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Civilization: Beyond Earth fall update is now live!

Discussion in 'CivBE - General Discussions' started by FXS_MisterKevin, Dec 8, 2014.

  1. FXS_MisterKevin

    FXS_MisterKevin Chieftain

    Jun 30, 2014
    We’re happy to report the first major patch for Civilization: Beyond Earth is now available. This patch, a collaborative effort between Firaxis Games and all of you who took the time to provide feedback since launch, will automatically download the next time you start up your Steam client. If the patch is not downloading, try restarting Steam.

    Players affected by the 144hz monitor issue should find that is no longer the case. Another issue preventing achievements from unlocking has also been fixed. And, in addition to fixing these and other issues, Firaxis has also addressed a number of gameplay balance requests from the community – like optimizing trade route yields and doing away with one particular Covert Ops exploit. This is a substantial update, so please take a few moments to pore over the full patch notes below before you jump back into Beyond Earth for one ... more ... turn ...


    Wonders and Buildings:
    • Holon Chamber provides 3 Science, 4 Energy (was 5 Science)
    • Mind Stems cannot be bought with Energy.

    • Any diplo item can now be traded in exchange for a peace treaty
    • Lump Energy trade requires a Cooperation Agreement.

    • Water trade routes no longer receive any increased yield.
    • Revised trade route formula for city-to-city trade, with reduced yields.
    • Trade Depots can no longer be purchased with Energy.

    • Clearing a friendly alien nest now removes the Xenomass resource from player stockpile.
    • Adjusting passive recovery rate for alien opinion to be slower, to permit easier aggression escalation.

    Covert Ops:
    • Establish Network now has 0 difficulty and produces 0 intrigue. This prevents players from exploiting it to increase intrigue.
    Health effects balancing:
    • From -20 to -70, Production is penalized -1% per point (up to -50%).
    • From -15 to -65, enemy Covert Ops Intrigue is increased +2% per point (up to +100%).
    • From -10 to -60, Science is penalized -1% per point (up to -50%).
    • From -5 to -55, Culture is penalized -1% per point (up to -50%).
    • From 0 to -50, Outpost Growth is penalized -2% per point (up to -100%).
    • From 0 to -50, City Growth is penalized -2% per point (up to -100%).
    • From 1 to 5, nothing happens.
    • From 5 to 25, Production bonus +1% per point (up to +20%).
    • From 10 to 30, enemy Covert Ops Intrigue is decreased -2% per point (up to -40%).
    • From 15 to 35, Science bonus +1% per point (up to +20%).
    • From 20 to 40, Culture bonus +1 per point (up to +20%).
    • From 25 to 45, City Growth bonus +1% per point (up to +20%).
    • From 25 to 45, Outpost Growth bonus +2% per point (up to +40%).

    • Eudaimonia (Tier III Prosperity virtue) now provides -15% less Unhealth (was -25%)
    • Learning Centers now provides +1 Science for Academies (was +2)

    Game Setup:
    • Sponsors:
    -Kozlov Ability: Orbital units last 50% longer, +50% Petroleum resource (was Orbital units last 20% longer and first launch grants free technology)
    -Barre Ability: +10% Growth when Healthy, all cities start with an Old Earth Relic (was +10% Growth when Healthy)
    -Rejinaldo Ability: Melee units +10% Strength, all units +5 Heal when fortified (was +10% Melee combat strength)
    -Elodie Ability: provides 1 free Virtue for every 10 Virtues earned normally through Culture (was 1 free Tech for every 10 Virtues earned in any way)
    • Colonists:
    -Aristocrats now provide +4 Energy per City (no Health bonus)
    -Artists now provide +3 Culture per City (no Health bonus)

    Tech Web:
    • Clear Miasma now unlocks on Ecology (was Alien Biology)
    • Miasmic Repulsor now unlocks on Alien Biology (was Ecology)
    • Array Science bonus now unlocks on Astrodynamics (was Orbital Automation)
    • Planet Carver now unlocks on Orbital Automation (was Astrodynamics)
    • Markov Eclipse now unlocks on Transcendental Math (was Artificial Intelligence)

    • Station start turn base is now 30 (was 20)
    • Station minimum allowed distance to another station is now 2 (was 3)
    • Station minimum allowed distance to a city is now 6 (was 5)
    • Station minimum allowed distance to an outpost is now 5 (was 3)

    Affinity Perks:
    • Harmony level 1 grants Miasma Immunity to the Explorer unit (was Alien opinion recovers twice as quickly)
    • Purity level 1 adds double combat strength when defending to Explorer unit (was Aliens cannot attack Explorers)

    • Affinity rewarded as a quest reward now ramps up slowly over the first 100 turns (on standard). This ramp will vary with game speed.
    • All players now get affinity quests within 1 turn of each other. If it's not possible for all players to receive a quest at the same time, the game waits until this is possible, then immediately gives all players a new affinity quest.
    • Autoplant Building Quest grants bonus Production (was +1 Trade Route)

    • Explorers now have 6 combat strength (was 3).
    • Sea units now follow the same rules for ranged combat defense as all other units: they use the highest of their combat values (ranged combat or melee combat) when calculating defense.
    • Combat Rover unit can no longer fortify, and no longer receives defense bonuses from the terrain it is on.
    • Raising the secondary level requirement for the hybrid upgrades of affinity units:
    -First affinity unit (ex. Xeno Swarm) now upgrades at level 10 of main affinity and level 4 of secondary affinity (was 10+2)
    -Second affinity unit (ex. Xeno Cavalry) now upgrades at 12+5 (was 12+3)
    -Third affinity unit (ex. Rocktopus) now upgrades at level 14+6 (was 14+4)
    -Fourth affinity unit (ex. Xeno Titan) now upgrades at level 16+7 (was 16+5)
    • Lowering strategic resource costs for many affinity units, to ensure consistency across affinities and make top tier units easier to build. The first affinity units require 1 strategic, the second require 2, the third require 3, and the fourth require 5.
    -CARVR now costs 2 Firaxite (was 3)
    -Rocktopus now costs 2 Xenomass and 1 Floatstone (was 3 Xenomass and 1 Floatstone)
    -LEV Tank now costs 3 Floatstone (was 4)
    -SABR now costs 3 Firaxite (was 4)
    -Xeno Titan now costs 5 Xenomass (was 7)
    -LEV Destroyer now costs 5 Floatstone (was 7)
    -ANGEL now costs 5 Firaxite (was 6)
    • Increased production costs of upgraded Combat Rovers and Missile Rovers:
    -Combat Rovers now cost 80, 160, 260, 370 (was 80, 140, 220, 320)
    -Missile Rovers now cost 100, 190, 290, 400 (was 100, 180, 270, 370)
    • Lowering combat strength progression of Combat Rover:
    -Combat Rover combat strength progression is now 12, 18, 28, 52 (was 12, 18, 32, 52)
    • Changes to the combat strength of affinity units, to make non-upgraded ones more weak in general:
    -Xeno Swarm now has 22 combat strength at start, 54 when upgraded (was 34, 54)
    -Xeno Cavalry now has 36, 72 (was 48, 72)
    -Rocktopus now has 60, 92 (was 60, 82)
    -Xeno Titan now has 86, 114 (was 96, 114)
    -Battlesuit now has 24, 66 (was 40, 66)
    -Aegis now has 34, 34 double strike (was 40, 40 double strike)
    -LEV Tank now has 44, 77 (was 52, 77)
    -LEV Destroyer now has 74, 104 (was 84, 104)
    -CNDR now has 24, 63 (was 38, 63)
    -CARVR now has 38, 76 (was 50, 76)
    -SABR now has 52, 86 (was 58, 86)
    -ANGEL now has 78 with 78 melee, 102 with 88 melee (was 88 with 88 melee, 102 with 102 melee)

    • Once the game is in Extended mode (after the player clicks the One More Turn button) the AI will now only pursue Domination.
    • Warmonger threat per city acquisition is now capped.
    • Warmonger calculation now scaled down when cities are taken by Sponsors that are reacting to a war that was declared upon them (that is, when that civ is not the aggressor).
    • Adjusted AI bonuses on higher difficulty levels.
    • Additional AI tuning, improvements, and tweaks.

    Gameplay Feedback:
    • Implemented anonymous gameplay telemetry for design feedback.


    Settings and Game Setup:
    • The menu now displays EQAA modes instead of MSAA modes if in Mantle version and the GPU supports EQAA.
    • Added option to disable UI/Map blur.
    • The player is now informed that enabling max turns disables victory achievements.

    • Previous trade routes appear in their own category at top of trade route chooser

    City/Production UI:
    • Adding Health tooltip help in City View to explain health sources and population cap
    • City production pop-up now shows the last item completed.
    • Increased city renaming from 15 character max to 23 character max.

    • Allow "One More Turn" after the default win conditions (Contact, Promised Land, Emancipation, Transcendence, Domination, Time), added text to defeat screen explaining how you were defeated.
    • Option to make minimap opaque
    • ESC leaves orbital mode instead of raising in game shell menu
    • Added a badge to covert ops button in the action corner which will show up, and a warning to the covert ops panel when a player has any cities with high intrigue.
    • Tech web - adding color underlays to building and wonder types.
    • Added additional Advisors for trade convoy and trade vessel.
    • Added support for third party wars in diplo overview.
    • Full touch/gesture and pen support added (Ultrabook, Surface Pro, etc.).


    • Setting the internet server browser list distance filtering to worldwide.
    • All players are notified when anyone completes a victory wonder.
    • Multiple improvements to stability.


    • 2D fallback image now supported for leaders on all video quality settings, not just the lowest.
    • Added the ability to mod Quests.


    • Embarked workers can now correctly repair pillaged improvements.
    • Fixed an issue where Max turns was getting set on “Reload”, causing achievements to not fire.
    • Fixed bug where victory achievements would only unlock for the first player on a team.
    • Fixed empty trade requests that could occur during the AI turn.
    • Fixed multiple Quest issues (quest tracking, information, and reward bugs).
    • Fixed multiple issues with screen resolution on specific displays (like the 144Hz full-screen issue), and a Mantle issue causing the game to not display on the correct screen.
    • Setting MaxTurns only affects timed victory conditions. For a timed victory, you must either not set MaxTurns (of which, there will be a default for the game speed), or set it to 100+ turns. All other victory conditions can be achieved regardless of max turns.
    • Friendly aliens no longer blockade cities.
    • Fixed some specific issues with resources not appearing properly in the player stockpile.
    • Many additional bugs and crashes addressed based on community feedback. Thank you!
  2. TheMarshmallowBear

    TheMarshmallowBear Benelovent Chieftain of the BearKingdom

    Dec 27, 2006
    Inside an Ikanda.
    Wow... no fix for broken quests AT ALL? That's disappointing.

    I mean, have they fixed the whole "Build a building requiring a resource within the city range that has no access to that resource AT ALL?" quest?

    Or they did, just poorly worded notes.
  3. SupremacyKing2

    SupremacyKing2 Warlord

    Oct 25, 2014
    WOW! Now, that is a meaty patch! :goodjob:
  4. Arkangelus

    Arkangelus Chieftain

    Mar 24, 2010
    Excellent, HUGE nerf hammer to the T1 slingshot affinity units, -1 TR and reduced yields per city. All helpful towards some balance, and I hope the AI competes better at higher difficult levels now.
  5. GoodSarmatian

    GoodSarmatian Blackpilled Idealist

    Apr 25, 2006
    Looks good. Not perfect, but good.
    Negative health will finally be a big deal, and positive health bonuses got a nice buff, but it doesn't look like it's going to be harder to keep high positive health.
  6. Sprenk

    Sprenk Chieftain

    Oct 23, 2009
    Traverse City, Michigan
    Can't wait to try it out! Thanks for the info, Kevin!
  7. stealth_nsk

    stealth_nsk Warlord

    Nov 28, 2005
    Novosibirsk, Russia
    The patch notes have "Quests" section and yes, it's not there.
  8. Senethro

    Senethro Overlord

    Mar 18, 2007
    The cutest of cephalopods
    Its a good start. Can't balance things like crappy wonders until central mechanisms like trade and health are adjusted.

    So whats the new trade formula?
  9. Arkangelus

    Arkangelus Chieftain

    Mar 24, 2010
    First thing I note with strategic implementation: The difference between the 10/5 first upgrade and the T2 base units is now HUGE. 24, 38, 63 on the Supremacy side, for example.
  10. Senethro

    Senethro Overlord

    Mar 18, 2007
    The cutest of cephalopods
    The patch notes have a Balance section (with many subheadings including quests) and a Bugs sections, which mentions some quest fixes.
  11. winddysphere

    winddysphere Chieftain

    Jul 9, 2013
    Hooray! At least that's nice to see the devs do something about this game. :goodjob:

    PS HEY AND will you input this balance to demo so that I can try once more (like,AI tweaks and affinity changes? )??
  12. Legedi

    Legedi Chieftain

    Jul 23, 2013
    Nice, almost unistalled this weekend to make room on the ssd. This sounds like a good start, will just have to play some to see.

    The one thing I was hoping for was higher affinity requirements for victory. All end tier techs seem so worthless when you should be tying to win. But maybe with nerfed trade routes the end game will feel different.
  13. Lucius_

    Lucius_ Chieftain

    Dec 3, 2012
    Puirty 1 explorers will now have 12 attack rating? So Purity now gets ultra cheap Soldier/Marines. That's really interesting.

    No mention of the problem with the Mind Flower where you kill it but the AI wins anyway. Or the bug where it can be destroyed by walking a melee unit on it (like it's a worker) if you haven't reloaded.
  14. El Caballerion

    El Caballerion Chieftain

    Sep 4, 2010
    New York
    Any word on when this will be available on MAC?
  15. Ravellion

    Ravellion Chieftain

    Oct 30, 2005
    Amsterdam, Netherlands
    The notes say defense only.
  16. GoodSarmatian

    GoodSarmatian Blackpilled Idealist

    Apr 25, 2006
    They mention that quests were fixed, but don't go into detail.
    I have just started a game, and Cultutal Burden now works properly even if you play with all civs. The crashed probe now belongs to "the Cestus Group".
    Another nice undocumented change is that icons in the tech web are now color coded for buildings, units, wonders...
    New Terran Myth and Daedalus Ladder still do nothing :(.
  17. PhilBowles

    PhilBowles Warlord

    Nov 20, 2011
    I'll return to BE to give these changes a try, but my core issue with the game is simply that it didn't keep me engaged at all past the early exploration turns, so balance changes that affect things later in the game than I've had the patience to reach may not help rekindle my interest. The Purity level 1 and Autoplant fixes were needed, but I have few comments beyond that.

    I do wonder however whether there's a prospect of a companion patch to Civ V implementing relevant changes, thinking particularly of the following:

  18. RonMar

    RonMar Chieftain

    Apr 21, 2010
    Rhode Island
    I had been waiting for the patch before starting a new game. I finally gave up and started a new game late last night. Figured it would keep me occupied, or even trigger the update.

    Well, it worked! I guess that means you can thank me for triggering the update :).

    Now, I'll have to restart the game taking into account the influence of the patch in the playing of the game.
  19. SupremacyKing2

    SupremacyKing2 Warlord

    Oct 25, 2014
    This is good news. It made no sense to me that AI's would hate me so much when I am fighting a defensive war.
  20. Anomandaris

    Anomandaris Chieftain

    Nov 19, 2014
    Holy . Can't wait to see how that plays. At first glance, I hate the changes to the required affinity levels to upgrade units. The later ones get into the game late enough anyway, making their upgrades even more inconsequential is not in the right direction.
    Trade routes are getting the nerf hammer hard :) Looking forward to seeing the results of that. Useless wonders are still useless, pity.
    I hope the quests are indeed fixed (• Fixed multiple Quest issues (quest tracking, information, and reward bugs).
    Aaaaand off to play a bit. Acken, get the next challenge ready :)

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