CivComic: The Making of Civ III !!


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Dec 30, 2001
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What really went on behind the scenes....


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Originally posted by LaRo

One month later! It took you time to understand the joke?

No it took his computer a month to download the picture...
funny stuff. :D People should make stuff like this more often. I can make a new section for Civ fan art/comic if enough people make it. :)

*making a news post about this piece*
Great one! :D

Sorry it took so long for me to answer... I started the downloading of the image last week... You know, with my brand new 900 bit modem, it's just as fast as a cow in a tornado.. :)

Make more, please?
Wow, that's the funniest thing I've seen since the "Member Pictures" thread :D
I believe I have seen this one a website. Do you have one minuteman?
Now that is funny!
Thanks for the positive feedback.:goodjob:

It's strange though, I thought I posted this about a month ago in the "Humor & Jokes" section. I wonder how it got here?

I must be going ape sh*t


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