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Civ6 - Hall of Fame FAQ

Discussion in 'Civ6 - Hall of Fame Discussion' started by Denniz, Oct 21, 2016.

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  1. Denniz

    Denniz Where's my breakfast? Moderator Hall of Fame Staff

    Nov 28, 2003
    What is the Civ 6 Hall of Fame (HOF)?

    The CivFanatics Civ6 Hall of Fame lets players show off their best games and see how they compare with other players.

    Key features:
    • Games categorized by similar settings (Victory Condition, Difficulty, Speed, Map Size, etc.) - i.e. Hall of Fame "Tables"
    • No limit to the number of submissions allowed. Although, only your best entry will be shown on a given Hall of Fame table.
    • Standard settings requirements to facilitate comparisons.
    When will I be able to submit a game to the HOF?

    Unknown at this time (Oct 21, 2016). We will be working with the GOTM staff to create a save file parser. We will probably do a beta HOF for awhile initially until the flurry of bug fixes and enhancements passes.​

    How do I submit a game to the HOF?


    Glossary of Terms

    Difficulty - Game setting in Civilization VI (Levels from easiest to hardest: Settler, Chieftain, Warlord, Prince, King, Emperor, Immortal, and Deity.)
    Entry - A game uploaded to the Hall of Fame.
    Hall of Fame Table - Games played with similar or comparable settings (Victory Condition, Difficulty, Speed, Map Size, etc.)
    HOF - Hall of Fame
    Map Size - Game setting in Civilization VI (From smallest to largest: Duel, Tiny, Small, Standard, Large, and Huge.)
    Speed - Game setting in Civilization VI (Online, Quick, Standard, Epic, Marathon)
    Submission - same as Entry
    Victory Condition - Method used to win in Civilization 6 (Science, Culture, Religious, Domination, or Time)​
    Last edited: Oct 22, 2016
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