Civ5 G&K Crashes/errors


Jun 23, 2012
Hi. My brother and I love the new game, but we often get crashes. Our computers have amazing specs and we've have had very little problems with Civ5 in the past. Recently, even a little bit before the expansion came out, we've been getting crashes.

Usually, it happens when I end a turn and a leader wants to talk to me. In my most recent game, it's when Russia talks to me. I can hear the music loading and the game freezes and the goes black. When I ALT&TAB out, I see a box that reads "Render error - driver..." My driver is completely up to date - I even reinstalled all its components.

When I go to steam and the properties in the games libraries, then to local files, and to "verify integrity of game cache," it always completes with "1 file missing and will be reacquired." Well it does and then when I load in Civ5, it says it's completing installation (goes by very quick) and I continue to play, only to my dismay when I receive another crash. I go to game cache and it says its missing the file, reacquires, and ad infinitum. I even tried re installing twice to no success. My most recent game I load in and immediately receive described crash when I end my turn and Russia wants to talk (it happened throughout the game). I play with Dx11.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Try putting the game into fullscreen mode if not makes thing more stable.
Well I've had the driver error too and that seemed to work. Try posting this in Technical Support and see what they say.

Good luck.
I had a persistent crash on exiting leader dialogue earlier, but I always expect Civ 5 to crash. Couldn't say whether it's better/worst with G&K thus far...
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