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    :c5razing:Important Announcement!:c5razing:
    This mod is no longer active! Thanks everyone for your support.
    There is a new effort at making a flawless multiplayer modpack over at Community Patch. I've tried it out and its amazingly stable compared to previous efforts
    Please give it a try by following this link.

    CivAddiction’s Multiplayer Modpack

    MPMPM Thread (how to make a modpack an other modpacks) here.

    Great review of the modpack by Cody Gough of Unqualified Gamers here.

    News regarding the latest version (v2): I went back to the drawing board on this one. Community Patch has been replaced by Whoward's Various Mod Components DLL, which has proven to be far more multiplayer stable. Great Diplomats have also been restored to CSD. The vast majority of previous bugs have been squashed.

    Give it a try and see what you think.

    Solutions to Common Problems - Double Check Your Setup
    You must have the latest version of Civ 5 BNW and all retail DLC (including Denmark and Polynesia DLC). Be sure you are up to date.

    This modpack is compatible with ENGLISH only. Attempting to play the game in any other language than English will result in incorrect text throughout the game and possibly game breaking CTDs.

    Do not use with EUI - delete the relevant folder if you have it

    Make sure all players are using the same exact modpack version, and that no other mods are being used in conjunction with this modpack.

    Every Player must clear their game cache before installing - See Installation section for directions.

    Follow all instructions in the Installation section below.

    While this should be a rare occurence, if a Close to Desktop (CTD) does occur during a multiplayer game, the best practice to recover the game without getting desyncs every turn is to do the following:

    Have all players exit the game.
    Have the host reload a save or autosave that occurred at least one turn before the CTD occurred (later saves can be corrupted).
    Have all players rejoin the game and continue playing! (In my test game, this correctly restored the sync between each players' random number generator)


    Welcome! As a long time player of Civ IV, I have carefully selected mods I felt would bring Civ V closer to the depth of gameplay that Civ IV had. This modpack will greatly enhance your Civ V experience.

    I would like to thank Serp for identifying which mods will work in a MPMPM Modpack. I heavily borrowed the choices he made in his modpack and I have included some of the edited mods from his modpack. I have also shameless copied his mod descriptions :D.

    Update Log:

    Small Patch for v2.0 - Fixes city state popups for CSD when you're at war with a civ that has city state allies - Removed the ijerk variable from CityStateHelper.lua - To install, simply replace the file in MP_MODSPACK\Mods\City-State Diplomacy Mod (CSD) for Brave New World (v 27)\Assets\UI\InGame with this file

    v2.0 - Replaced CP with Whoward's DLL (v67), restored Great Diplomats to CSD (v27), added and modified the MP popup fixer (v2) (thanks Lynnes) and added the new Liberty Finisher in policy_buildings.xml of UPB, added AI - Smart (v2), Religion - Fixed Prophets (v2), and Global - Archaeologist Dig Sites (v 2), re-merged LUA for CSD, C4DF, and HP, updated Fortress Borders - Outposts (v6), removed JFD's Cultural Diversity and Civ Names by Policies

    Small Patch for v1.71 - Fix for Shoshone Pathfinder - Native Tongue Promotion changed to Survivalism I; Fix for Bombardment - Range is now correctly calculated for all ranged units.

    v1.71 - Removed all great person modifiers from Diplomacy buildings and Civil Servants. This should correct GP spamming once and for all.

    v1.7 - Updated to the latest CP (8-20), Removed all of Kesler's JFD Civ Pack, heavily modified CSD by removing the Great Diplomat and replacing it with a non-Great Person alternative (to fix GP spamming), updated Subs Immune Under Ice (v 3), Removed the Goody Hut Picker promotion from the Shoshone Pathfinder.

    v1.6 - Updated to latest CP (8-8), removed ExCE and any changes made to other mods for ExCE. Added Kesler's JFD Civs Pack with the exception of The Kingdom of Sardinia-Piedmont and the Holy Roman Empire (these two civs were not Civ IV Leader Trait compatible). This version still has the GD spam issue - I'm working on it

    v1.5 - Updated to latest CP (7-1), removed mention of Colonies in Exploration Policy Opener, added Units - Starting Scout (v 1), Added Thal´s FlagPromotions-CPP Vers 1.05 serp (Got it working woohoo!), changed the tech prereq for the Great Scout from Trapping to Agriculture to fix the spawning of the starting scout (ExCE), and attempted to fix generic diplomacy text from C4DF by adding the text to the NewText.xml in CP.

    Small Fix for CSD (for v 1.4.2)
    In CSD, there was an error in CityStateStatusHelper.lua in which the iJerk variable was not declared and caused UI errors when at war with major civilizations that had city-state allies. I uploaded a fixed version of this lua file.

    v1.4.2 - Updated to latest CP (6-27), fixed vassalage effects in TopPanel and restored vassalage descriptions in the Civilopedia, added fixes to diplomatic texts from CP, and adjusted vassalage maintenance cost percentage 50->35 and culture from vassals percentage 33->20 (C4DF). Fixed Maritime Infrastructure policy so it doesn't claim a free harbor in every colony city (colonies are disabled in ExCE).

    v1.4.1 - Small update to latest CP (6-21)

    v1.4 - Updated to latest CP (6-18), CSD (v27), CNbP (v8 6-3), Serp's Mod (v16), and Fortress Borders - Vorposten (v4). Added JFD's Exploration Continued Expanded (v6) and Music Changer (v2). General modding and bugfixing.

    Specific Coding Changes
    Bugfixed Dynamic Culture Overview lua. Bugfixed and merged ExCE overlapping lua with previous mods. Added ExCE and HP changes to Policy tree descriptions. Edited location of the Music Changer Button. Disabled the scout specific Mountain Crossing Promo (since ExCE has the Intrepid Explorer Promo), made Steam Power a requirement for the normal Mountain Crossing Promo, and shifted the tech requirement from Navigation to Steam Power for Ice Breaking in the mod Promotions - Terrain Crossing

    v1.3 - Edited an xml in CSD to prevent Great Diplomat spawning, added JFD's Cultural Diversity, and updated Serp's Mods to his latest pack (v15). Modded Convenient Start (v2) so starting movement is 6 and added Extra Sight +2 Promo.

    v1.2 - Incorporated the Vorposten bugfix, added Serp's Barbarian Immersion and Improvement Upgrades with a coding fix for the runtime errors, and updated to CP (5-13)

    v1.1 - Switched to Serp's modded Speedy Settler and a modded C4LT with less drastic bonuses, updated to CNbP (v 8) and CP (5-9), edited xml in CNbP for spelling and grammar, and modified lua in the Reforestation, H&P, and CNbP mods to reduce/eliminate desyncs (math.random -> Game.Rand)

    v1 - Now includes Health and Plague, Civ IV Leader Traits, More Pantheons Addon, Serp's modified versions of mods, the latest CP (5-2), and a few extra changes.


    Small patch for v 2.0 (37 KB) <- Must already have v2.0 - Fixes the CityStateStatusHelper.lua in CSD - Replace the file in MP_MODSPACK\Mods\City-State Diplomacy Mod (CSD) for Brave New World (v 27)\Assets\UI\InGame with this file

    v 2.0 (75.9 MB)

    IMPORTANT: v 1.71 to v 1.4.1 (Cultural Diversity has been removed in later versions)
    These modpack versions are not packaged with 'JFD's Cultural Diversity Soundtrack' as this folder alone is 1.63GB. However, in order for these modpack versions to work, you must install it to the MP_MODPACK/Mods folder manually. You can download the soundtrack mod from the following link or just copy from an older version of the modpack.

    Small Patch for v 1.71 (401 KB) <- Must have v 1.71 already installed

    v 1.71 (170.4 MB) <- Be sure to add Cultural Diversity Soundtrack back in

    v 1.7 (170.4 MB) <- Be sure to add Cultural Diversity Soundtrack back in

    v 1.6 (738.9 MB) <- Be sure to add Cultural Diversity Soundtrack back in

    v 1.5 (180.7 MB) <- Be sure to add Cultural Diversity Soundtrack back in

    Small Fix for CSD (for v 1.4.2)
    Download and overwrite the CityStateStatusHelper.lua file in the DLC\MP_MODSPACK\Mods\City-State Diplomacy Mod (CSD) for Brave New World (v 27)\Assets\UI\InGame folder with this file.

    v 1.4.2 (178.2 MB) <- Be sure to add Cultural Diversity Soundtrack back in

    v 1.4.1 (178.2 MB) <- Be sure to add Cultural Diversity Soundtrack back in

    v 1.4 (full version - 1.77 GB)

    v 1.4 (compact version - 178.2 MB)

    Note: This file is a lot smaller than the full version as I removed JFD's Cultural Diversity (Soundtrack) folder to conserve space. If you've already downloaded a previous version of the modpack in the past, just copy the soundtrack folder from the previous modpack, download and install this file, and move that folder back into the MODS folder of the new modpack. You could download the soundtrack folder from here. Just be sure to copy that folder back into the MODPACK/MODS folder before playing the game.

    v 1.3 (older)

    Recommended: Clear your cache by deleting the My Games\Sid Meier's Civilization 5\cache folder.

    Unpack the zip file with 7zip and copy-paste the result into Steam\steamapps\common\Sid Meier's Civilization V\Assets\DLC (be sure that any pre-existing MP_MODSPACK folder is removed prior to this step)

    In order for the modpack to run correctly, you must manually add the 'JFD's Cultural Diversity (Soundtrack) (v 1)' folder into the MP_MODPACK\Mods folder. (See Downloads section above for detailed instructions to obtain this mod)
    JFD's Cultural Diversity has been removed from the Modpack

    It is not recommend that you attempt to run additional mods through the 'Mods' in-game menu option. This could potentially conflict with the modpack. Simply play from the 'Single Player' or 'Multiplayer' menu options.

    If playing Multiplayer, only 'Internet' protocol seems to be working, even if Local Network is selected.

    Please Note:

    Only one modpack can be active at one. All mods from this modpack will be active in every game until you uninstall it.

    To uninstall the modpack, simply remove the MP_MODPACK folder from DLC and clear your cache.

    How I did it (aside from the usual MPMPM procedure):

    Coding Changes
    There were a number of lua files that overlapped, particularly with CP, CSD, C4DF, H&P, and ExCE. These included Citybannermanager.lua, Cityview.lua, CivilopediaScreen.lua, InfoTooltipInclude.lua, PlotMouseoverInclude.lua, ProductionPopup.lua, TopPanel.lua, and Tradelogic.lua

    Merging up to H&P was relatively easy, I simply compared the lua files from H&P to the others in Notepad++ and added the missing code to the H&P lua files. The files were ~90% similar already and the code that was added by each mod maker was already commented as such.

    After adding ExCE, however, I had to make some choices in the code that hopefully do not cause errors. In order to get ExCE to work, in addition to the merging, I had to comment out all mention of the disabled aspects of that mod (Trade, Loyalty, and Colonies) from all the overlapping LUA to prevent runtime errors. I also removed the text regarding Colonies in the Exploration Policy Opener and free harbors for colonies in the Maritime Infrastructure policy in exploration_gametext.xml
    Exploration Continued Expanded has been removed from the Modpack.

    CSD and Civ Names by Policies had an overlapping Diplolist.lua. I merged them, adding the additional code to the CNP lua file.

    In Civ Names by Policies, I corrected a number of spelling and grammatical mistakes in the parts.xml and titles.xml files.

    Civ Names by Policies has been removed from the Modpack

    For CSD, I removed the CvGameCore_Expansion2.dll from its mod folder and any mention of it in its .modinfo file. I added the Diplomacy - City States (v4) mod to enable CSD features from Whoward's DLL.

    I merged the CSD, Barbarian Immersion, Free Warrior, H&P, Unique Policy Buildings, ExCE, and MP Popup Fixer descriptions in the Social Policy text files of Unique Policy Buildings as they tended to overwrite one another. I also cosmetically altered all the policy descriptions so they would blend better with the CSD Patronage Policy.

    In the plague_main.lua of H&P and CivNames.lua of Civ Names by Policies, I switched out all 'math.random' code for 'Game.Rand.' This should reduce desyncs. Serp corrected the math.random in the Reforestation mod so I went with his edits there.

    (This was corrected in Serp's Modpack) In the Barbarian Immersion mod, I fixed lines 514-517 in saveutils.lua from \[ and \] were to just [ and ] and overrode the saveutils.lua in the Improvement Upgrades mod with this one. This enabled both mods to be functional if you were using LuaJIT.

    In Dynamic Cultural Overview, I altered the CultureOverview.lua according to this post.

    In Music Changer, I shifted the button, via an xml edit, over to the left to make room for multiplayer chat. I followed the instructions in the mod's Steam page.

    In order to get C4DF to work with the latest version of CP, I had to copy all of en_US_text_UI.xml and en_US_Test_Generic_Diplomacy.xml of C4DF to the NewText.xml of CP (and correcting for some overlap). I also made the following lua edits as outlined in this post.
    Community Patch has been removed from the Modpack

    In order to get Thal's FlagPromotion to work, I renamed the mod folder, modinfo file, and title in the modinfo file to FlagPromotions (and loaded the mod last). This seems to have fixed the problem (it could also have been something else that I'm unaware of...go figure)

    Some of the mods have also been modified by Serp for balance and bugfixing. I further modded a few of Serp's mods to my preferences (Convenient Start and Promotions - Terrain Crossing)

    Modpack Creation
    Started fresh by deleting the cache
    Placed all mods in the mod folder
    Deleted the CvGameCore_Expansion2.dll from CSD and all mention of it in its .modinfo file
    Temporarily removed the CvGameCore_Expansion2.dll from Whoward's DLL
    Temporarily removed the line in the Whoward's DLL modinfo file referencing CvGameCore_Expansion2.dll
    Loaded Mods in the following order:
    Multiplayer Mods Workaround, Whoward's DLL, C4LT, all other mods in alphabetical order, CulDiv, ExCE, CSD, C4DF, H&P, Unique Policy Buildings, Unique Cultural Influence, Dynamic Cultural Overview, Civ Names by Policies, Units - Starting Scout, Vorposten, Thal's FlagPromotion, MP Popup Fixer, Low Resolution Textures
    (Order for the named mods is necessary to ensure the correct lua files are chosen)
    Started game. Firetuner crashes, but you can restart it no problem.
    Ran CreateMP() in firetuner, upon successful completion shut down game.
    Re-Added the CP CvGameCore_Expansion2.dll back to the MODPACK folder and the Whoward's DLL folder
    Re-Added the line in the Whowards DLL modinfo file referencing CvGameCore_Expansion2.dll
    Ensured all mods were present in the MODPACK
    Twelve Mods: (FlagPromotions, Improvement Airbases, Improvement Upgrades, More Luxuries, Policy - Free Warrior, Promotions - AntiAir Specialisations, Promotions - Extra Cargo, Promotions - Terrain Crossing, Reforestation, Strategic Buildings Pack, UI - Destination, and Units - Prospectors) had to be manually added from the MODS folder to the MP_MODSPACK/Mods folder

    Bugs and other issues encountered: (Please feel free to offer any ideas on fixes for the following problems)

    Archers (and maybe other ranged units as well) display an incorrect range when ranged attack is selected. This is purely cosmetic as it does not affect where the ranged unit can actually attack.

    If you save and reload a game on a turn when a Great Diplomat spawned, Great Diplomats may continue to spawn on subsequent turns for a number of turns.

    Icons for the third units in cities and second units in forts are sometimes hidden behind the top unit, and the top unit must be moved in order to access the underlying unit.

    The Recall function from UI-Trade Routes Enhancements does not work in multiplayer. After doing it, some turns later you will get a loading screen and it is like you never recalled the trade route.
    -> So simply don't use it in Multiplayer (via Serp)

    Fixed - Recall function removed from the UI - Trade Routes Enhancements mod

    According to some reports, playing the game in any other language than English will result in incorrect text throughout the game and possibly game breaking CTDs. I do not recommend playing this mod in any other language than English

    Zulus have an issue where they get a free spearman on every game reload from save. No idea what is causing it.
    Fixed by removing JFD's Cultural Diversity from the Modpack

    Choosing a great person upon completing the Liberty Tree will cause a desync in multiplayer
    Fixed by MP Popup Fixer - Removed free choice and set Great Person to Great Engineer

    Removed mods that did not work properly or broke the modpack:
    Promotions - Ancient Ruins Choice: Causes desyncs in multiplayer games the next turn after a choice was made.
    UI - City Expansion (v 14) Serp v2: Cities require manual tile choice every expansion, even if the Borders Management Building is not built. This can get tedious
    JFD's Exploration Continued Expanded: Broke multiplayer
    Kesler's JFD Civ Pack: Some civs cause desyncs due to use of popups in multiplayer, could have caused CTDs.
    Community Patch: Multiple desyncs every turn in the net_message_debug.log that led to CTDs and desyncs during multiplayer matches. Replaced with Whowards DLL
    Civ Names by Policy: XML errors in the XML.log - TXT_KEYS were not properly named. Civ names ended up getting tediously long
    Cultural Diversity and Soundtrack: Would spawn units and promotions for certain civs upon game reload, soundtrack would glitch and not work.

    Please feel free to test and improve.

    See the 2nd and 3rd posts for Mod specifics
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    *This list is out-of-date. I will update it shortly. Thanks!

    Mods I Included:
    • City State Diplomacy Mod (CSD) (v 27)
      Desc: Completely overhauls the city-state diplomacy system by introducing a new, unit-based system of influence and adds many new city-state quests. It also greatly enhances the World congress by adding additional means of gaining votes, new congress resolutions, and strategies for players that wish to use diplomacy to harm other players and benefit themselves.
      My Changes:
      Merged LUA with other mods, added code in GreatDiplomats.xml to correct the constant spawning of Great Diplomats. See this post.
    • Civ IV Diplomatic Features (v 10)
      Desc: Adds features from Civ IV Diplomacy into the game, such as Sharing Opinion, Map Trading, Technology Trading, Request Help, and Vassalage. This is a modified version from this post.
      My Changes:
      Merged LUA with other mods, and switched out all math.random code with Game.Rand (for desyncs).
    • Civilization IV Leader Traits Dr. Noooo Edition
      Desc: Adds leader traits into Civ V similar to those found in Civ IV. The version is the somewhat nerfed version by Dr. Noooo as found in the 4th page of the comment section in the above link. This version reduces the strength of many of the traits so they are more like bonuses. Description of the traits can be found in the Additional Information button next to the Diplomacy window.
    • Civ Names by Policies (v 8) 6-3 update
      Desc: This mod provides a country name for every civilization based on applied social politics, size of country, its religion, and number of vassals and puppet states.
      My Changes: Merged LUA with other mods, corrected a number of spelling and grammatical mistakes in the XML, and switched out math.random for Game.Rand (for desyncs).
    • Community Patch 6-27 update
      My Changes: Merged LUA with other mods and made some LUA and XML changes to make it compatible with C4DF.
      Desc: DLL bugfixes, AI improvements, and includes everything from Whoward's Combined DLL.
    • Dynamic Culture Overview (v 6)
      Desc: Scans the database for all non-Wonder buildings with Great Work slots and tries to assign them a column in the Cultural Overview tab.
      My Changes: Bugfixed LUA for multiplayer
    • Food for Flatland cities (v 2)
      Desc: Cities not built on hills get +1 food. This is to compensate for the +1 Production (and strength bonus) that cities on hills have.
    • Global - No More Civilian Traffic Jams (v 1)
      Desc: Breaks 1-unit-per-tile for civilians. Hassle-free movement of civilians among foreign units and cities.
    • Great Prophet Historical Names (v 30)
      Desc: Adds historical names to the Great Prophet unit similar to other Great People.
    • Health and Plague (v 19)
      Desc: Adds a new Health yield that can boost city growth, and plagues that can spread throughout the world, devastating cities and units in their wake.
      My Changes: Merged LUA with other mods, switched out math.random with Game.Rand (for desyncs), and merged Social Policy changes with other mods.
    • Improved Air Recon (v 1)
      Desc: Improves air recon by revealing a cluster of tiles anywhere within your aircraft's operational range via an air sweep. Any tiles within 3 tiles of the sweep with remain visible for the remainder of the turn.
    • InfoAddict (v 22)
      Desc: Adds time based graphs showing civilizations' score, gold, military power, etc, visual representation of global relationships, and tons of extra info on each civ.
    • JFD's Cultural Diversity and Soundtrack (v 2)
      Desc: Assigns base "Culture Types" to each civilization that includes a unique soundtrack, era screens, and embarkation graphics.
      My Changes: Disabled unique events.
      [*]JFD's Exploration Continued Expanded (v 6)
      Desc: A huge mod that enriches exploration. New recon units and promotions, resources, buildings, beliefs and a revamped Exploration tree. Certain terrains may inflict attrition damage upon units ending their turn outside your borders.
      My Changes: Merged LUA with other mods, bugfixed LUA, and merged Social Policy changes with other mods.
    • More Pantheons Addon (v 122)
      Desc: Adds beliefs that take advantage of the More Luxuries mod luxuries.
    • Music Changer (v 2)
      Desc: Adds a simple buttion at the top of the screen that allows you to skip the current music playing as many times as you like. If you skip all the appropriate songs, the game may play songs from different ethnicities.
      My Changes: Moved the button to the top center of the screen.
    • R.E.D. Modpack (v 27)
      Desc: Hundreds of new unit models for diversity, more figures in formation, and all human and mounted units have been scaled down.
    • Submarines ignore borders (v 2)
      Desc: Submarines and Nuclear Submariens can enter enemy territory without requesting open borders first. No diplo-penalty if you end your turn in the domain of city states.
    • Terrain - Motte-and-bailey Fort (v 5)
      Desc: Makes the Motte-and-Bailey Fort available to workers of any civilization in normal gameplay. Any unit stationed within a Motte-and-Bailey fort receives a 25% defensive strength bonus and any enemy unit which ends its turn next to it takes damage.
    • Trading Posts Grow Into Towns (v 5)
      Desc: As they are worked by citizens over time, Outdoor markets grow into Trading Posts, Villages, and finally Towns yielding more gold as they grow, just like cottages in Civ IV grew into towns.
    • Unique Cultural Influence (v 4)
      Desc: The effect of becoming "influential" with another civilization is different depending on your civilization (instead of everyone just getting blue jeans and pop music).
    • Unique Policy Buildings (v 4)
      Desc: Adds a unique building unlocked by each policy tree. Each building is unlocked by the policy opener.
      My Changes: Merged Social Policy text with other mods and changed the name of the "Chancery" building to "Exchequer" (CSD also provides a Chancery building).
    • Wonder Race (v 4)
      Desc: A notice is sent when you are competing with the AI or another player for a wonder. The notice will either way you are winning or losing the wonder race. The tooltop for the notification will tell you which wonder.
    Modified From Serp's ModPack
    • Convenient Start (v 2)
      Desc: The starting settlers have additional movement points, ignore terrain costs and have Air Recon promotion (you can see all tiles at a radius from 6 tiles around your starting point). This way you have more options when choosing your starting point. To prevent abuse, the supersettler is converted to a normal settler after the first turn
      My Changes: Changed movement points from 5->6 and added the +2 extra sight promotion (The Air Recon promotion didn't work for this due to the change made by the Improved Air Recon mod).
    • Promotions - Terrain Crossing (v 3)
      Desc: Adds an Alpine Corp promotion for mountain walking, Ice-Breaker for ships, Ocean Explorer, and Deep Water Embarkation for hovering units.
      My Changes: Removed Serp's Cross Mountain Promotion for Scouts and ExCE has the Intrepid Explorer promotion. Made Ice-Breaker available after Steam Works and Alpine Corps after Industrialization. Arctic Corps was disabled as it was reported to be non-functional (per Serp).

    Civs Added from Kesler's JFD Civ Pack
    • Ayyubid Civilization (v 2)
    • The Anglo-Saxons (v 1)
    • The Confederation of Switzerland (v 4)
    • The Commonwealth of Iceland (v 2)
    • The Commonwealth of Poland-Lithuania (v 2)
    • The County of Flanders (v 1)
    • The Dominion of New Zealand (v 1)
    • The Duchy of Milan (v 2)
    • The Duchy of Normandy (v 1)
    • The Empire of Byzantium (Alexios I Komnenos) (v 3)
    • The Empire of Russia (Nicholas II) (v 3)
    • The Empire of Russia (Peter the Great) (v 3)
    • The Empire of Germany (Hitler) (v 9)
    • The Empire of Great Britian (v 3)
    • The Empire of Japan (Meiji) (v 1)
    • The Empire of Japan (Tojo) (v 3)
    • The Empire of Sweden (v 1)
    • The Germans (v 2)
    • The Grand Principality of Muscow (v 1)
    • The Grand Duchy of Lithuania (v 1)
    • The Khazar Khaganate (v 2)
    • The Kingdom of Armenia (v 3)
    • The Kingdom of Bavaria (v 2)
    • The Kingdom of Bohemia (v 2)
    • The Kingdom of Denmark-Norway (v 1)
    • The Kingdom of England (Henry VIII) (v 1)
    • The Kingdom of France (v 2)
    • The Kingdom of Francia (v 6)
    • The Kingdom of Hungary (v 8)
    • The Kingdom of Italy (v 3)
    • The Kingdom of Norway (v 5)
    • The Kingdom of Prussia (v 15)
    • The Kingdom of Scotland (v 2)
    • The Kingdom of the Vandals (v 6)
    • The Merchant Republic of Novgorod (v 1)
    • The Nri Kingdom (v 1)
    • The Papal States (v 10)
    • The Republic of Carthage (v 3)
    • The Republic of France (v 1)
    • The Republic of Poland (v 1)
    • The Soviet Union (Lenin) (v 3)
    • The Soviet Union (Stalin) (v 13)
    • The Turks (Mehmed II) (v 1)
    • The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (v 5)
    • The United Kingdoms of Norway-Sweden (v 1)
    • The United States (Lincoln) (v 2)
    • The United States (Roosevelt) (v 4)
    • Oman Civilization (v 1)
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    *This list is out-of-date. I will update it shortly. Thanks!

    Mods included from Serp's Modpack: (Descriptions from Serp)
    • (BNW) Leugi's Barbarian Immersion Enhancements (v 1):
      Desc: Harder and smarter Barbarian with some special promos depending on the age and sometimes barbarian Generals in their camp.
      Settings: settings_BarbarianNames = 0, settings_BarbarianChangeAll = 0, settings_BarbarianPromos = 1, settings_BarbarianGenerals = 1, settings_BarbarianUnhappiness = 1, settings_BarbarianEvents = 0
      My Changes: Fixed a bug (IsHasPromotion). You can gain up to 150 XP via fighting barbarian. Finishing Honor gives +50% against barbarian. Barb camps gives 10% defense. Overhaul of barbarian promotions, I think they are much more balanced now.(e.g. removed IgnoreTerrainCosts from all promos and added a "HPHealedIfDestroyEnemy" from 5 to 20. Thanks to the Flagpromotion mod, you can see the promotions with description as soon barbarian have the promotion). Increased the total amount of barbarian camps at once in the world, by changing "FogTilesPerBarbarianCamp". Barbarian generals will spawn not before the average age of all players is classic or higher (that way the barbarian are not that heavy during the first exploration). Reduced the possibility of spawning barbarian generals from 1/40 to 1/100 per camp.
    • AI - Warmonger Adjustment (v1):
      Desc: Adjustments to the warmonger threat received from capturing cities
    • Buildings - Guilds Great Work Displays (v 2):
      Desc: Adds three Great Work slots to each guild. To maximise the theming bonus the slots must be filled with Great Works from consecutive eras
    • Buildings - Storage Yard and Stockpile (v 1):
      Desc: A stockpile is a reserve of building materials (production) that can be used to jump-start the city's next building project.
    • Buildings - Upgrade System (v 12):
      Desc: Most basic buildings in town can be upgraded, which will increase the gain +50%, but costs +100% maintance.
    • Diplomacy - Auto-Denounce (v 1):
      Desc: Human players will auto-denounce AI players before going to war with them
    • Faster Aircraft Animations (v 3):
      Desc: like the name says ^^
    • Fortress Borders Overhaul! Outposts (v 3):
      Desc: You can build the improvement Outposts outside of your borders, which spawns cultural borders around them. That way you can improve ressources, upgrade units and so on far away from your cities! The Outpost costs 5 Gold to maintain and does not get control about tiles in radius 3 to any city. Also the Outpost can be captured by enemy units. If so the land also goes over to the enemy. A unit must be stationed on the outpost tile. If more than 5 turns no unit is stationed, the land will go back to nature. The Outpost provides +35% defense.
    • Gibraltar, Reef, and Krakatoa Fixes (v 101):
      Desc: Better placement from these Natural wonders on maps.
    • Global - 2 Units Per Fort (v 1):
      Desc: Two Units at once can be in one Fort!
    • Global - 3 Units Per City (v 1):
      Desc: Two Units at once can be in one City! (yes only two, not three ;) )
    • Global - City Bombard Range (v 2):
      Desc: The city bombard range depends on your age. In the first age it is just 1tile. 2tiles with mathematics. Indirect fire with gunpowder. 3tiles with dynamite.
    • Global - City Forest Bonus (v 3):
      Desc: Give initial production boost for cities founded on forests, as if the forest had been chopped down by a worker (so in the beginning it could help to found the city on a forrest ;) )
    • Global - City Working Distance (v 7):
      Desc: The cities can now work at up to 5 tiles away from the city and you can also buy these tiles with gold!
      Settings: To work on 4 tiles you have to research Civil Service. To work on 5 tiles you have to research Railroad.
    • Global - Commander Influence Borders (v 1):
      Desc: You can see the Influence of Genreal and Admiral.
    • Global - CS Liberate After Buyout (v 1):
      Desc: City States can be liberated after being married into the Austrian Empire or assimilated bt Venice
    • Global - CS Raze Rarely (v 2):
      Desc: City States will only raze captured cities if it will make them very unhappy (happiness less than -10) as opposed to just unhappy (happiness less than 0)
    • Global - GA Happiness (v 1):
      Desc: During a Golden Age, any excess happiness continues to accumulate towards the next Golden Age
    • Global - Grateful Settlers (v 2):
      Desc: Other player's settlers captured from Barbarians will sometimes remain as settlers and not convert to workers. The chance depends on the relationship between the original civ and the capturing civ and the popularity difference between the two civs
    • Global - Local Generals (v 2):
      Desc: Great Generals and Admirals gained from combat experience spawn in the war-zone and not in a distant city
    • Global - National Wonders Exclude Razing (v 1):
      Desc: National Wonders (NW) requiring a building in every city exclude those being razed (in addition to excluding puppets)
    • Global - Naval Nearest Water (v 2):
      Desc: Fixes the problem where the naval units jump to the nearest city and not the nearest available water plot
    • Global - No Conquered Spaceships (v 2):
      Desc: Capturing a capital will destroy any parts of a partially assembled spaceship. Parts in transit are not affected.
    • Global - No Followup From Cities (v 3):
      Desc: Units attacking from a fortified position (cities, citadels and forts) will not follow-up into the hex if they kill the defender, but they will remain within their walls.
    • Global - Passable Forts (v 3):
      Desc: Ships may enter forts/citadels
      Settings: Only Forts/Citadels next to a coast tile are passable.
    • Global - Pro-rata Buildings Purchase (v 2):
      Desc: Partially constructed buildings in a city can be rush bought for a discount
    • Global - Religious Settlers (v 1):
      Desc: Settlers (and other units capable of founding a city) from a city with one or more religions will take a random religion with them. When the new city if founded it will fully adopt that religion. If the "Global - Grateful Settlers" mod is active, if the re-captured settlers are of the religion founded by the liberator, there is a greater chance they will remain a settler unit.
    • Global - Spice Islands (v 1):
      Desc: Changes Indonesia's trait such that the bonus luxuries appear around the city as workable resources, instead of under it.
    • Global - Truly Free Great People (v 1):
      Desc: Great People from policies, traits, buildings, etc, do NOT increase the cost of earnt GPs
    • Global - Venice Keeps Resources (v 1)
      Desc: Mercantile City States acquired via a Merchant of Venice do not lose their unique resources
    • Goody Huts - No Auto-Mapping (v 2):
      Desc: Removes maps and barbarian camps from automatic goody hut outcomes, units that can pick their goody hut outcome may still choose a map.
    • Goody Huts - Tech Refund (v 7):
      Desc: If a Goody Hut gives the currently being researched tech, transfers a percentage of the research lost to a tech dependant on the one discovered
    • Improvement - Airbases (v 12):
      Desc: Adds a buildable airbase improvement that permits up to three aircraft to be stationed on a tile, or five after radar is researched.
      My Changes: Deleted the UnitFlagmanager files to make it compatible to Flagpromotions mod. You now have to select the stationed Aircrafts via a Unitlist!
    • Improvement - Farm Replacement (v 1):
      Desc: Fixes a bug from farm improvement. This mod replaces the layout handler used for Farms with RANDOM and adds new, non-era specific, graphics for farms.
    • Improvement - Tunnel (v 4):
      Desc: Tunnel Boring Machines (TBMs) construct tunnels through mountains. Like workboats, once the tunnel is built the unit is consumed. Tunnels create a rail link across the tile and once the link is established ANY unit may traverse the mountain tile
    • Improvement Upgrades (v 1):
      Desc: Alot new improvements, that can be build over the old improvements, to further improve outputs E.g.: Enchanced Mine, En. Quarry, Fair Trade Plantation, Hunting Lodge, Ranch, Sawmill... They all can be build in the middle/late game.
      My Changes: It's a great mod! But unfortunately the original improvements from this mod were quite unbalanced and had some bugs. Therefore I did a overhaul from the most of the improvements. So now they are without bugs and much more balanced. I also added the new luxuries and some other ressources to the improvements.
    • Low Resolution Improvements (v 4):
      Desc: The file size of the improvements' art is reduced allowing the game to load them quicker which can reduce lag from many improvements without changing their appearance noticeably.
    • Maps - Random Goody Huts (v 6):
      Desc: Generate random goody huts on fixed maps (ie .Civ5map files, not map scripts)
    • More Luxuries (v 155):
      Desc: Adds new Luxuries: Amber, Lapis, Jade, Coffee, Olive, Perfume, Corall, Tabacco, Tea, Glas (Glas only from mercantile city states)
    • NaturalWonders - Equality (v 5):
      Desc: Changes Natural Wonders such that the combined Happiness, Food, Gold, Scrience, Productuon, Culture and Faith yield is eight
    • Policy - Free Warrior:
      Desc: Free combat unit with the Honor Policy (in much the same vein as you get a free Settler and Worker with Liberty policies)
      My Changes: Updated the texts to BNW and added in the txt the 50% finisher bonus from barbarian immersion mod.
    • Policy - Reveal Capitals (v 6):
      Desc: Patronage reveals City States and Commerce reveal Capitals of other civilizations. You will still have to trek to each location to meet the City State, but at least you will know where they are.
    • Promotions - AntiAir Specialisations (v 1):
      Desc: Replaces the land-attack Drill and Shock promotions for AA units with air-attack Interception and Flack promotions.
      My Changes: Renamed the tags to make it compatible to Flagpromotions mod and deactivated PromotionPrereq-changes to make it compatible to Promotion level system mod.
    • Promotions - Extra Cargo (v 5):
      Desc: Two promotions to increase cargo capacity (ie extra planes or missiles for Carriers, Cruisers and Subs)
    • Promotions - Level Promotions
      Desc: The choosable promotions no longer depend on the promotions chosen before. They depend only on the level of the unit! So normally you need drill 1,2 and 3 or shock 1,2 and 3 to be able to choose promotions like blitz (you are at least level 5 now, when you get blitz). If you choose shock 1+2 and drill1+2 you are not able to choose blitz, although you are level 6. With this mod you can choose blitz at level 5 regardless of the promotion you chosen before. The mod also adds some new interesting promotions. One of them is Nuke Immunity, which can be choosen at level 5 and after researching Satelites. Also promotions like indirect fire are now choosable!
    • Promotions - Jet Long Range Recon (v 3):
      Desc: Jet Fighters gain +2 reconnaissance range
    • Rebalanced warfare (v 2):
      Desc + my changes: Changes ranges and some starting promotions from units. I set the following: All Siege Units get the promotion Indirect fire, allowing them to shot over forest/hills/mountains. All siege units except the catapult (catapult still has 2) will have a range of 3! So now they are really powerful against cities. Gatling guns, machine guns and bazooka units have range 2 and reduced melee/range strength. Normally Infantry units would get the siege promotion with this mod, but since this would be much to powerful, I removed this.
    • Reforestation (v 8):
      Desc: You can plant a new forest with workers! In addition to that there is a small chance a forest ressource will appaer at this tile!
      My Changes: The chance of the appearance of a ressource depends now on the choosen game speed. Made it multiplayer compatible.
    • Religion - Fixed Pantheons (v 1):
      Desc: Increases the faith for a Pantheon to 20 (from 10) but removes the per-Pantheon increment (so all players get their Pantheon at 20 faith) [in my test games it's alway 13.. but it does not increase, so everything is fine]
    • Religion - Improved Customization (v 15):
      Desc: This mod allow any civilization to choose a bonus belief to give you more choices when you found a new Religion. (Just like the Byzantine). Accordingly, Theodora's trait have changed to: 'All cities get a Free Shrine. Holy Sites provide 50% more Faith'
    • Resource - Granary Includes Bison (v 3):
      Desc: like title says.
    • Ressource - Mint Include Copper (v 2):
      Desc: like title says.
    • Strategic Buildings Pack (v 2)
      Desc: Adds 3 new buildings which require the strategic ressource horse or iron. Racing Course, School of Equestrian Art and Steel Mill. It also adds the need of 1 iron for the building Ironworks. In middle/late game, there is no use of these ressources anyore. These buildings give them something to do.
      My Changes: Added german translation.
    • Tech - Satellites Reveal Cities (v 9):
      Desc: Satellites reveal cities, making them targetable without line of sight.
    • Terrain - Brazilwood Camp Extension (v 3):
      Desc: This mod extend the ability to build the improvement : Brazilwood Camp, to every civilization. Accordingly, a unique building has been added to Brazil civilization: the 'Jesuit Church', wich replaces the Garden.
    • Terrain - Kasbah Extension (v 3):
      Desc: This mod extend the ability to build the improvement : Kasbah, to every civilization. Accordingly, a unique building has been added to Morocco civilization: 'The Riad', wich replaces the Garden.
    • Terrain - Polder Extension (v 3):
      Desc: This mod extend the ability to build the improvement : Polder, to every civilization. Accordingly, A Unique building has been added to Netherland civilization: The 'Polder Mill' wich replaces the Windmill.
    • Terrain - Pontoon Bridge (v 3):
      Desc: A pontoon bridge permits land units to cross small, shallow bodies of water. Can be build be an embarking worker, which is consumed building it. Can only be build on water with at least 4 land tiles around it.
      MyChanges: Added 1 gold maintenance costs.
    • Terrain - Poor Tiles Tweak (v 2):
      Desc: This mod gives a minor base yields and unlock some worker improvements possibilities for poor or useless terrains like snow and desert. Removing the irritating penalty of having tiles that cannot be worked by the city within the city range and making Nordic or 'Oasisless/floodplainless' Desertic cities a little more viable.
    • Thal´s FlagPromotions-CPP Vers 1.05, standalone by Barra:
      Desc: This great mod adds small symbols of the promotions from the units over their flag. If you hover over them you can read which promotions the unit has. This is really helpful in case of foreign units! Also the promotions shown are condensed, so you just see one symbol, if the unit has drill 1,2 and 3 but get an infotext which shows all three promotions! The original version of this mod is part of Thal's Communitas modpack. Barra managed it, to make a standalone version. Thanks! :)
      My Changes: I added all the new promotions from barbarian immersion, Promotion level system and other new promotions.
    • UI - Destination (v 3)
      Desc: When you send a unit to a tile far away, you sometimes forget about where you sent your unit some turns before. With this mod the "move-to" tile is highlighted when selecting a unit with "move-to" command.
      My Changes: Fixed a small bug. Deactivated the LookAt command (so your screen does not move to the tile). Added a light highlighting, so you see the tile much better.
    • UI - Great Work Manager (v 13)
      Desc: Adds a Great Work Manager to the right top of the screen. For a "How To" see this thread:
    • UI - Trade Routes Enhancements (v 6):
      Desc: Adds * View/Recall/End option to Trade Routes Overview * Reduces city entry size when re-homing a trade unit * Display destination cities in the tooltip when rehoming. Domestic trade routes (shipping food/prod) can be cancelled immediately (ie don't send any more stuff). International trade routes (gold) can be recalled, and will end when the trade unit reaches its home city. Don't recall in Multiplayer!
    • Units - Cheap Workboats (v 2):
      Desc: One Worker (cost 70 hammers) can build/repair an unlimited number of improvements, but one Work Boat (cost 50 hammers) can build/repair only one. This mod reduce costs of Workboats.
    • Units - Colonists and Pioneers (v 2):
      Desc: Adds the Pioneer and the Colonist: Midgame and lategame settlers that founds cities with additional population, territory and buildings. turn into a workers upon founding a city. Unlocks at Compass and biology. Spanish conquistadors found cities like Pioneers.
      MyChanges: Added german translation. Added "CaptureWhileEmbarked", but seems this does not work.
    • Units - Population (v 7):
      Desc: Refugees from captured cities that are being razed. Units spawn at random from captured cities that are being razed and represent the displaced population that are willing to settle elsewhere in the new empire. Move the unit to a new city and garrison it to add the unit to the population of that city.
    • Units - Prospectors (improved by Serp) (v 7):
      Desc: Prospectors can extract gold and resources from Gems, Gold, Silver, Marble and Copper (G&K) outside the civilisations borders
      MyChanges: Added the new luxuries Lapis, Amber and Jade. Gold/Ressource amount/chance depends on gamespeed, the current era and the distance to your nearest town. If a captured it will stay a prospector, won't loose what he carries and the conqueror can get the gold/ressource the prospector carries at the moment, if he send him to one of his towns. If the prospector is captured by barbarian, he will loose everything he carried.
    • Units - Starting Scout (v 1):
      Desc: You start with a Scout instead of a warrior.
    • Units - Subs Immune Under Ice (v 2):
      Desc: Like title says.
    • Units - Visible Trade Units (v 1):
      Desc: Trade Units does not disappear in fog. Now you can always see them.
    • War - Less Damaged Captured Cities (v 3):
      Desc: This mod reduce the damage to population and buildings that is instantly applied to a city when you capture it.
    • Workable Mountains:
      Desc: Mountains can now be worked by cities once they have a yield. They don't start with one, but a small number of buildings can improve them. (For more info see workshop or CivFanatics)

    Mods that were NOT included from Serp's Modpack
    • AI - Smart (v2):
      AI changes are already included in the Community Patch
    • DLL - Various Mod Components (v 66):
      This DLL is included in Community Patch
    • Ethnic Units: (v 31):
      I went with R.E.D. Modpack instead
    • Global - City States Gifts (v 4):
      Incompatible with City State Diplomacy
    • Religion - Beliefs Expansion Pack (v 25):
      Incompatible with the H&P beliefs injection. Replaced with More Pantheon - Addons
    • UI - City Expansion (v 14) Serp (v 2):
      Cities require manual tile choice every expansion, even if the Borders Management Building is not built. This can get tedious.
    • Units - Multiple Upgrades (v 2):
      Possibly game breaking
    • Jungle Yields Mod (v 100)
    • Religion - Fixed Prophets (v 2)
    • Units - Mech Infantry (v 9):
      Personal preference not to include
  4. Bullfinch

    Bullfinch Chieftain

    Jun 16, 2015
    Why did you include both "Units-Prospectors" and "Fortress Borders Overhaul! Outposts"? I think both can be used to gather resources from neutral ground, but outposts looks much better (defense units can heal faster in friendly territory, and fight better with some promotions, too; you don't need specific units, everything can me accomplished by normal workers with reasonable guard). Maybe Prospectors has some advantage I don't know about?
    Please ignore my previous post, I didn't understand correctly what Prospectors do.
  5. simpor

    simpor Chieftain

    Jun 18, 2015
    Tnx a lot dude, it is surprising that nobody pays attention to this amazing mod. You made a great job but i wonder if they work all together properly you think maybe later periods of the game it may crush?
  6. TheModernGenera

    TheModernGenera Chieftain

    Jan 3, 2015
    Awesome Mod concept and worked in beginning of game; playing a long term lan game currently. On turn 59 and we're getting sporadic CTD and desync every turn.
  7. civaddiction

    civaddiction Chieftain

    Dec 30, 2014
    Thanks, I appreciate your interest. I am no programmer, just a guy who wanted to make a great modpack. While I've worked hard to identify and eliminate bugs, desyncs and CTDs, as TheModernGenera has discovered, CTDs and desyncs can crop up as a game persists. The trick will be to identify which mod(s) is/are responsible. If you are interested, you can help by turning on logging and watching for when desyncs/CTDs occur. Did a unit, barbarian camp, or something else appear? Does it occur when a player conducts an action? For example, Serp just discovered that recalling a trade unit in multiplayer (Trade Routes Enhancement mod) will cause a desync so it is recommended that you do not recall trade units is a multiplayer game. This will help me narrow down the culprit(s) and improve the modpack.

    Follow this link on how to enable logging.
  8. TheModernGenera

    TheModernGenera Chieftain

    Jan 3, 2015
    Ill do so! Also, i cleared the caches on both computers and it seemed to help greatly. Ill monitor this further and enable logging.
  9. Vanaila

    Vanaila Chieftain

    Sep 25, 2013
    Hi, and thanks for creationg this modpack ! :)
    I'm triynig to use it, or, to be honest, a version of this, but without a few of your choosent mods (Wonder Race and Civilization IV Leader Traits for example), and in addition with other single player mods like JFD's alternate leaders...)
    When creating a map, i can't choose my alternate leaders, and the Civ IV traits are still displayed on the leader's selection screen (dont know if they are used, since i removed this folder from the ".../modpack/mods/" folder)

    Any idea on how to manage this ? :)
  10. civaddiction

    civaddiction Chieftain

    Dec 30, 2014
    If you remove mods, you will have to rebuild the modpack. It isn't too difficult to do.
    • Copy all of the mods you want from this modpack (and those you've added) over to My Documents\My Games\Sid Meier's Civilization 5\MODS (make sure this folder was clear of any other mods prior to).
    • Delete the MP_MODPACK folder from your Assets/DLC folder.
    • Delete CACHE and MODUSERDATA folders in the My Games/Sid Meier's Civilization 5 folder
    • Download (or subscribe) MPMPM here.
    • Follow instructions at the MPMPM site to get firetuner, get that running. (Read through the rest of the instructions in that link, they'll help you understand the next part)
    • Follow my instructions in the first post regarding "Modpack Creation"
    • Note: It is important to ensure that there are no new overlapping LUA files in the mods that you added. Depending on the load order, new mods could override old ones if they do have overlapping LUA. I would run a quick search of *.lua in the MODS folder to ensure that there are no overlaps. You will see overlaps in the mods from my modpack, but if you follow the load order I outlined in the "Modpack Creation," the right LUA will load last.
    • In addition, any mods you add must not require its own .dll file, or if it does, is able to be supported by Whowards Combined DLL without the need for its own DLL. Community Patch (CP) takes the place of Whowards Combined DLL and must be included in your modpack for many mods (particularly the Pick-and-Mix Mods) to work.
    • One more thing, if you had previously subscribed to any mods through Steam, Civilization will attempt to redownload these and add them to your mod list in the mod load screen. Using 'Windows Explorer,' navigate to the My Documents/My Games/Sid Meier's Civilization 5/MODS folder and set to organize by date modified. When you run Civilization and navigate over to the Mod Load Screen (assuming you deleted CACHE and MODUSERDATA), Civilization will attempt to repopulate the Mods with those you've subscribed to. You will see Civilization populating the MODS folder with files and folders, even if you already have versions of mods from being moved over in the earlier step. Civilization should check to see if a mod already exists in the MODS folder, but it can glitch and leave some files behind. Be sure to delete all resulting files and folders that Civilization itself populates the MODS folder with (unless you do want to include them in your modpack, like MPMPM). If a folder appears with an apparently long string of numbers and letters, it means that Civ duplicated a mod that was already in the MODS folder and went with the stock subscribed mod instead of what was already there. Open it up, see what that mod is, and then delete that folder. There should be another folder with the correct version of that mod in your MODS folder. Find that folder, move it to desktop, then move it back into the MODS folder. This will ensure that you use the correct version of the mod (as some of these vary from the stock subscribed versions) and that it will appear in the mod list
  11. Dejagore

    Dejagore Chieftain

    Jul 18, 2007

    First of all - thanks for creating this MOD compilation :)

    Secondly - something is wrong with this mod assets as I'm getting error window while playing game and hovering for instance on 'Jade' "Error loading font texture". Also many icons are just black background (same in civilizopedia). I've checked DX 11 and DX9 and it's pretty much similar.
    I've removed MP_MODSPACK from DLC folder and started new game on standard unmodded Civ and there are no such errors. Any ideas why's the mod having such strange graphic artifacts ?
  12. civaddiction

    civaddiction Chieftain

    Dec 30, 2014
    Hey, thanks for your interest. That is strange. I have had no problem with textures on my test games. I loaded one up right now and I am seeing jade on the map and in civilopedia. Did you clear the cache before starting up the game? Be sure not to play in the Mod menu, just single or multiplayer. Other than that, maybe it was just a bad download.
  13. Dejagore

    Dejagore Chieftain

    Jul 18, 2007
    I did the following steps and the problem still persists. Also I've noticed lots of LUA and XML error when enabling logging (logs attached to the post):
    - Remove Civ5 completely with all its directories
    - Install fresh Civ5
    - Unpacked via 7zip MP_MODSPACK.7z to /DLC directory
    - Moved previously installed via ingame Mod tool JFD's Cultural Diversity (Soundtrack) (v 1)
    - Run the game

    Also I've noticed that the problem does not occur from start but like after 20-40 turns. The backgrounds of many buildings and units are pure black and for instance text above cities is rectangle of mixed colours.
    Just to add one thing - I've played for like 2 hours yesterday on 'Serps Multiplayer Modpack Improved Gameplay v16' and there were no problems like this one.

    Attached Files:

      File size:
      26.6 KB
  14. Franckcrack

    Franckcrack Chieftain

    Jun 26, 2015
  15. Serp

    Serp King

    Apr 1, 2015
  16. civaddiction

    civaddiction Chieftain

    Dec 30, 2014
    My suggestion, aside from that already discussed, would be to ensure that you have the latest version of Civ 5 BNW and all the retail DLC including the Denmark and Polynesia DLC. My version is listed at In addition, do not use EUI or the 'Mods' menu with this modpack. You could also try downloading the newest version of the modpack I just uploaded. Other than that, sorry bud!

    Thanks Serp.
  17. Daxufu

    Daxufu Chieftain

    Jun 28, 2015
    Would it be possible to add EUI, there are functions in there that are pretty handy
  18. civaddiction

    civaddiction Chieftain

    Dec 30, 2014
    I would but EUI conflicts with a number of mods, including Health and Plague, and attempting to merge EUI with these mods is just too difficult for me. If you really want EUI, Serp's modpack does include EUI but doesn't include a number of other mods I've added in.
  19. blackarrowpro

    blackarrowpro Chieftain

    Jul 7, 2015
    Hello, I am incredibly excited to be playing this MOD in Multiplayer. However, after carefully following your install instructions, and starting Multiplayer, I seem to lose my top information bar [the one that shows Culture, Science, Gold, Faith, etc].

    What is it that I am doing wrong?

    Every other MOD that comes in your pack seems to work, as far as I can tell. I have no other MODs installed other than yours. I have cleared the cache, and restarted the game a few times. I have tried single player, and I have the same results: no top bar.

    Thank you for your time.


    Attached Files:

  20. civaddiction

    civaddiction Chieftain

    Dec 30, 2014
    Thanks Holly. The bar doesn't appear until after you establish your first city. I noticed in your screen grab that you haven't done that yet. See if that works.

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