Civilization destroyed by... Y2K Bug!?


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Dec 27, 2001
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Okay, so the dreaded "Millennium Bug" turned out to be no big deal in our world. But it seems to have destroyed one of my games!

Here's the story. I was playing Babylon on Regent Level, large map, with the 1.16 patch. I'd made it to the year 2000, and I was closing in on a cultural victory. My civ had racked up about 125,000 Culture points, and by checking the histograph, I seemed to be pretty darned close to having twice as much Culture as the Aztecs, my closest rivals.

Well, I finished out the turn, and then it went to the AI turns. They went through all their actions, and as soon as it was time for the year 2000 turn to end... WHAMMO! I get a Windows pop-up message saying that Civ3.exe caused a Big Bad Error. Crash. End of game.

I shut down and rebooted my computer, restarted Civ3, and loaded the last saved turn (year 2000). Played out the turn again, the AI played out its turn again, and once again at the end of the turn... Error message. Crash. End of game.

I suspect (although I can't prove) that I was just about to meet the conditions for a cultural victory. Maybe it was the victory message that caused the crash. Or maybe it was something in the modern era. This happened to me once before, playing the Germans in the modern era. Unfortunately I didn't document whether I was closing in on a cultural victory at that time as well.

Has anyone else experienced anything like this? Cruising along in the modern era when BOOM, a Windows error crashes the game? Quite frustrating, especially since I probably only had a few turns at most to go before victory.
Yes, I have had exactly this happen to me. I was playing the GOTM 4 game, and when I got to 1938, my next turn crashed the game. No matter what I did, it would crash.

So I sent an email to Dan Magaha at Firaxis explaining my problem, and the programmers got to play with my saved game. Soren Johnson emailed it back to me saying it was fixed. Unfortunately I believed him, and so I deleted the email once I had downloaded the "fixed" game. Now I can't even open that save file, it gives me a "DataIO" error.
it happened to me once in the BC's. I was nowhere near any victory, and had just discovered the indians. im not sure if ghandi initiating diplomacy during their turn could have caused the crash or not.

And i had such a perfect starting spot, and my game was gone :cry:
Its happened in a couple of games, but not near to victory.
Its happened to me as well on any random year. I think back a while we decided it has to do with a city going in or out of disorder or presidents day.
There is a thread about this in the "Technical problems" forum; nobody seems to have gotten to the bottom of it. For me turning off the civil disorder pop-up worked, but some people haven't been that lucky.
Well, glad to hear from all of you...

"Nobody knows why it happens and there's no fix" isn't a very satisfying response, but at least it's better than "You're crazy, I've never seen anything like this happen."
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