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Civil War!!! Executive Army Hq


Sep 14, 2001
Wellington New Zealand


General Nobody Surpream Commander of Executive Army.

War Goals:
  • To smash the Judical Force ability to make war.
  • Capture and put on trial the war criminals CivGeneral, Black_Hole , Mhcarver and Stuck_as_a_mac.
  • Restore Law and Order to Fantaania

Orders for the Military:

1.Capture all goverment building.
2.Detain war Criminals.
3. Enforce Goverment Rule of Nation.


None Yet

Sign up here for the Executive Army.

Please include the name of your divisons, you get one each :)
As I told CivGeneral I am declaring myself as a mercenary. I demand 10 weights in gold in the next 2 days for payment on keeeping your hiding place a secret. My price is 50 weights of gold, 10 slave girls, a fleet of ships with many warriors, and endless supply of whetstones and I demand to be a general in your army. I assume being a dictator you stole everyone's money and most likely will be creating a slave trade soon. So I see no reason why you can't afford my price. I will be waiting for your anwser.
viking ruler, done and done plus you get 12% from any treasure we find (-2% health and safety tax) Welcome aboard Troops
As both the old man and CivGeneral walk up to the Executive Army HQ, CivGeneral asks the old man "What are we doing here?", the old man nods and says "I have came to realize that this war has almost cost you your life, especialy dealing with a leader of the mafia. Unfortunately, we have to surrender ourselfs and just give up". "What if he tries to kill me again?" I ask, The old man just simply responds "your cyberbrain is programed to download your personality and concienance into this reciver. Meh, youre not the only one that has been "revived" by this process. Now go we have important buissness to attend to."

As CivGeneral and the old man walks up to the Executive Army HQ. They noticed the guards in horror shock like they have seen a ghost but the guards remain standing and asks the two "where do you think you are going?". The old man looks at the guard and says while waving his hand at the guard "My apprentance and I have important diplomatic meeting with the Chansellor." "Uhhh, you have important buissiness with the Chansellor." said the guard under the influence of an ancent jedi mind trick. "Move along." said the old mand as he waves his hand at the guard. "Move along, Move along" said the force mind tricked guard. Just as the two enter the main chamber CivGeneral soon realized that he had ordered the bombing of a wrong target. "Gah sith spit!" I said after realizing the mistake. "You must not dwell on the past but we should continue on to make peace with them, or atleast a ceace fire".

CivGeneral becomes more nervous as they approach Nobody's office. The old man says "From this point on, its the point of no return. We cant look back at this decision." The old man knocks on the door. "Enter" Nobody said. Just before the old man opens the door, he tells me "If anything should happen to us, the Major has a back up reciver and will know what to do". I wanted to ask who this "Major" is but I decided not to stall and just go on with it.

Just as the two men walk in, Nobody spots CivGeneral and shocking said "I thought I killed you!" just before CivGeneral spoke a word, the old man replys "He was saved thanks to his cyberbrain, now we come here on a diplomatic mission". "*Sigh*, State your buissness rebels" Nobody said. CivGeneral gets on his knees and looks at Nobody with a tear in his eye and says "Chansellor Nobody, I have came to realize that this civil war is not getting anywhere. I have almost lost my life when trying to take down your army. I have lost my will to fight and wish to have my life spared. I no longer wish to be a rebel but a loyalist. I reconise that Nobody is the suppreme Chansellor of the land and realized that I was in the wrong. Nobody, can we end this senseless war, I offer you what ever I have to enter your service. Nobody, I await your word." After saying thoes words, the old man too looks at Nobody and awaits his word and adds in, "I too am tired of this war."
Upon hearing of CivGeneral's recent shallow surrendering words, one of the lowly cronies in the Executive Army jumped into his automobile and left for Regentham. He proceeded to the capitol building inside Sun Tzu's Art of War. There he met the Consul of Resource and Technology Policy of Fanatannia, RegentMan. "My Leader, we have it," said the man to RegentMan. He handed over a tape recording of CivGeneral's recent sellout. "Perfect," said RegentMan. "You have done well. You will be remembered and compensated in time." "Thank you my Leader!" he said, and left as promptly as he entered.

RegentMan sat in his chair and got to work. He telephoned the mayors of the neighboring cities of Sebadoh, Blather, Spichester, and Kingdom Hearts. "Yes. That's right. It's the time that we've all been waiting for. Directive RM18 is in action. Announce your secession from Fanatannia at once." And with that, the die was cast.
RegentMan said:
Upon hearing of CivGeneral's recent shallow surrendering words,... ...Announce your secession from Fanatannia at once." And with that, the die was cast.

OOC: Erm, Regentman, I beleve you jumped the gun on this. I have yet to hear fron Nobody, himself.
Civgeneral.... civgeneral civgeneral civgeneral.... oh this is not what i expected from you. i expected you to die and have a cheap funeral. as you have seen the La Cosa Nostra and the Fanaatina nation, Your terrible acts make destory of citys but they will never destory our resolve for freedom and liberty. Your rebellion is crushed and you come here to beg for peace. When you no longer have the forces to murder our people you come and seek my mercy. like a dog beging not to be shot. Well in most situation your fate would be fast and simple and your men you become slaves and your women whores. But Fantaania has just been declared Dominant over the world. And in our might Justice we the people do not seek vengence, as of midnight tonight i shale declare a world wide aminsty for your soliders and generals. As for yourself i shale also show mercy. You will now be banned for 10 minutes which is a standing order, you disobery a chacellor order and as such began this war. After this you shale be banished from the RPG for ever (cowincidence you recently quit). And to any new republics that threaten us you must remeber that what ever you do you wont beat us. we are united in our resolve to defend this nation and our freedom the we hold dear. As of midnight tonight i declare a cease fire, so that the the Judical Leadership can surrender. The Demogame is over and so is the rebellion and civil war. I declare these things in the Name of Fanaatia, the Chancellor and our President Stuck_as_a_mac!
The old man smiles, though afraid of becoming a slave. CivGeneral hopes to gain amisty but do not wish to be banished. As they await for Nobody to speek, CivGeneral asks the old man "who is this Major you speek of?". The old man responds, "you will know in time".

CivGeneral aproaches Nobody, and asks him "I wish to request amisty for the section 9 troops and also to offer funds to rebuild both your mafia organisation and the chansellory office"
"I wish to request amisty for the section 9 troops and also to offer funds to rebuild both your mafia organisation and the chansellory office"

Section 9 is covered in the general amnisty, of course your funds will be thankfully accepted.
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