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  1. paulcarri

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    Jun 13, 2013
    Many years ago, i played a game called CTP, it wasnt great in many ways, but its way of handling armies was pretty good.

    You had a limited number of slots to form an army (say 6 units) and the army fought as a single entity.

    You had to intelligently select units to go into that army (ranged, flanking, frontline grunts etc) and overall it worked very well.

    I dont know why its never been used since?.

    I know SOD had many issues, although it was more tactical than people give it credit for (there were counters to most units so stack composition had to be intelligent)

    But i would have preferred armies to 1upt personally.

    Ahh well, enjoying the game so far anyway
  2. Walter R

    Walter R Great Engineer

    Mar 8, 2013
    This all sounds good! I'd like navigable rivers (I think that may have been possible in earlier versions?)
  3. Snes

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    Apr 24, 2013
    In earlier Civ games, rivers were a tile feature, much like roads. They changed to running along the tile borders in Civ 5, and I'm not sure if I'd like to see them changed back to the center of tiles for Civ 6 or not. There are some features that could be implemented with more accessible rivers (boats traveling into continents, some sort of canal system), but the Civ 5 system does have its advantages.
  4. digrosz

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    May 1, 2013
    The Netherlands
    I'd like Civ 6 to be complicated. Civ 5 is not that complicated when compared to Civ 3 or 4. I'd love to spend 1,200,000 miliseconds on a turn!
  5. Rusty Edge

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    Jan 17, 2007
    Wasn't it the original Civ and Civ II which had rivers as a tile feature, and III, IV, & V which had rivers running between tiles?

    Certainly the hexes make for natural-looking rivers.

    I believe it was Soren who explained that even more that a turn-based strategy game, the Civ series is a tile-based strategy game. They experimented with getting away from tiles, but it didn't feel like civ any more. Your decisions about movement, settlement , development, and warfare are based upon knowing at a glance whether a tile is fish or foul or fur-bearing beast.

    To that end I would propose that only navigable rivers be on tiles, and most rivers remain between them, functioning as they do.

    I would also like to be able to expend a GE in a single tile to bridge a channel, build a canal, or put a road through a mountain, given appropriate technology.
  6. scarabu

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    Jul 10, 2013
    I like the idea of tiles outside of the city (the current border expansion) to become suburbs or villages which can each act like a mini city.

    Than the tiles outside the border expansion could be like rural farmland assuming the cities have enough population to support them.
  7. civvver

    civvver Deity

    Apr 24, 2007
    It would also be nice if they could somehow work in the rising and falling of civs. Obviously a player doesn't want his or her civ to be annihilated mid game and start over, but throughout history empires have risen and fallen, the US is only a few hundred years old. It would be cool if there was some way to simulate that. I supposed golden ages kind of do, and no one wants to see penalties like a huge plague etc. So maybe it's not a great idea. But if it could be done well it would be cool.

    I also want encouraged colonization. Not just settle cities but some sort of colony feature that doesn't add to your global unhappiness (civ5) or maintenance (civ4).
  8. Rusty Edge

    Rusty Edge Deity

    Jan 17, 2007
    So you're saying that you wouldn't mind seeing an A.I. suffer a revolution, or a war of royal succession? Maybe some overseas territory becomes a new civ? Maybe some of it's army would turn barb and it would pillage reduce the loyal faction in the ensuing battles for the capital? Change the social policy objectives?
  9. Starfury12

    Starfury12 Chieftain

    Mar 26, 2013
    This is my private dream of Civ 6 : They should not overdo the Graphics the game has to stay playable in Lategame .

    2.nd : The Specialized resources should not be absolute but rather build up over time , that is the only way it makes sense anyway so for example you can get 100 kg of Iron out of a mine per turn and as you technologicaly progres the yield increases . This hardly is a problem for playability because it does not realy affect complexity. Also you could make it that on higher difficultys (e.g above Prince ) the resources are limited and run out ( for example the deposit only has 300 tons ) ( If you realy want to make it nice the yield could decrease towards the end )
    ( This mechanic would make the game more credible because attacking someone for their resources would make sense now.... aslo the absolute system is just bullcrap)

    3.rd The Happines realy should be more city driven rather then only empire driven , because the strictly empire driven system in CIV5 is extremely stupid especialy when you play the fascistic empire .
    There should be a number of happines factors ;

    Empire Happines > The Happines of your empire would affect on local happines this happines would be influenced by your tax rates , the security ( Strength of army , standing with other empires , crime within the empire)
    Local Identity > The higher it is the more loyal the City is to a particular empire if the culture of another empire takes over the city might start a uprising to break of or become independent
    Local Happines > The Happines of Citys and Villages would affect the citys production and its likelyhood of loosing Local Identity to the point where the city is ready to break of
    Military Happines > This would be the new one The Happines of your Military would be on a Unit basis and displayed to you as a total , The Unit basis woudl be influenced by the Local Happines of the part of your empire the unit is in and its Budget , the Global happines would be affected by the sum of Unit Happines and Empire Happines as well as the law cituation in your empire .
    Corruption > On a per city basis , the more corrupt your government is the less money your empire makes and it will also affect your empires /local happines , Corruption combined with low military happines can lead to the defection of military units and Naval Units becoming pirates . You can battle corruption by spending more Money on internal security and adjusting your laws
    ( And YES i think we need the sliders back because they gave you a good impression of what is possible and what not ) PLEASE PLEASE bring health back , the introduction of a health system would be the most wonderful and fun thing this game could offer , the player should have a number of options to combat outbreaks for example :
    a) In early ages there should be the hygeen factor ( e.g citys without sewers are more vulnerable ) as time advances for example upon reaching the industrial era every city would automatically have sewers )
    b) there should be global outbreaks and the option for players to work together to combat them , for example like the black death , players should have the option to close the trade network to an infected city to stop the advance of the disease and you should have an indicator how many citizens are sick ( instead of the whole city ) and if all else fails you could use your army to burn down the infested city as a last messure )
    c) Players should be able to cooperate in finding a cure ( this would also present a great trade good ) Random events should be reintroduced .
    there should be random events again : like diplomatic marriges and diplomatic incidents but also things like defection of military units and citys ( cultural ) and natural disasters ( Vulcanos , Tsunamis , diseases as mentioned before and what have you ) There should be ways to influence your empire with a law system instead of the social policies and each law would influence and shape your empire.
    an example for that would be for example a law banning contraceptives , if you enact it your empire gets a huge boost in population but it also massively increases unhappines .
    Or a draft law that when enacted massively redruces the cost of military upkeep but increases unhappines unless you invest in propaganda
    Or legalization /ban of prostitution which affects income and health
    or legalization /ban of gambling which woulf affect income/crime
    or forced relocation which would give you a flat minus on empire happines and aditional local unhappines if you chose to relocate citizens.
    such a system would not necesarily be confusing because it would build up over time as the player advances through the ages and this could build up to about 100 available laws or regulations at the lategame stage and it would greatly increase satisfaction because you could build an empire that realy represents what you wish for .

    7th Trade networks :
    There are 2 major changes which i would advocate once a street or rail is build between 2 citys it becomes a selectable entity that can be upgraded to increase travel time and economic growth multipliers
    e.g ( Dirtroad>Stone Street > straightened street > fast Streed > Motorway > Superhighway )
    railways should be a seperate entity with a seperate upgrade path
    e.g ( Railroad , Electrified rail , Highspeed rail , Malev rail , Vactube Malev)
    this would have 2 MAJOR advantages : infrastructure would not be so annoying in lategame especialy because you wouldn´t have to micromanage your workers all the time .
    2.nd the Streets would finaly make sense , in Civ4 we basicaly had the entire landscape filled with streets , in Civ 5 streets are expensive to keep up and don´t realy do much for you

    This way they would be an esential gameplay component and allow for the player to massively influence his empires economy and city growth.

    Land and resources
    This is in my eyes the most pressing point , CIV NEEDS to embrace the fact it is no longer 2d there should be a smooth transition of terrain and there should be way more hexagons , with military units grouped into larger groups like divisions taking up more hexagons.
    Also Empires should be able to trade lands
    With the more detailed hexagons you could influence your trade networks more ,with building a more direct straight route with more tunnels and bridges which allows for more travel speed and Income but also has higher build and upkeep cost
    Or they could build the easiest possbile route , wich connects but has steep hill passages and therefore hinders a fast tradeflow
    This again is what i would advocate : If You decide to build a unit in a city the resources ( if you have them ) would have to get there first (unless they already are)
    This would also be a point for companys if they were in the game again which would allow for building factories and seeing how the stuff is transported.
    ( Also here be mentioned there should be a way to have a customs tax on import from another empire ) > Again i think the game should be rather autonomus with the player affecting the supply situation as well as the legal framework and the game handling the rest (similar to the handler system in sim city 5 )
    The zomable point should also be like this , the players should not be able to build citys ( this is not sim city ) but they should be able to see and select the representative buildings when zooming in on the city seeing the industrys and their problems ( the citys would of course be more of symbolic with the population beeing displayed as a (not individualy selectable ) amount of living buildings in one edge of the city and the companys of your empire beeing displayed as individual factories which when selected put their individual supply overlay on the map )

    This explained : What i think of is something like in cities in Motion 2
    a small stone age settlement would be leader building surounded by a few hats and a little dirtroad , as the city grows more huts would appear and the size of the city increasing gradualy , buildings that the player builds in teh city would be auto placed without player intervention and be selectable providing information , the huts or houses would ne selectable as a complete entity displaying the entire city population stats , as the civ advances through the ages the city would have ever larger buildings and increase in covered land area .

    8th: City management :
    eveyone know this problem , managing your settlements is extremely basic in early game and in large lategame empires you often get to the point where you just go on money because the micromanagement gets to annoying.
    so i would do a few things: we need the naturaly growing of trade outposts to villages from civ 4 back because it made sense.
    2.nd citys would expand of their lot in time destroying close modifications .( for example you would get a promter telling you that your city needs an aditional hexagon for growth otherwise its growth speed will stall ( not stop) as living space gets more expensive , also this should allow for you to combine large citys in the end to one city.

    Also micromanagement should become les important over time and buidings should appear in all citys at a certain point .instead of your century city spending many turns to build a granary , the condition of your empire happines , education etc would affect your empires economy in the long run as a good condition of these modifiers would increase the creation of new and expansion of exisiting companys.

    MORE MONEY IN AI less in Graphics ,
    The AI in Civ 5 is one of the worst out there and it is ridiculus and does not make any sense
    Also here a few ideas about diplomacy :
    Nuclear weapons could need 1 turn to be armed /readied , as soon as a nuclear weapon becomes readied the player can see this along his border which causes him to realize there is something going on.
    There should be a food resource that players can trade

    The Trade system realy needs to be more flexible and stay realistic ( if you civ 5 empire is large and strong the other players often start having ridiculus trade proposals )
    Also there should be the ability to trade Units with other empires .

    Currency and Money
    Additionaly to Gold an Empire should have a currency which would change in worth according to the empires strength so for example when you are the worlds Superpower your currency becomes the defacto standard ( like the dollar in our world ) while when you are on the loosing end of a war your currency would decrease in worth and you would need to trade assets instead.

    Fighting System:
    I think there should be a mix of the civ 5 and civ 4 system in which players could combine units into divisions ( for example combing a tank unit with an infantry and an aa unit ) this would allow for a sensible fighting system ( for example that planse would no longer have to take damage while attacking a unit that actualy cant fend them of )
    This would make army handling easier but also allow for more individualization ,

    Embarkation :I know many people liked the removal of the embarkation system in civ 5 i actualy missed it , but even though we probably wont get it back it would be good if they would make it a bonus to hold a port meaning that when you have a port there is no movement lost on embarking /disembarking.

    Research System :
    It would be nice if you could make sidetrack researches , this would be researches that don´t help towards the next technologies but increase the advantages you get from your current research ( so for example upon researching steam engine you could research things like higher boiler pressure , sander or 2 Man Locomitve (1 boilerman instead of 2 ) which would decrease cost and increase transport speed which gives a momentary edge but which in the end becomes obsolete as electricity becomes available .
    this would give players a nive option to back an expansion phase and pay off if they use it but also set them back if they don´t use the benefits

    2.nd : Special research buildings should have an effect e.g medical facilitys could cause a major outbreak by containment failiure and random events like research breakthroughs should be in there.

    great engineers
    I would make it that you would use great engineers to make landmarks (Blueprint )available and then you could build them .
    Also i would include them with the ability to construct bridges /tunnels over the Sea in the lategame ( especialy on island maps this would be a nice component)
  10. KokeenoPokameso

    KokeenoPokameso Warlord

    Mar 6, 2012
    Ontario Canada
    I have given this question a lot of thought since CiV V release. Many Ideas I have had have already been mentioned but I will include them anyways. Ok, here is my wall of text.

    Civ VI Wish List.

    Population Play a more active role. It is up to the Leader to support, suppress or redirect these efforts. with your decision having an effect on citizen happiness.
    - Land around cities are improve on their own (by citizens without leader input).
    - Establish trade routs automatically. Luxuries, and food travel along trade routs. (tech determines how far food can be shipped)
    - Religion should be implemented not by rulers but by the people.
    - people decide to enlist in the army or militia.

    City growth.
    - City growth determined by desirability. food can be shipped between cities so that growth dose not necessarily occur where food is.
    - Cities expand beyond one tile. (may not be doable on smaller maps) next to a city you should be able to build an economic tile. when a city is ready to expand it randomly chooses one. say a max of 7 tiles. Cities can grow compact and centralized or long and snaky. different tile can have different population density with different advantages and disadvantages.
    - Cities have a Patriotism rating. Higher patriotism means the city will do more for the empire. lower ratings mean they only make improvements for themselves. makes new city a long-term investments instead of a short-term boom. Touching border only merge with enough Patriotism.
    - City health mechanic. Limit city size/density without limiting empire growth.

    Establishing New Cities. No more settler who can travel to a location and create an instant city, and attack in a turn.
    - scouts can establish a supply chain, that allows food and hammers to travel from a near by city or cities. Location and trade route must be guarded. gold needed to maintain supply chain, more gold faster movement of hammers and resources, get city faster.
    - Cities start out as settlements. Settlements can be settled for different reasons. Fortress = secure chock-point, Mine = gold silver etc., Trading post = furs, truffle etc, Food = farms. decides the focus of city, and wht population wants. Must grow to curtain size to become city.

    - Tax gold, hammers and food from cities. tax rates can be adjusted for different city sizes.
    - Hammers: for building, and maintaining military units and buildings. building world, and national wonders. establishing & maintaining settlements
    - Food: feed solders and other workers. Maintain and establishing settlements
    - Gold: Supply chains. Pay your workers and infrastructure.
    - Culture border do not merge if they do not have sufficient patriotism.
    - Provenances/states. gropings of cities with high patrietism between them.

    Military units.
    - Build. Build in appropriate military buildings. (barracks, harbor, fort etc)
    - Maintenance. hammers for equipment, food is needed to feed & heal solders. Gold is needed to maintain a supply chain to move food, hammers, and new solders to front line.
    - Damage: When units are attacked solders can be injured, wounded, or killed. injured units can be healed with food, or become wounded. wounded units can be stabilized with food and returned to city life. dead is dead. wounded & dead are replaced with new solders from supply chain.
    - Active and Inactive Units. a unit in an appropriate military building can be deactivated. deactivated units have reduce hammer maintenance, no food and no gold maintenance and solders returned to city life.
    - Militia: limited to city cultural borders (weather or not combined with other borders). Activate and deactivate quickly, One turn.
    - Military: slow to activate and deactivate (multiple turns). if units travel together they can share a supply chain (imposes penalty for many front lines). farther from empire you travel the more gold the supply chain costs.
  11. Colin

    Colin Warlord

    Oct 14, 2001
    Advanced Civilization - both the boardgame and the old pc game do this very well; throughout the game every player should expect and build their strategy around the inevitable crash and rise again of their empire. What's interesting is that the game remains fun, as well as being more realistic, despite the fact that you are having frequent setbacks like famine, losing cities etc. It just goes to show that when someone comments on a thread that a certain proposed feature for the next civ (revolutions, health penalties, etc.) 'wouldn't be fun' what they mean is that one particular way of implementing it wouldn't be.
  12. mitsho

    mitsho Deity

    Nov 3, 2003
    Europe, more or less
    There's two ways to go for these setbacks imho:

    The Mario Kart Method where you punish the leading players/help the lagging ones to create a competitive game. This is gameplay oriented, it's fun because you are competing and trying to get to the Finishing line which gets harder and harder. It's also completely unrealistic in that there's no God above punishing civilizations for their success (it was mostly their own downfall). And that last point may make it unfun again.

    Then there's the puzzle method (for lack of a better name) where you try to set up cause-consequences relationships, "pseudo-science" (not in that it's not necessarily scientific, but in the way that a player would expect this to happen, like unhealthiness -> plague(s) which of course is one factor...). This also goes back to gameplay in that the designers set up some hurdles to overcome and some mechanics where you need to find the right amount of input to balance it out. It's basically a economic simulation game then. This can become very technical, very complex and it can lead to snowballing. While it may make sense most of the times, there will always be someone complaining about the lack of realism. It may be fun, but only until you've solved the problem, or how many of you have run into the unit cap in civ5 in your last few games?

    The challenge now is to find a mix of those setback-methods that works. The best guideline to that would be to "tell a story", where the environment is logical (realism side), where it has a gameplay use (difficult to do) and where the player sees why this is happening. This last thing means you need to see the cause which for civ would mean less "natural catastrophe" (which could be used as a gameplay way of additional challenges to top dogs, but again: unrealistic), but more "interior factors", things like people demanding stuff, peace, etc. ... (this of course goes again more in the direction of an economic simulation). Maybe also more of the constraints of the international diplomatic system.
    But most importantly, tell a story of the rise and fall of your civilization, of dynasties getting replaced by new ones, of people fleeing for religious reasons to your new colonies, of... you get the idea I hope. In short: Stories instead of Random Events.
  13. Peaceful Civ

    Peaceful Civ Chieftain

    Aug 4, 2012
    The only thing, and I mean the ONLY thing I ask, is for the AI to become competent enough to allow for greater challenge with less a handicap - or no handicap at all, preferably. Imagine a chess program that upped the difficulty by allotting the AI more pieces rather than calculations - it would suck.

    I am a huge fan of Civilization V and love it tremendously - but this is one thing that puts a serious damper on everything IMO.
  14. Socratatus

    Socratatus Emperor

    Jul 26, 2007
    I would just like to see things work more in kind to real life. Let technology make better sense and link to the next stuff better... Tin+copper = bronze. Put a little more into Ancient and Medieval days, show what gunpowder needs (saltpeter, etc). More Ancient and Medieval units.

    Make happiness more specific to Homeland cities versus cities conquered.

    More immersion in news. have a graphic splash screen for DOWs, starting with a papyrus roll then newspaper then ipod net-linked news, etc.

    Make Futuristic technology sensible, not stupid, even if fantastical. No silly names like Giant death robot (no one would name anything that), no completely illogical out-of-theme units from other games (Xcom!?!?!?!).

    STAY FOCUSED on the GAME of CIVILIZATION, Devs, and stop wandering your gaze everywhere like an impatient child.
  15. Peaceful Civ

    Peaceful Civ Chieftain

    Aug 4, 2012
    Another thing I would like to see is meaningful statistics that effect the game and steadily changes as the game plays out, i.e happiness and an efficient economy that has more to do with how well you've conducted yourself as ruler rather than how many luxuries you provide.

    For instance, for a war, it lets you know how much you've invested in the war effort, how much collateral damage, how much you have accomplished - and give you a steadily changing efficiency rating based on that. And the efficiency rating would in turn effect global happiness ("Bring our boys home!"). More options on "selling" the war to the public and a congress to answer to (depending on the ideology) would also be welcome.
  16. KokeenoPokameso

    KokeenoPokameso Warlord

    Mar 6, 2012
    Ontario Canada
    A couple of people have mentioned the tech tree issues, so I have been giving it some thought. what if instead of discreet technologies you simultaneously tech mutable avenues on research. somthing like one for Offense Military, Defensive Military, religion/social policies, environment and government. Different technology would be made available to you when you have a minimum amount of each.

    You can do interesting things like you gain horse back-riding after gaining 22 beakers into environment after discovering horses on the map. or build anti-tank guns after earning 8888 beakers into defensive military after first seeing a tank in action.

    You gain access to a particular government after earning 1234 beakers into government and 1234 into X. for example fascism for 1234 government and 1234 offensive military.
  17. reddishrecue

    reddishrecue Deity

    Nov 16, 2009
    For the last two civilization series of 4 and 5 I have noticed Byzantium and in both Byzantium they didn't have Achilles, the guy who killed hector, prince of Troy. They made justinian for civ 4 and now they made theodora for civ 5. Is it possible that they could squeeze in achiles for the byzantine empire in the next civilization?
  18. Starfury12

    Starfury12 Chieftain

    Mar 26, 2013
    I like the generall idea though you are making it sound so complicated already :-D
    I think that is the key issue here anyway, most of the addicts want more complexity , we want to be able to influence everything but the problem is making it simple enough so noobs can play it , there are a few games out there that feature these complex techtrees ( Paradox games ) but they don´t have the audience civ5 has because they are to complex for the average player, so you have to find the middle way .
  19. Genghis Khaiser

    Genghis Khaiser King

    Aug 10, 2012

    I agree with everything of that post.

    As somebody said here, many uniques, like units, buildings, improvements, and a new ability per age, I have more than one idea for those. Also, I agree with every civilization or civilization group having its own unit graphics.
    Somebody else said here that armies should depend on population, and I agree that they should cost production AND population, like Workers and Settlers in Civ 4.
    And make every civilization have at least two or three leaders per Civ, if they can afford it.
    Also, more movement for units, like 10 tiles a turn for foot units and 20 for mounted units, and that they be able to attack more than once a turn.
    I do not mind if the tiles are hexes or squares again, but they should reintroduce more than one unit being in the same tile.
    Not sure if the voice acting was popular among the Civ fans, but if they are putting voice acting in the next Civ game I hope they learn from certain mistakes in the Civ 5 voice acting.
    Reintroduce Health, Religion, Espionage, Happiness, Culture, Science, Tourism, Social Policies, Civics, and Corporations. Introduce Immigration, Crime, Corruption, and Stability (Happiness and Civil Wars for example).
    Tiles should be able to be traded.

    I think they should re-use every unit, building, improvement, and Wonder from Civilization 4 and Civilization 5, except for Giant Death Robots, XCOM Squads and Great War Infantry, or at least the Great War Infantry should have a better name.
    New units:
    - More siege weapons in the early and middle game, like rams and siege towers.
    -Do not reintroduce the XCOM or the Giant Death Robot.
    -Cannons, or at least a precursor to them, available with Gunpowder.
    -Like in Civ 4, Privateers should act anonymously, as someone said here on this thread.

    New buildings:
    -Castles not requiring Walls.

    New Wonders:
    -The Sphinx.
    -The Ishtar Gate.
    -The Roman Colosseum.
    -The Sun Pyramid.
    -The Jaguar Temple.
    -Todai Ji.
    -Kinkakuji Temple.
    -The Prague Castle.
    -The Topkapi Palace.
    -The White House.
    -The Motherland Calls (apparently it was in a beta version of Civ 5).
    -The CN Tower.
    -The Burj Khalifa.
    -Taipei 101.

    Bring every civilization from Civ3, Civ4, and Civ 5, except for Venice (which could be represented by an Italian civilization) and the Huns (everybody knows that they are in Civ 5 because of their importance in the fall of the Western Roman Empire).
    New civilizations: Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Canada, Australia, Hungary, Vietnam, Italy, Kongo, Mande (Ghana, Mali, and Songhai), the Swahili, Burma, Armenia, Nubia, Anazasi, Sioux.
    By the way, why are Portugal and the Netherlands never in a vanilla Civ game? They should be.
  20. Genghis Khaiser

    Genghis Khaiser King

    Aug 10, 2012
    Something I forgot to say: When a Middle Age, Renaissance, or Industrial Era civilization (That means civilizations historically existing somewhere between the 5th and 19th centuries) has a unique unit that replaces an early game civ, I feel like if they are underestimating the civilization, calling them savages, cavemen, or such.

    For example, the Jaguar Warrior, the Aztec Unique Unit, replaces the Swordsman in Civilization 4 and the Warrior in Civilization 5, when it should replace the Maceman in Civilization 4 and the Longswordsman in Civilization 5.

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