
    reduced hammer yield from forest chops to 20…
    Mathematics increases forest chop yields by +50%
    SDI cannot be built before the Manhattan Project.
    increased SDI cost
    marines and SAM Infantry now upgrade to Mech Infantry
    better AI-to-human diplo in team games
    no more diplo penalty for helping to end wars
    city production popups stay on city when entering/exiting
    can now set units to Sleep and Intercept in wbs
    Continents map script now produces large continents
    game options and victory conditions now saved in ini file
    invalid buildings now removed from city queues
    Free Trade: Medium Upkeep
    State Property: Low Upkeep
    Representation: +2 happy in X biggest cities.
    Hereditary Rule: Low Upkeep.
    Representation: Medium Upkeep.
    Slaver: Low Upkeep
    Nationhood: No Upkeep
    firepower is now average of curr and max strength
    Gunships now move faster over rails
    No Cheating option renamed to Lock Modified Assets
    city management no longer uses "forced" specialist states when not automated
    Expansive: +3 Health
    Financial: No longer give production bonus for Banks
    Prompt for admin password when loading a game containing one in LAN, Internet, or Pitboss play
    Don't allow players to play non-playable civs in Pitboss
    Do not display SP only mods in Pitboss
    Allow hotseat/PBEM scenario host to select which civ s/he will play
    Force non-playable civs to be AI in Hotseat/PBEM games
    Allowing for AI slots in player defined scenarios for Hot Seat, PBEM, and Pitboss games
    Do not display duplicate buddy request popups from the same guy
    Peer address handling improvements
    Number keys perform leaderhead actions on Civilopedia leader screen.
    Custom game SP screen remembers difficulty level last played
    Reduced rounding error for population and land victory condition test
    Loading a multiplayer game as a PBEM/hotseat converts it to non-simultaneous turns
    When the city names of your civ are all taken, choose a default name from a random civ
    Timelines more uniform across game speeds
    Military Advisor shows Barbarians
    Tech chooser screen now observes CvGameInterface.cannotResearch() and shows the tech in a red pane if the function returns true
    Fixed American Revolution scenario to work with Pitboss
    PBEM password reminder popup no longer disappears when the game starts
    Wonder description on Wonder Movie screen more legible
    Top Civs screen no longer appears in online multiplayer
    Civilopedia main page sorted in columns rather than in rows
    Pressing escape when selecting goto points now cancels the goto waypoints
    Military advisor now works like foreign advisor: clicking on leader buttons clears previous leader selections unless you hold down the shift key.
    Teams in multiplayer once again share all the players' starting techs, not just the last player's
    Great person point generation from Wonders continues after Wonder has become obsolete
    quicksave doesn't prompt for overwrite

    exploit fix that allowed multiple players to extract the same gold/resources from the AI...
    Don't set localhost address as public addr for peers on same computer
    fixed gunships capturing cities bug
    game doesn't end on ties
    fixed mp UN voting bug
    Leaderheads on a radeon 9000 64mb - fix for strange skin shading
    Fixed crash that happened when a spy sabotaged an improvement outside cultural borders
    The full mod path is no longer stored in the save when the mod is installed under the user folder
    Double-clicking on a save of a mod now loads the proper DLL
    fixed Out-of-Sync from exiting to main menu
    fixed anarchy/specialist resetting bug
    fixed bug where environmentalism doesn't affect new cities
    fix for missing head mission crash
    fixed stack attack bug with groups of units with more than one move
    fixed premature end-turn unit cycle bug
    fixed State Porperty cumulative effect in team game
    fixed plot list button scrolling for multiple resolutions
    fixed some AI attitude issues for team games
    Strip chat messages of color tags before displaying in Pitboss
    Fixed logic bug that determines the number of open slots in a Pitboss game
    Improving how the host determines if the game is full - number of connections rather than number of players - before, the host wasn't considering joining players when determining if the game was full
    Set status to CLOSED when a computer player dies in the game
    The full mod path is no longer stored in the save when the mod is installed under the user folder
    Load proper DLL when a mod is specified in the ini file
    fix for tech chooser showing known techs as unknown
    Clear map data (like latitudes) when you exit to main menu
    Fixed error in combat calculations when a zero-strength unit was involved
    Fixed bug in Info screen "rival worst" calculation
    End of game sequence plays correctly for hotseat/pbem
    Diplomacy screen no longer allows end-turn events to go through
    Diplomacy screen gold popups respond to ESCAPE and RETURN
    Right-click select-all no longer causes large stacks to slide off the screen
    No longer possible to attempt to take over unplayable civs in multiplayer scenarios
    Fixed PBEM infinite movement exploit
    Fixed rush production per population for game speeds other than normal
    GNP graph is now consistent with demographics table
    Fix Gunship being almost invisibile in Frozen mode
    fix mod name in progress bar
    New DX9 code takes screenshot without requiring lockable back buffer
    Fixed the vertically launching torpedo for the submarine unit
    Movie playback optimized
    Significant reduction in video and system memory usage
    Fixed some memory leaks
    Fixed crashes with modified SDK
    Fixed XML failures with non-default locale
    Many translation fixes
    Memory related crash fixes
    Fixed diplomacy crash fix (when expanding an empty tree control with space bar)
    Internet lobby -> LAN fix
    fixed pedia and menu buttons disappearing after leaving tech chooser
    PitBoss no longer crashes on victory
    can no longer see number of units in darkened tiles by moving the flag
    No more Archers holding all their weapons and Workers holding all their tools
    No more fog of war missing from the southern ice and from trees/jungle on the dateline
    Pushing "go back" while joining a mp game, no longer causes background music to disappear
    Wonder movie effect and zoom no longer happens when you have disabled Wonder movies
    City billboards no longer choke on text formatting
    Many tutorial issues fixed…
    Fixed checksum folder order difference between NTFS and FAT32 filesystems
    Many worldbuilder issues fixed…
    Fix: Black eye shadows
    Fix: Some leaderheads appear to have white eyes when the low-res textures option is on
    fixing crack in huge globe view maps
    fixes the problem where animals were not animating in the fog
    Prevent Terrain crash when reloading EarthMap twice
    fixed crash on too quick quickload
    fixed city yields being revealed in FOW
    fixed ability to see cities in FOW via defense modifiers
    ICBM no longer flips upside-down when fortified/awaken
    Fix for combat bug across a map seam

    PitBossSleep ini setting
    unit cycling optimization
    Africa, Europe, East Asia, Eastern U.S., and South America maps
    Fantasy_Realm, Fractal, and Shuffle map scripts
    unit health bar for plot list buttons
    Require Complete Kills game option
    No Movies is now a graphical option (instead of an ini option)
    Warn all users when a player with a different version of files joins the game
    Display a popup warning the host when a joining player has different versions of XML/Python files so he can make sure this guy can be trusted
    Indicate which players have an active turn in the Pitboss admin screen
    Synch Logging now an .ini option
    Able to load mods from the Pitboss
    Hotseat and PBEM scenarios
    Display name of peer you are contacting in join screen if available
    Saving DirectIP join address
    Added culture rate popup help to culture bar in city screen
    Added Admin password field in PBEM/Hotseat staging screens
    Added HideMovieBackground ini option for further movie speedup
    Added HideOutOfVRamWarning ini option
    Exposed many more functions to Python
    Hooked up modern whaling boats
    support for movies in customAssets folder
    Troubleshooting Connectivity

    If you are encountering problems when connecting to multiplayer games over the internet, chances are strong that you are not the cause of the problem. It is likely that players running firewall software that rejects incoming connection attempts may have already joined the game. Since these players do not have their firewall configured correctly, their computers are rejecting your attempt to connect. Therefore, it is vital that all players who wish to play multiplayer games ensure that their firewall is set up to allow Civilization IV to construct the necessary peer-to-peer network.

    If you are running firewall software, please verify that Sid Meier’s Civilization 4 is listed on the "Exception List" of your firewall, and that incoming messages will be accepted for this process. If your firewall software does not offer an exception list, please open port 2056 for UDP traffic on your firewall. This will allow the required traffic through.

    Although Civilization IV contains logic to negotiate around many firewalls and NAT devices (routers), it can run into trouble under certain circumstances. The solution Civilization IV employs works with a vast majority of routers, but does not work with all brands. Very old models may have more problems than newer ones. Additionally, Civilization IV will have problems negotiating through 2 levels of network address translation (ie. a router behind a router). Also, negotiation may fail if you or an existing peer is running the game on a very large and busy LAN.

    Back to the Downloads Section
  4. Minoan

    Minoan Shah of Somewhere

    Jan 15, 2006

    KHSOLO Warlord

    Oct 31, 2005
    Banks no longer provide extra hammers for financial civs? huh?
  6. Reignking

    Reignking Prince

    Oct 26, 2005
    When does the next patch come out? ;)
  7. Minoan

    Minoan Shah of Somewhere

    Jan 15, 2006

    Yeah, I mean, its already been 30 minute >=D

    I'm rather glad they toned down on the Finacnical trait... It no longer receives bonuses for banks. Its still an awesome trait, but now the game is less broken

    I also want to try out some of the new maps...
  8. Minoan

    Minoan Shah of Somewhere

    Jan 15, 2006
  9. SLM

    SLM Warlord

    Dec 28, 2005
    less hammers from chops the farther away from a city (ok)
    reduced hammer yield from forest chops to 20… (what?)
    Mathematics increases forest chop yields by +50% (huh??)

    Significant reduction in video and system memory usage *yay*
  10. Reignking

    Reignking Prince

    Oct 26, 2005
    Good God...where to start...we should post different threads on different changes, like chop rushing getting nerfed, massive civics costs changes...gunships can use railroads :)
  11. Reignking

    Reignking Prince

    Oct 26, 2005
    Significant reduction in video and system memory usage
  12. Vlade Divac

    Vlade Divac Warlord

    Mar 24, 2006
    Pretty huge changes here, the chopping change alone is huge.

    How's about: firepower is now average of current and max strength.

    Small change but huge for me on the annoyance factor:
    quicksave doesn't prompt for overwrite.

    Good patch
  13. Civrules

    Civrules We the People

    Apr 6, 2003
    Thanks fer the news.
  14. Minoan

    Minoan Shah of Somewhere

    Jan 15, 2006
    I like the bit about the fire power. It means you can go on longer without having to heal your units. Seiges will be far more successful. (as would be surviving suicidal cats :3)
  15. cthom

    cthom 3,011,451,295

    Dec 8, 2005
    was clackmannan, now sauchie
    singalong... 'i'm in heaven'
  16. Vlade Divac

    Vlade Divac Warlord

    Mar 24, 2006
  17. BCLG100

    BCLG100 Music Master

    Apr 11, 2002
    Downloading it now :D maybe means that the MTDG can start now :)
  18. SPQR300

    SPQR300 Deity

    Nov 1, 2005
    I can hardly believe, I thought it was only an urban legend.
  19. Reignking

    Reignking Prince

    Oct 26, 2005
    Can't wait to hear about some play-testing, to see if:

    people can now play huge maps
    people can play MP
    the game doesn't slow down late-game (my problem).

    And, of course, if people like King Flevance can actually play at all, now.
  20. SPQR300

    SPQR300 Deity

    Nov 1, 2005
    Representation is heavily nerfed. :( (and so are the pyramids...)

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