Civ4 War Academy Updated


Oct 25, 2000
The Civilization IV War Academy has been updated with 31 strategy articles and guides covering many different topics. Below is the list of articles added this time:

  • Comprehensive Unique Building Guide (BTS) by WilliamOfOrange
  • A Beginner's Guide to the Specialist Economy by JackOfClubs
  • City Specialization: Where I do it by OTAKUjbski
  • Balancing Growth and Warfare in Civ IV by Bogustrumper
  • Civilization IV Leader Traits: Self-Actualization, Axemen, and You (BTS) by Sisiutil
  • Vocum Sineratio: The Whip by VoiceOfUnreason
  • Ways into Production by cabert
  • Ways into Happiness by cabert
  • Ways into Health by cabert
  • The Hybrid Economy by DarkFyre99
  • Gold, Beakers, and Deficit Research by Quechua
  • Specialist Economy - Post Emancipation Tech Success by zenspiderz
  • Hammer Overflow by vale
  • A Comprehensive UU Guide by aelf
  • The Early Rush by Sisiutil
  • Drafting for Fun and Profit by Vale
  • Modern Naval Strategy for Beyond the Sword (BTS) by Plato90s
  • Highlands Keshik Konquest by Almond
  • Isolated Start - Strategy for Diplomacy Win by InvisibleStalke
  • Montezuma's Revenge (BTS) by slobberinbear
  • Complete Espionage Mission Cost Guide (BTS) by Detektyw
  • Corporation: The Power of Sushi (BTS) by MrCynical
  • Corporate Maintenance Explained by OTAKUjbski
  • Culture Mechanics Disassembled by DerangedDuck
  • Explaining the Vassal System by Crighton
  • Multiplayer Warmongering Guide by Kiershar
  • Tactics and Tricks for Multiplayer Warfare: Industrial and beyond by I play for fun
  • Ancient Multiplayer Strategy- the Basics by Atlas
  • The Complete Guide To Map Creation by Mortac
  • Civ4 BtS reference EN standard version (PDF) by dj_anion
  • Random Events List (BTS) by ori
The newly added articles are marked with inside the academy. Note that to save time, they are linked to their forum thread directly instead of having a separate page.

Many thanks to all the authors for sharing their strategy and tips! :thumbsup: If you think some articles should be added to the War Academy, please feel free to PM me or post about it in this thread.

Happy Civing! :)

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