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Civilization 6 Features


There will be 18 civilizations in the base game plus an Aztec Pre-order Bonus


Leader - Theodore Roosevelt
Historical Agenda -
The Big Stick Does not like people who start wars on his continent
Civilization Ability - Founding Fathers Halves the time needed to obtain Governmental Legacy Bonuses
Leader Ability - Roosevelt Corollary Bonus to fighting on its home continent, Bonus Appeal for National Parks, Can build the Rough Rider which give +culture for kills on your home continent, combat bonus on hills
Unique Unit - P-51 Mustang
Unique Building -
Film Studio Increases Tourism Pressure from city to other Civs in the Modern era


Leader - Saladin
Historical Agenda
Civilization Ability - The Last Prophet When the second-to-last Great Prophet is taken by another civ, Arabia automatically receive a great prophet, if they haven't already founded a religion.
Leader Ability - Righteousness of the Faith Religious buildings (Pagoda, Synagogue, etc.) costs very little faith and provides bonus +science, +faith and +culture.
Unique Unit - Mamluk Heals automatically at the end of each turn, even if it has attacked.
Unique Building - Madrassa University replacement that gives extra science and extra faith based on the campus adjacency bonus.


Leader - Pedro II
Historical Agenda -
Civilization Ability -
Adjacency Bonus next to Rainforests is increased
Leader Ability - Magnanimous - recoups some of the points cost when obtaining a Great Person
Unique Unit - Minas Geraes Greater defense and Range
Unique District - Carnival District - allows the construction of the Carnival Special Project that turns production into amenities and gives bonus Great person points at the conclusion


Leader - Qin Shi Huang
Historical Agenda -
Wall of 10,000 Li Hates people with more Wonders than him
Civilization Ability - Dynastic Cycles China gets a larger boost from Eurekas and Inspirations
Leader Ability - The First Emperor Builders an extra charge, and can use that to help rush Ancient/Classical wonders
Unique Unit - Crouching Tiger Cannon Does not need strategic resources to build
Unique Tile Improvement - Great Wall Provides a defensive and Gold bonus, and later Culture and Tourism. Must be built in a line along the edge of the empire


Historical Agenda - - Does not like Militarily weak Civilizations
Civilization Ability - Iteru You build Districts and Wonders next to rivers faster, Flood Plains do not block the construction of Districts or Wonders
Leader Ability - Mediterranean's Bride +Gold to trad Routs you start, +gold to trade route other have with you and the originator gets a food bonus
Unique Unit - Maryannu Chariot Archers Get an extra movement if they start the turn of flat land
Unique Tile Improvement - Sphinx Monument +culture +faith, bonus if built next to a Wonder


Leader - Victoria
Historical Agenda -
Sun Never Sets likes civs on her home continent, and wants to expand to all continents. She doesn't like civs on continents where she doesn't have a city
Civilization Ability - British Museum Archeological Museums have extra artifact slots and each museum gives more archeologists, Museums are automatically themes when full
Leader Ability - Pax Britannica all Cities founded or captured on another Continent receive a free melee unit, can build the Red Coat combat bonus on non-home continent. No Disembark cost to movement.
Unique Unit - Sea Dog can bully weaker units and capture enemy ships
Unique District - Royal Navy Dockyard provides bonus movement for naval units built there, bonus gold for dockyards on other continents and great admiral points


Leader - Catherine de Medici
Historical Agenda -
Black Queen
Civilization Ability -
Grand Tour - Gain a bonus when constructing medieval, renaissance and industrial era wonders. +tourism for every wonder.
Leader Ability - Catherine's Flying Squadron 1 extra level of diplomatic visibility than normal with every civilization she has met. Researching Castles yields an additional spy.
Unique Unit - Garde Impériale - Gain a bonus when fighting on the home continent of France, and garner Great General points from kills.
Unique Tile Improvement - Château +culture, bonus Culture for adjacency to Wonders. Must: next to a river


Leader - Frederick Barbarossa
Historical Agenda -
Iron Crown Does not like Civs that associate with City States
Civilization Ability - Free Imperial Cities You can build 1 more District than the population cap would normally alllow
Leader Ability - Holy Roman Emperor +1 Military Card Slot for Governments, bonus Combat against City State Units
Unique Unit - U-Boat Cheaper to build, Combat and Sight Bonus in Deep Ocean
Unique District - Hanse Major Production bonus next to Commercial Hub, Standard Production bonus for each adjacent resource, Minor production bonus for adjacent districts.


Leader - Pericles & Gorgo
Pericles Historical Agenda
- Delian League Likes civilizations that aren't competing for the same city-state allegiance. Dislikes civilizations that are directly competing for the city-state allegiance.
Gorgo Historical Agenda - With Your Shield or On It Gorgo seeks glory in combat, therefore she will never give up items in a peace deal. She prefers civs who haven’t yielded in a peace deal and dislikes any civ who has surrendered in a peace deal or any civ who has never engaged in war.
Civilization Ability - Plato's Republic All Governments get a free Wildcard slot
Pericles Leader Ability - Surrounded by Glory Get a Culture bonus for each City State you are the Suzerain of
Gorgo Leader Ability -Thermopylae +Culture from every defeated unit
Unique Unit - Hoplite gets bonuses when adjacent to other Hoplites
Unique District - Acropolis Get bonus culture from District Adjacency, even more from adjacency to the City Centre, Must: Be built on a Hill


Leader - Gandhi
Historical Agenda
Civilization Ability -
Dharma India gets the Follower Belief of all Religions found in their cities
Leader Ability - Satyagraha For each Civ India has meet and is not at war India receives a bonus to their Faith, opposing Civs get extra unhappiness points fighting wars against Gandhi
Unique Unit - Varu Reduces the Combat Strength of adjacent Units
Unique Improvement - Stepwell +food, +Housing, Bonus Food if next to Farm, bonus Faith if next to Holy Site


Leader - Hojo Tokimune
Historical Agenda -
Bushido he likes civilizations with a strong military, but only if they also produce faith or culture
Civilization Ability - Meiji Restoration - Bonuses to district adjacency
Leader Ability - Divine Wind Land units get a combat bonus when fighting near a coast, naval units get a combat bonus when fighting on shallow water tiles. Builds Theater Square, Encampment and Holy Site district in half the time.
Unique Unit - Samurai Does not lose combat strength when wounded
Unique Building - Electronics Factory Replaces Factory, gives out bonus production as well as culture (after researching electricity)to all nearby cities.


Leader - Mvemba a Nzinga
Historical Agenda - Enthusiastic Disciple -
Likes civilizations that bring religions to Kongo. Dislikes civilizations that have founded a religion but not brought it to a Kongolese city.
Civilization Ability - Nkisi Each Relic, Artifact and Great Work of Sculpture gets food, production and gold. Gets extra Great Artist, Writer, Musician and Merchant points each turn
Leader Ability - Religious Convert - Can't build Holy Sites (and can't found a religion), but does gets all bonuses of any religion that has established itself in a majority of his cities. Gets an Apostle each time he finishes Mbanza and Theater District of that city's religion
Unique Unit - Ngao Mbeba Extra defense vs ranged attacks, neither woods or rain forests slow them down or block sight, they don't need iron.
Unique District - Mbanza +Housing, +Food, +Gold regardless of the Appeal of the tile, and can be built earlier than the Neighborhood, Must: only be built on Rainforest and Woods


Leader - Harald Hardrada
Historical Agenda -
Wants to have a big Navy, respects those who also have a big Navy, dislikes those with a weak Navy
Civilization Ability - Knarr No cost to embark or disembark units, all Ships and embarked units can move into Ocean tiles with the Shipbuilding Technology, Melee Naval units heal in neutral territory
Leader Ability - Thunderbolt of the North All Melee Ships can preform Coastal raids, Can build the Longship which can pillage coastal land and capture civilians on the coast, +movement
Unique Unit - Berserker +movement if you start in enemy territory, +Attack, -Defence
Unique Building - Stave Church All Temple bonuses, +Faith Adjacency bonus next to Woods


Leader - Trajan
Historical Agenda - Optimus Princeps -
Tries to include as much territory as possible in his empire. Does not like civilizations who control little territory.
Civilization Ability - All Roads Lead to Rome Cities within trade route range start with roads to capital, all cities start with Trading Post, trade routes earn extra gold from passing through Trading Posts in own cities
Leader Ability - Trajan's Column - All cities start with one free building in city center (usually monument)
Unique Unit - Legion Functions as a Military Engineer (can build a Roman Fort), has limited charges like builders
Unique District - Baths gives Amenities and more housing than Aqueduct, Must: be built next to the City Centre


- Peter
Historical Agenda -
Civilization Ability - Mother Russia
gives additional territory when the city was founded. +faith, +production on Tundra tiles.
Leader Ability - Grand Embassy Gives science and culture from trade routes to the civilizations more advanced than Russia
Unique Unit - Cossacks can move after attacking and has a combat bonus
Unique District - Lavra Each time a great person is used in the city, that city get an extra tile free of charge.


Leader - Queen Tomyris
Historical Agenda -
Civilization Ability -
People of the Steppe Build 2 units instead of 1 when they build light Calvary or their unique Saka Horse Archers unit.
Leader Ability - Killer of Cyrus Bonus strength when attacking wounded units. Units heal when they defeat an enemy unit.
Unique Unit - Saka Horse Archer Bonus to movement and range
Unique Tile Improvement - Kurgan +Faith, +Gold. Bonus for being adjacent to Pastures. Cannot be built on a hill.


Leader - Philip II
Historical Agenda - Counter Reformer -
Likes civilizations who follow the same religion, and wants his cities to all follow the same religion. Hates anyone trying to spread their religion into his empire.
Civilization Ability - Treasure Fleet Trade Routes between Continents give extra Yields. Combine ships into Fleets and Armadas early
Leader Ability - El Escorial Combat bonus against Civilizations following a different Religion, Inquisitors can remove Heresy one ore time
Unique Unit - Conquistador Combat bonus if on the some tile as a Missionary, Apostle or Inquisitor. If you capture a city and a Conquistador is next to it, it converts to your major religion.
Unique Improvement - Mission +Faith, Bonus Faith in built on a different continent, +Science if built next to Campus


Leader - Gilgamesh
Historical Agenda -
Civilization Ability -
Epic Quest When you capture a barbarian outpost, you get a tribal village reward.
Leader Ability - Adventures with Enkidu He can declare war on anyone at war with one of his allies without any warmonger penalties. When at war with a common foe, Sumeria and shares pillage rewards and combat xp gains with the closest allied unit within 5 tiles. Can levy City-State military forces at 50% of cost.
Unique Unit - War Cart No penalties to fighting Spearmen or other anti-cavalry units. Extra movement if starting on flat terrain.
Unique Improvement - Ziggurat +Science and if adjacent to a river +Culture. Cannot be built on a hill.

Pre-Order Bonus


Leader - Montezuma I
Historical Agenda -
Civilization Ability -
Legend of the Five Suns -Builders can be used to rush the production of Districts.
Leader Ability - Gifts for the Tlatoani - Luxuries give amenities to extra cities. Each different luxury improved in Aztec Territory gives +Combat Strength
Unique Unit - Eagle Warrior - Powerful version of the basic Warrior. Can turn defeated enemies into Builders. (This does not work on Barbarians)
Unique Building - Tlachtli - Build in the Entertainment Complex District. Gives Amenities, Faith, and Great General Points
Pre-Order Information - Is available for everyone who Pre-Orders Civ 6, will be unlocked for everyone else 3 months after release


For the first time in the series you will not be building buildings and wonders in a single city tile, instead you will be building/placing 'districts' on a tile (in a similar vein to Endless Legend). This will require you to defend not just the city center but the whole area.

Housing is a soft cap on the size of your cities you can have more population than housing but that will create unhappiness.

Amenities is the various local factors appeal, luxury resources etc that create happiness for your city


Alhambra +1 military slot, Provides the same defensive bonuses as the Fort improvement. Must: Hills adjacent to an encampment District
Big Ben Doubles current Treasury, +Gold, + Great Merchant Points, Must: Next to river, adjacent to a Commercial District with a Bank
Bolshoi Theatre Awards 2 randomly-chosen free civics when completed. +Great Writer Points per Turn, +Great Musician Points Per Turn, +1 Great Work of Writing Slot, +1 Great Work of Music Slot, Must: be built on flat land adjacent to a Theatre District.
Broadway 1 free random Atomic Era civic Boost. Must: be built on flat land adjacent to a Theater Square district
Chichen Itza +Culture, +Production to Rainforest tiles, Must: built on Rainforest
Cristo Redentor Tourism output in Relics and Holy Cities is not diminished by other civs who have researched The Elightenment. Doubles tourism output of Seaside Resorts across your civilization. +culture, Must: be built on hills.
Colossus of Rhodes +Gold, +Great Admiral Points, + Trade Route output
Colosseum +amenities to all cities within 6 tiles, Must: Flat Land, next to Entertainment Complex
Eiffel Tower +Appeal on each tile of your Civ, Must: on flat land, next to City Centre
Forbidden Palace +1Wildcard Slot, +Culture, Must: On Flat Land, Next to City Centre
Great Library +Science, 2 Great Writing slots, +Research on Ancient and Classical Era Techs, Must: next to Campus with Library
Great Lighthouse +1 Movement for all naval units, +Gold. +Great Admiral points, Must: be built on the coast and adjacent to a harbor district with a lighthouse.
Great Zimbabwe +Gold, +Trade Route Capacity, +Gold for your Trade Route for every Bonus Resource in the City +Great Merchant Points, Must: Next To a Commercial Hub with a Market & A Cattle Resource
Hagia Sophia +Faith, +Great Prophet points, Apostles and Missionaries have one extra charge, Must: next to Holy Site, have founded a Religion
Hanging Gardens of Babylon +growth in all cities, Must: next to River
Hermitage +Great Artist Points per Turn. +4 Great Work of Art Slots, Must: be next to a River
Huey Teocalli -+Amenity from entertainment for each adjacent Lake tile. +Food, +Production for each Lake tile in your empire, Must: be built on a Lake tile adjacent to land. Pre-order Bonus
Mahabodhi Temple of Bodh Gaya +Faith, 2 free Apostles, Must: on Woods, next to Holy Site with Temple, have founded a Religion
Maracanã Stadium
Mont St. Michel
+Faith, 2 Relic slots, apostles get Martyr Ability, Must: on Floodplains/Marsh
Oracle of Delphi +Faith, +Culture, Patronage of Great People costs less, Each District in your city produces more Great People Points, Must: on hills
Oxford University +science, 2 free randomly-chosen free technologies +Great Scientist points, + Great Works of Writing slots, Must: on Grasslands or Plains, adjacent to a Campus District with a University.
Petra +Food, +Gold and +Production on all desert tiles for this city (non-Floodplains), Must: Desert or Floodplains without Hills
Potala Palace +1 Diplomatic policy slot. +Culture. +Faith, Must: on a Hill adjacent to a Mountain.
Pyramids +Culture, one free Builder, Builders get extra charge, Must: on Desert/Flood Plains
Ruhr Valley +Production in this city, +Production for Each Mine and Quarry in this city, Must: built along a River, adjacent to an Industrial Zone district with a Factory.
Stonehenge +Faith, Free Great Prophet, Must: on flat land, next to Stone
Sydney Opera House +culture. +Great Musician Points per Turn. +3 Great Work of Music Slots, Must: be built on coast, adjacent to land & a harbor
Terracotta Army +Great General Points, free promotion for all land Units, Archeologists can enter territory without a Open Boarders agreement, Must: on grasslands/plains, next to Encampment with Barracks or Stable
Venetian Arsenal +Great Engineer points, receive a second navel vessel when every you build one in this city, Must: next to Coast, next to Industrial Zone

Districts & Buildings

There will be 12 types of districts, each with a different role and different bonuses with the terrain, limited by population, It looks like you can have 1 district per 3 people

If a resource appears under a district (like oil) you will get access to it, however once oil appears on the map you can't build a district on it

City Centre

Ancient walls Walls around City Centre and Encampment, adds ranged attack, must be defeated before you can take the city
Medieval Walls
Water Mill +Food, +Food for Rice and Wheat, +Housing/Production

Aqueduct Brings water from Rivers/Oasis/Mountains to boost population, Cities without access to fresh water get +6 Housing, Cities with access to fresh water get +2, Must: next to City Centre

Aerodome Can store Aircraft, Must: not be built on Hills

Campus Standard bonus next to Mountains, Minor bonus next to Rainforest and adjacent Districts

+Science, +Housing, +Great Scientist Points
Research Lab

Commercial Hub - Bonuses if built next to Rivers

Market +Gold, +Housing, +Great Merchant points
Stock Exchange

Entertainment Complex

Harbor Major bonus next to Harbors & Rivers, Minor Bonus next to other districts

Lighthouse +Food, +Gold, +Housing, +Citizen Slot, +Great Admiral points
Shipyard +Great Admiral points, +Combat experience for new Naval Units, +Production = to the adjacency bonus of the Harbor district, Must: have already built a Lighthouse

Holy Site +Great Prophet Points, Major Bonus next to Natural Wonders, Standard bonus next to Mountains, Minor bonus next to unimproved Woods and adjacent Districts

Shrine +faith, +Great Prophet points
Temple +Faith, +Citizen Slot, +Great Prophet Points, +Relic Slot, Can Build Apostles
Cathedral +Faith, 1 slot for Religious Art
Gurdwara +Faith, +Food
Meeting House +Faith, +Production
Mosque +Faith. Missionaries and Apostles +1 Spread
Pagoda +Faith, +Housing
Synagogue +Faith
Wat +Faith, +Science

Industrial Zone Standard bonus next to Mine/Quarry, Minor bonus adjacent Districts


Military Encampment +Great General Points, Must: not be next to the City Centre

Barracks +Production, +Housing, +25% production of Melee/Ranged, Must: no Stables in encampment
Military Academy
Must: no Barracks in encampment


Increases Housing

Spaceport Required for the Science Victory

Theater Square +Great Artist points, Standard bonus next to Wonders, Minor bonus adjacent Districts

Broadcast Centre


Campus Research Grants Converts Production into Science. Earn Great Scientist Points upon completion.
Holy Site Prayers Converts Production into Faith. Earn Great Prophet Points upon completion.
Theater Square Festival Converts Production into Culture. Earn Great Artist Points upon completion.

Terrain Buildings

Farm +food, +Housing, adjacency bonus next to other farms
Fishing Boats +food
National Park for Culture victory
Plantation + gold, +housing
Quarry +Production


You can combine certain units together to increase the number of units per tile, this can include more of the support units that use to be their own unit in past games.

You can also combine units of the same type to create armies

Units can embark without the need for transport vessels

The Map

Base Terrain

Coast - +1 Food +1 Commerce +1 Appeal
Deep Ocean -
Desert - No Yields
Grassland -+2 Food
Plains -+1 Food +1 Production
Snow -
Tundra -+1 Food

Terrain Features

Give bonus on top on base tile

Cliffs - +1 Appeal stop Units from Embarking
Floodplains - +2 Food
Hill - +1 Production
Marsh - +1 Food
Mountains -
Oasis - +Food +Fresh Water
Rainforests - +1 Food
River - +1 Appeal +Fresh Water
Woods - +1 Production +1 Appeal



Aluminum, Coal, Horses, Iron, Niter, Oil, Uranium


Citrus, Cocoa, Coffee, Cotton, Diamonds, Dyes, Furs, Gems, Gypsum, Incense, Ivory, Jade, Marble, Mercury, Pearls, Salt, Silk, Silver, Spices, Sugar, Tea, Tobacco, Whales, Truffles, Wine


Bananas, Cattle, Copper, Crabs, Deer, Fish, Rice, Sheep, Stone, Wheat


Cinnamon (Zanzibar), Cloves (Zanzibar), Toys (Great Person)

Natural Wonders

Cliffs of Dover (2 tiles) +culture & +gold
Crater Lake (1 tile) is a lake, +Faith, +Science
Dead Sea (2 tiles) is a lake, +Faith, +Culture, Units that heal adjacent to the lake heal in 1 turn.
Galapagos Islands (2 Tiles) +Science on adjacent tiles
Great Barrier Reef (2 tiles) +Food and +Science
Mount Everest (3 tiles) +Faith to adjacent tiles, Missionaries, Inquisitors & Apostles all ignore movement penalties on Hills
Mount Kilimanjaro (1 tile) provides + Food to adjacent tiles
Pantanal (4 tiles)
Piopiotahi (3 tiles) +Gold, + Culture to adjacent tiles
Torres del Paine (2 tiles)
Tsingy de Bemaraha (1 tile) Provides +Culture and +Science to adjacent tiles
Yosemite (2 tiles) +Gold, +Science to adjacent tiles
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Civilization 6 Features



City States & Envoys

City States are back but slightly different to Civ 5. Now quests only appear when you have sent an Envoy to a city state, completing the quests will add more envoys to the City State. The more Envoys you have the bigger the bonus until you become the Suzerain and unlock their special unique bonus.

All City States have a unique Suzerain Bonus

There are 24 City States in the base game

Amsterdam (Commercial) Trade Routes to foreign cities give you +Gold for each luxury
Buenos Aires (Industrial)
Brussels (Industrial) Your cities get Production Bonus towards wonders.
Carthage (Militaristic)
Geneva (Scientific) Bonus Science when not at War
Hattusa (Scientific) +1 strategic resource you have uncovered but do not own
Hong Kong (Industrial)
Jakarta (Trade) Your Trading Posts in foreign cities provide +Gold to Trade Routes that pass through them
Jerusalem (Religious) Converts to your religion and exerts the same pressure as a holy city.
Kabul (Military) Double XP from Battles
Kandy (Religious) Receive a Relic every time you find a Natural Wonder, all Relics provide 50% more Faith
Kumasi (Cultural)
La Venta (Religious) Can build Colossal Head Improvements which give +Faith
Lisbon (Commercial) Your Navel Trade Routes can't be pillaged
Nan Madol (Culture) +Culture for all districts next to the coast
Preslav (Militaristic) Light & heavy cavalry units have +strength bonus when fighting on hills
Seoul (Scientific) You get a random Eureka when you enter a new Era
Stockholm (Scientific) Your districts provide an extra Great Person Point
Toronto (Industrial) Regional effects from your Industrial Zone and Entertainment Complex districts reach 3 tiles farther.
Vilnius Grants a random Inspiration each Era
Yerevan (Religious) Your Apostle units can choose from any possible promotions instead of receiving a random promotion
Zanzibar (Commercial) Gives you access to Cloves and Cinnamon Luxury resources


Happiness will now be local rather than global

Things that positively increase your Amenities are Luxury Resources, certain Civics, Entertainment, certain Great People, National Parks

Things that negatively increase your Amenities are War Weariness, Bankruptcy


Civics are now a research tree all unto themselves, using Culture, here you will unlock some buildings and Wonders as well as new Governments and Social Policies


Becomes more complicated as time progresses


You get your first bit of information by trading with Civs, you can then follow this up with a delegation and then a proper spy


In Civ 6 you have a choice of many governments, you start off as a chiefdom and over time you can unlock new government types from the Civic Tree. Each government has a different number of card slots which you can insert social policies (see Social Policies for more info) which you can unlock in the Civic Tree, some may have more military slots, or more culture slots or more wild card slots. When you unlock a government or social policy from the Civic Tree you can swap it out for free, if you want to change later it costs gold.

Autocracy 2Mill, 1Econ, 1Wild - Capital receives bonus to all Yields - Legacy Bonus: Bonus to Wonder Production
Chiefdom 1Econ, 1 Wild
Classical Republic 2Econ, 1Dip, 1Wild - Bonus Amenities to Cities with Districts - Legacy Bonus: Bonus to Great People Point Generation
Communism 3Mill, 3Econ, 1Dip, 1Wild - Industrial Zone Districts can Defend, Bonus defence to Land Units - Legacy Bonus: Bonus to Production
Democracy 1Mill, 3Econ, 2Dip, 2Wild - Great People cost less Gold to Patronage - Legacy Bonus: Bonus Yields from District Projects
Fascism 4Mill, 1Econ, 1Dip, 2Wild - All Units get a Combat Bonus - Legacy Bonus: Bonus to Unit Production
Merchant Republic 1Mill, 2Econ, 1Dip, 2Wild - Bonus Trade Routes - Legacy Bonus: Discount on Gold Purchases
Monarchy 3Mill, 1Econ, 1Dip, 1Wild - +Housing in a City with Medieval Walls - Legacy Bonus: Influence Points Generation
Oligarchy 1Mill, 1Econ, 1Dip, 1Wild - Bonus to Melee Combat Strength - Legacy Bonus: Combat experience for Units
Theocracy 2Mill, 2Econ, 1Dip, 1Wild - Can buy Land Combat Units with Faith - Legacy Bonus: discount on Faith Purchases

Great Works

Great People

Once you get enough points for a Great Person you get to pick the next available Great Person, however, they all have slightly different bonuses, so you may want to wait for someone else to get them, and see if the next one works better for you.

Great Admiral
Great Artist
Great Engineer
Great General
Great Merchant
Great Prophet
Used to found a Religion
Great Scientist
Great Writer


Housing puts a limit on how fast your cities grow, When your population is one under your housing limit growth will slow to 50%, when you reach the housing limit growth will slow to 25%, you can only have 5 populations points above your housing limit.

Several buildings give you housing like the Barracks, as well as this the Neighborhood District also gives housing.


To gain a religion you first need to get a pantheon, you obtain a pantheon by gaining faith through, Holy Sites, City States, or Tribal Village. You keep your pantheon no matter which religion you adopt. Some examples of Pantheons include:

Dance of the Aurora Holy site districts get +1 Faith from adjacent Tundra tiles.
Desert Folklore Holy site districts get +1 Faith from adjacent Desert tiles.
Sacred Path Holy site districts get +1 Faith from adjacent Rainforest tiles.

Once you have obtained a Pantheon you can purchase a Great Prophet which you need to move to a Holy Site or some Wonders like Stonehenge at which point you found your Religion. There is a large list of real world religions you can chose or you can rename your religion to what ever you like. Upon founding your Religion you get to pick one belief from the starter list, for example:

Divine Inspiration All wonders provide +4 Faith
Jesuit Education May Purchase Campus and Theater Square district buildings with Faith
Religious Community Shrines and Temples each provide +1 Housing

You then get to pick another belief from an expanded list including buildings you can build in your Holy Sights, for example:

Cathedral Allows construction of Cathedrals (+3 Faith, 1 slot for Religious Art)
Church Property +2 Gold for each city following this Religion
Crusade Combat units gain +10 Combat Strength near foreign cities that follow this Religion.

Once you build a Temple you will have access to Apostles that you can use to add another belief from the expanded list.


Your location will be playing a larger role in what area's you will be researching, for example, if you are researching masonry and you build a stone quarry you will get a bonus, this is called a Eureka Moment and can be up to 50% of the technology. Conversely, this will make if difficult for you to research techs for things you don't have experience with, like seafaring when you are in the middle of a continent not near the sea.

Social Policies

Social policies which you can unlock in the Civic Tree are used to insert into Governments (each Government has a different number of slots you can use)

Social policies come in four different types Military, Economic, Diplomatic, Wildcard

Some examples include

Retainers - +1 Amenity for cities with a garrisoned unit.
Maritime Industries - +100% Production towards Ancient and Classical era naval units
Survey - Double experience for Recon Units
Discipline - +5 Combat Strength when fighting Barbarians

Meritocracy - Each City receives +1 Culture for each specialist district it constructs.
Caravansaries - +2 Gold from all Trade Routes
Urban Planning - +1 Production in all cities.
God King - +1 Faith and +1 Gold in Capital.
Land Surveyors - Reduces cost of purchasing a plot by 20%
Colonization - +50% Production towards Settlers

Diplomatic League - The first Envoy you send to each City State counts as two Envoys
Charismatic Leader - +2 Influence Points per turn towards earning City State Envoys

Literary Tradition - +2 Great Artist Points per turn.
Revelation - +2 Great Prophet points per turn.
Inspiration - +2 Great Scientist Points per turn.

Trade Routes

The turn length of Trade Routes depend on distance, they are also used to build roads between cities in the early game


Seems to have something to do with the Appeal rating on tiles

Victory Types

Domination Victory

Capture every foreign Capital in the game.

Culture Victory

You must have more foreign Tourists than any Civ has domestic Tourists at home

Religious Victory

Your Religion must be the Dominant Religion in every Major and Minor Civilization in the game.

Science Victory

This Science Victory is a three step processes

Launch a satellite.
Land a human on the Moon.
Establish a Martian Colony.


There are now Just and Unjust wars and as time goes on the diplomatic penalty for unjust wars increases significantly.

Declare Holy War Used to declare war on a power that has religiously converted one of your cities. All warmonger penalties halved
Declare Liberation War Used to declare war on a power that has captured to a city from one of your friends and allies. No warmonger penalties for liberating any of these cities.
Declare Protectorate War Used to declare war on a power that has attacked one of your allied city-states. No warmonger penalty for liberating that city state.
Declare Reconquest War Used to declare war on a power that has captured one of your cities. No warmonger penalties apply.

You can now siege cities if you have unites or unit's zone of control in the 6 tiles around a city it will not heal, this means that you need to bring ships to siege a coastal city

All information from 2k/Firaxis media releases, Lets Play videos, Gaming Site previews and from aggregate sites Reddit and Well of Souls
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I will start putting together all the information soon, if you could post any info you find (and the link to the source) it would be really helpful for me.

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Hi there, I've already done this for a reddit megathread! Feel free to pilfer anything that I've written there.

Here we go.
From VentureBeat: " The happiness level will be focused on a city level, rather than on a global basis across your civilization."

Bombers destroying improvements!
Later in the game, Beach anticipates sieges getting quite hectic, with bombers blitzing cities not to conquer them, but to damage the infrastructure around them, weakening the empire and making it easier for ground units to occupy the battered settlements.

City-states are in.
One leader might be fanatical about allying with city states.
ok first wave done, I know I have missed thing so please point them out, or let me know if I have gotten something wrong
Firebug and I went through the screencaps yesterday and spotted copper, truffles, fish, and deer resources.

Also, we saw dinosaur bones in amphitheaters and potentially an Oracle wonder.
^ Additionally Crabs. Some more info in this video here.

* Fog of War looks like a map; areas you explore look like a hand drawn map in areas you've already explored.

* The shots of the Sphinx, Great Wall of China, Colosseum, and Forbidden Palace, were described as "two world wonders and two unique improvements, but it's not clear which is which."

* Great Works and cultural victory type dynamics are back, with new presentation and interactions

* Gandhi's gonna have some friends in terms of people you love and hate
* One victory type removed, one added, and steps to get to others changed

* Diplomacy made to focus less on warfare as time goes on.

* Tech-boosts called "Eureka Moments"

I personally believe that the Great Wall belongs to China as a UI and the Colosseum belongs to Rome (two Chinese wonders are listed there). A border wall for China is especially innovative.
Are both jungle and rainforest in as terrain? Or did they point out the same thing with different words?
I thought I remember reading that Stonehenge had to be built on a plains or grassland or something like that. Or am I misremembering?

EDIT: Source

Placement requirements for each wonder, such as the Pyramids needing a desert or Stonehenge needing a flat grassland, further complicate the puzzle of laying out each city.
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You could expand on the Units section a bit.

You can combine units together in Civ 6. Examples are Warrior/Settler, and Melee unit with a support unit. You can also group matching units into Corps or Armies. Two can be combined for a Corps and 3 for an Army. The new unit (eg. Corps) will not be 200% of strength of the two combined units, but will be 140% of strength.
I don't have the references for this as I've read several articles. It could be from the IGN article or the interview with Ed Beach and Dennis Shirk.

  • Districts: The districts aren't built for free. You first have to built / buy a districts and then you can start placering buildings on it.
    Speculation: Maybe it will cost you gold it upkeen, which makes sense according to the city specialization. Cost of building and upkeeping demands you to plan even more what districts you want and which you don't need.
  • Wonders: You can see the wonders being constructed (which also takes up an entire tile). When overwatching another player's / AI's city you will see the wonder getting constructed.
  • AI agenda: Each AI will have an agenda. I know we know where little about this at this point, but an AI who loves building wonders will get annoyed with you if you are competing for wonders too.
According to Writing Bull, 50 Techs have been cut from the Tech Tree.
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