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Civilization III: Worldwide


Feb 7, 2010
Civilization III: Worldwide

Worldwide Download​

Civ III: Worldwide is an alternate version of the full four-era game. The main purpose of the mod is to provide a more unique experience for individual civs with new units, graphics, and play options. The game is designed to clearly delineate each era and provide a more immersive experience with choices for different play styles. Worldwide has the following features:

24 Unique Civilizations: Each civ has special wonders and technologies available to to it, as well as an almost completely unique unit line. The idea is to make every game seem personalized to that specific civ. Instead of a single unique unit, civs have a number of powerful units at different times of their histories. Many also have special buildings available as well. Thus, each civ has greater options on how to develop its own strategy suited to its strengths.

Over 1400 units: Drawing from Civfanatics' best creators, there is an enormous variety in units to represent all the eras and nations involved. The roster is designed to give you a number of strategic choices without bogging the game down with redundant units. Many units change with the eras, allowing you to immerse yourself in the time period you are in.

City Attributes: Fine tune your cities with these mutually exclusive improvements to get the most out of your civ's assets. Each city can only have one Attribute at a time, and they are available based on resources, governments, technologies, and even individual civs. Will you build stables to gain early access to veteran units, monastaries to increase the spread of knowledge, shipyards to boost naval production, or investment banks to ship needed capital to far-off developing cities?

Global Hegemony: A new victory condition for Worldwide, Hegemony is the struggle to dominate the world by leading in the fields of science, energy, finance, and development. Be the first to discover the secret to renewable energy and launch a successful mission to Mars! Also, victory point scoring is enabled with rewards for science and trade.

Over a hundred new techs: The tech tree has been overhauled to expand your game. The techs are designed to give you a complete experience in 'mini-eras', so you can enjoy the iterations of new units, without sticking you with linear development. This process is also made to reduce the amount of obsolete enemy units. Race to make new units, get a head start on new Attributes, or access one of your own unique wonders!

Overhauled Combat: The early game will be familiar, but things take off from the Medieval to Enlightenment Era, Industrial to Modern, and beyond to the Information Age. No spearmen will be threatening your tanks, as units progress gradually in strength and hit points to dominate the world. Infantry are the heart of your armies, with cavalry more suited to harassment and scouting, and artillery that can smash your enemies with attacks and bombardment. Aircraft can pound your troops and are deadly to naval vessels, while fighters can rebase and perform air superiority in the same turn. Artillery gives you powerful bombard abilities, but the enemy will use it in an aggressive, offensive fashion. Also, there is improved performance in AI Army capabilities and use of aircraft carriers.

Scores of new buildings: There's plenty of new structures with development options, in addition to the Attributes and civ-specific wonders. Some of the traditional wonders have their functions changed as well. The game also features building graphics from some of Civfanatics' best artists!

Worldwide Interface: A brand new look accompanies the game from the main screen to your advisors.

Complete Civilopedia: Trying to decipher a new mod can be an exercise in frustration, so the game includes a new Civpedia covering game concepts, units, attributes and buildings, governements and more.

One victor: Only one civ will reign supreme. Will you be crushed and relegated to the forgotten pages of history, or are you prepared to lead your people to project your influence Worldwide?

Thank you to all who helped over the last year's development, whether you knew it or not. Worldwide has been possible due to the generosity and capabilities of these CivFanatics members:

[Units]: Imperator1961, Sandris, Wyrmshadow, Plotinus, Orthanc, Balou, Bebro, Vinegar Joe, Utah Jazz Numero 7, Ripptide, George Stow, Ares de Borg, H. Balck, Virote Considon, Shiro Kobbure, Swoggy, Gary Childress, CivArmy s. 1994, NavyDawg, Dom Pedro II, aaglo, Micaelus, Quinzy, odintheking, CamJH, embryodead, Bjornlo, Smoking Mirror, TopGun, Colonel Kraken, Boulboulgadol, Kinboat, MoscaTNT, LizardmenRule!, la_dav, 19D, Tom2050.

[Additional Buildings/Wonders]: Kyriakos, Ogedei the Mad, Red Alert, Hikaro Takayama, Yoda Power, Ukas

[Terrain/map/resource graphics]: Rhye, Pounder, Goldfool, Kyriakos, MeteorPunch, Logitech, waya2009

[Leaderheads]: Grandraem, ShiroKobbure, Plotinus

[Additional and unwitting help]: Balthasar, Steph, General 666, Wild Weasel, Civinator, Vuldacon, MeteorPunch, General jcl, Yoda Power, R8XFT, Tom 2050, King Coltrane.

The game may be downloaded here:

Worldwide Download

(Updated 17 MAY 13)

-If you do not have Worldwide on your computer, you can update the full game from the above link.

-If you have the full game already, please upload the attachment (version 2.8) at the end of Post 1 which has the most recent corrections (as of 29 MAR 2014).

-If you are playing the Steam version of Civ 3 - download the attached Labels file and place it in your Worldwide/Text folder. This will replace the regular labels file, which is for disc versions of the game.

To play Worldwide, download the main folder from the link above, and then place it in your C:\Program Files\Infogrames Interactive\Civilization III\Conquests\Scenarios folder (or where ever you keep your Scenario folder), along with the scenario biq file which is in the Worldwide folder. Make sure there is not an additional folder hiding inside the Worldwide folder; you should open it and see an Art and a Text folder. Then start up Civ 3 and access the game from Civ content.



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A few snapshots for previewing. Updated 5 April. Check out Post 3 as well.


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24 civilizations. One victor.

Prestige Worldwide is the expansion to the original Four-era epic game. You can either download the new version in its entirety, or add the pack to your existing Worldwide game. The new version includes these features:

Four New Civilizations: Take command of the Poles, the West Africans, the Balkans, or the Low Countries. Construct new Wonders such as the Monastery of Jasna Góra, the Great Mosque of Djenne, Visoki Dečani, or La Monnaie theatre. Command Commonwealth Winged Hussars, Songhai Warriors, Serbian partisans, or intrepid Dutch traders.

Dozens of New Buildings: Expand your horizons with new attributes, improvements, and wonders. Publishers increase wealth and the spread of knowledge, but increase discontent among your populace. Create Bath houses to keep the wealthy happy, or Concert Halls to inspire a sense of nationalistic unity. Many structures are civilization-, religion-, or government-dependent. Build agoras, satrapies, automotive factories, stele, ballcourts, madrassas, and bell towers. Establish ghats to blossom your cities, manors to train the cream of European chivalry, or Bimaristans to heal the sick and enlist the faithful.

Mercenaries-Wage War by Proxy: Devastate your opponents in the Medieval and Renaissance Eras by hiring ruthless, professional armies to do your fighting! These civ-specific forces can enslave workers and pillage the land, but beware that the enemy may have a low tolerance for your wanton excursions! Recruit Welsh bowman, Tünghu horsemen, Crimean Tatars, Doppelsöldnern, Acolhua Warriors, Ajuuraan Archers, and Zaporozhian Cossacks.

New Naval Warfare: The game at sea has been overhauled to provide better balance. There is now much greater disparity among the various eras, and their composition better matches land progression and makes for more dangerous bombardment. Use sailing vessels to capture prize ships for great rewards. Convoys give the AI opponents a much more aggressive capability to invade enemy shores, but can leave themselves open to the resourceful player! Some civs have access to new autoproducing structures that enhance their navies, while others can get a head start in the age of exploration.

Over 400 new units: In addition to the new civs, many others have received a facelift. Enjoy some of the lastest improvements by our top creators these last few months. Some brand new forces are ready at your discretion: fortresses can be deployed to harrass and slow the enemy, state security forces quell unrest and hunt foreign agents, insurgents penetrate your foes' borders, and satellites monitor the world from the cold reaches of space. Enjoy new additions such as Ghazis, coastal batteries, Teutonic Knights, and Maltese Gunners.

Numerous Corrections and Improvements: A number of corrections have been made to make the game as it should be. Stats have been tweaked, and unit lines have been corrected and updated for a dozen civs. The civiliopedia has been updated to acclimatize you to the new version, and interface problems have been addressed. Please feel free to post any issues or corrections to ensure the best game possible for you and others.


EDIT: This version is now incorporated into the main download in Post #1. There is no longer a separate 'Prestige Worldwide' download.


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wow...very impressive , it came with a big surprise ,im downloading it and cant wait to try it :)
You have put a lot of work into this! Wow! Very well done, no errors at all.

Is there no building wealth? I looked further ahead to see if it becomes available with a tech, I am forced into building units and / or buildings.. and the maintenance costs are going to destroy myself eventually... or I will just have to keep building units and disbanding them.

EDIT: N/M, it requires gold resource :gold:, which I am in process of building road to now.
Thank you very much for the kind words. A few replies:

@WildWeazel: I was just giving you a hard time about the name change. :) Some of my claims are a little more extravagent than others, so I'm not trying to blow smoke. The artillery use is much improved over the normal C3C, but it is very far from perfect. The computer definitely has used offensive bombardment on me and other AIs, but still sucks at using it defensively. The armies are autoproduced by the Military Academy and unit movement rates stagger as new units develop. This worked out fairly well; I saw a lot of 1 infantry/two tank armies. The carriers worked out much much better than I ever thought they would. I was stunned when I saw three Ethiopian carriers with escorts park off the shore and start pounding the Mexicans with aircraft.

As for your credit: Your advisor screen template was a tremendous help in understanding how to use layers and making interface pcxs. Prior to starting this, I have never used a graphics program or made any kind of mod, or participated in a forum, or done much else on a computer other than pay bills, listen to music, and play civ. When I first found the site last Jan, I was just going to download some units and go about my way. I was impressed, however, when you, Balthasar, and a few others took the time to help me with some questions. The members here are very generous and helpful to people they're liable to never meet. That's when I decided to take the time to make this mod right so I could make it available to anyone who might want to try it. So, thank you.

@Tom: Thank you. Please let me know if you spot errors. I tested every unit in game in each era prior to release. There are a few known missing files: two small pcxs, the espionage screen, the replay screen, and the multiplayers screen. Don't forget to build a Treasury once you get connected to some gold!

@Nick: Your idea sounds great; I can't believe it hasn't been done yet. Civ games always have a lot of European civs, so it would be nice for them to have some more room to stretch on the map. I'll be looking for that!

@Plot: Thanks! Your settler pack couldn't have come at a worse time! :) But if game companies can make patches and updates, then so can I.
One thing of note; There is no where to bring luxuries to. Victory Point locations are not on the map, since Auto Place Victory Locations is not selected in scenario properties.

Side Note: Playing as US, it's cool playing as the American Indians in the beginning... I'm running wild with Winnebago War Parties!

I struggled with the luxury thing for a long time. You should be able to pick it up with a unit and deliver it to the capital. The details for doing this I lifted straight out of Civinator's CCM: capture the flag unit without placing victory locations. It would not work despitemany tries until the 11th hour, when i finally got it. So if it's not working on yours, I guess it's back to the drawing board. If I pulled it off, thanks to Civinator for this idea.

My last test game was with the U.S., and yeah, having fast units that don't require horses are vicious. If you gut it out to the late industrial/early modern era, the Americans get a bunch of cool toys to play with. And the Declaration of Independence is a particularly nasty Wonder, I think.
Well as often happens with Atomic the d/l quit after 250MB or so. I have a 15MB connection. I hate to see file so large as those site like to choke the pipe.
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