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civil disorder help (King level)


May 18, 2001
Just moved from Prince level to King and am having lots
of difficulty (typical, I assume).

1. Cities always in civil disorder. In last game, temples were
one of first improvements I built in each city and I
set luxury tax to 40% (Monarchy, around 1200AD), but
over half the cities were still in civil disorder. Any tips?

2. Many posts recommend that at beginning, I fortify
capital city with one defender and then immediately
start exploring/expanding. One of my first games at King,
I fortified capital with warrior and as soon as my second unit
(settler) moved out, my capital city (the only city existing!)
was destroyed and I (obviously) lost. At King, do I
need to start game by fortifyin capital with several units
before exploring/expanding?

3. Any other tips in progresson from Prince to King?

As you move up you get less content citizens to start and the riot factor becomes more of an actual factor that you notice.Lower levels you probably don't notice it.

On king,you start out with the first 3 citizens content.That means you don't have to do anything until size 4.So,yes,on king you can build settlers before garrison if you choose.Its always a bit of a gamble to leave your cap empty,but at the beginning you should be safe and the ai will usually give you a chance if they find you that quick.Don't expect such treatment if you play multiplay :)

As you get more cities,eventually the riot factor will kick in.Now,I have no doubt you have exceeded the # of cities allowed if you are in Monarchy at 1200ad.I don't know the #s off hand for king,but for a small map its probably around 10>12 cities.

Once that kicks in you will see some cities with an unhappy citizen at size 2 in some cities.The more cities you add,the more "extra" unhappys you get.Eventually,you get "double unhappys" or black hats.These guys have to be made unhappy before they can be made happy.Martial law by units does not work on these citizens.If you get too many,even temples lose their ability to quell unhappyness.

Luxuries can help,but due to trade arrow restrictions of Monarchy,are not terribly effective.Wonders like The Gardens, Mich's Chapel and JSB help immensly.
So does a Government change.The more advanced governments can handle progressively more cities before the riot factor kicks in.Republics and Democracies generate more trade arrows so using luxuries is much more effective.
Communism has double martial law and no riot factor.
Fundy has no unhappy citizens(in effect)

The importance of trade routes and their effect on trade arrows can not be understated.
I make this very simple to understand...I hope :)
Imagine you have 10 trade arrows.You set taxes to 30-50-20.
That means:3 arrows go towards tax,5 towards science and 2 towards luxuries.
Adding trade routes will add more trade arrows to your city.So that city that produced 10 arrows will produce,say 12 or 13 arrows .That gives you "extra" to play with.You can then adjust your luxuries and devote more to other areas.

At the very beginning,it is advisable to spend 5-15 turns exploring with your settler(s).Huts will not yeild barbs before you found(possible in mac version but very,very,rare) and units found will be NON and require no support.This almost always gives you a good jump at the map.
Huts-get after them.They come in patterns.Once you find one,you know where they all are,or should be at least.
I always play on Deity and using my strategy i can normally keep my cities under control.

Generally i only have one unit in the city, and i go straight for monarchy, normally staying in it until either fundy or democracy.

At the start i will alway build warriors, this is because you need the first unit to be their before your pop reaches 2. I normally build another Warrior, and then a settler. Often my city will reach size three by now, at which point it will be unhappy again so you use entertainers. I NEVER HAVE ANY LUXURIES ON MONARCHY it's just a waste. After I've built the settlers then always build a temple. Always make sure you build MIKES chapel and get it fairly early (i normally go monarchy, mystism (double affects of temple and the oracle) litaracy, philosophy, then mono.

From the on most my cities are happy until they get to about size 5, although as i grow i somtimes have to build a temple quite early aswell.

I also never build coloseums i just use entertainers for all the unhappy people left after MIKE's also use banks Etc because they make the entertainers more effective.

Using this i rarely need more than three entertainer in any city, and that only in the largest size 15+ if it doesn't have a bank
Three military units per city and a temple and later entertainers will avoid this problem until you've got Mike's. If you can't get it, you must build cathedrals.
Forget any kind of defence until you have 6 cities or so built... If they are that close that early your ar.se is grass...

Just build 2 settlers with each of the first 4 cities built and get a little city base together, then crank on the defence and offence units a few in each city and a temple to keep em happy...

Then concentrate full on the wonders that you DO NOT want other civs to have - eg - Great Library and Leonardo's, Pyramids a good idea too but also not that good for you! Even if you have cities all producing the same wonder and so on after it is built it will just keep piling on the production until boom, new science, new wonder and you've already got it built, all you have to do is change from the built wonder to the new wonder, no matter how much rush building another civ does they cannot combat this!

Once you have caught up on the initial stages where the AI are cranking off to a quick start and you are in the primordial stages you should be moving along smoothly without being able to be wiped out in a matter of three turns (it'll take about 10 instead! Harhar!! No, you should be able to hold your own my this stage...

Aaah, who am I kidding, I'm the biggest quitter there is, as soon as it looks bad I'm outta there... prolly why I have 2 zips with about 300 saved games that are fully unfinished! :p

Later people!

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