Civilization IV Legends


Mar 1, 2007

Mod designed to balance and add depth to Civilization IV multiplayer. Fixing the double nerfed catapult mechanic. Change to free buildings in later eras, adds more options for build up and faster expansions.

Edit the SDK
Individual teching in teams - This is the main idea behind the mod, each player in the team has their own tech tree and research. playing a 5v5 ancient game and have copper in capital? Skip iron working and secure a religion for your new city. In the back on a 3v3 inland sea game, tech towards astro while your teammates go for gunpowder. Adds a whole new level of depth to the multiplayer experience.

Random great person names - Randomly pooled from a list of past and present players nicknames from the civ4 multiplayer community.

Civilization IV Legends v2.02

Civ4 Multiplayer Discord

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Mar 1, 2007
Change Log
Removed flanking ability
Base upgrade cost changed from 20 to 10 and cost per production from 3 to 2
Circumnavigate no longer gives free moves
Discovering any religion gives 1 free missionary

Era start

No warrior start
Start with 1 settler, 1 worker, 1 scout

start with 2 settlers, 1 workers, 2 archers, 1 scout

free buildings ie. forges/lighthouses removed, impacts settler cost in later eras

New Civilizations
Casimir Organized/Protective
Sobieski Creative/Charismatic
UU: Knight - Hussar - Free March promotion
UB: Courthouse - Sejmik - +2 XP for mounted units

Decebal Spi/Res
Basarab Chm/Res
UU: Knight - Cavaler - 35% withdraw chance
UB: forge - Salina - +2 happiness from gems, silver and gold

Taizu Res/Pro
Shunzhi Ind/Phi
UU: Knight - Eigth Banner - 10% city attack bonus
UB: Bank - Piaohao - 25% Espoinage

Songtsen Gampo Ind/Res
Gure Rinpoche Org/Res
UU - Knight - Khampa - Ignores terrain movement penalties
UB - University - Gompa - +2 happy with state religion

Piye Agg/Res
Necho Res/Cre
UU: Horse Archer - Kidarites - Starts with free Blitz promotion
UB: Monument - Kuhorsehockye Pyramid - each building adds +5% goldenage length

Robert II Fin/Res
William the Conqueror Agg/Res
UU: Maceman - Heavy Swordsman - 25% city attack
UB: Harbor - Port - 25% production

Matthias Exp/Res
kossuth Lajos - Imp/Res
UU: Cuirassier - Huszar - 25% city defence
UB: Castle - Vegvar - additional 25% city defence

Res - Resourceful
25% building cost reduction
free flanking promo to mounted units
double production of stable

+2 research
100% GP birthrate

+2 culture
50%+ culture

+2 happiness
25%XP reduction

No anarchy
Double production of temple

Great General emergence rate increased 100 percent
Settler production bonus of +50%

+2 Health per city and, 25% faster production of Worker.
Double production of Granary and Harbor

Free Combat I promotion of melee and gunpowder units.
Double production of Barracks and Drydock

Archery and Gunpowder Units receive free Drill I and City Garrison I
50% great general emergence rate when inside boarders
Double production of Walls and Castle

50% wonder production
+1 hammer on tiles with 4 hammers
double production speed of Forges

+2 gold per city
50%- upkeep
Double production of courthouse, Lighthouses

1+ gold on plots with 2
double productions of Banks

The Oracle - Now grants a goldenage instead of a free technology
The Partheron - Global GP bonus increased from 50% to 100%
The Temple Of Artemus - Gets an additional bonus of 50% research in built city
The Statue of Zeus - Now gives +2XP in all cities, replaces war weariness
The Colossus - 25% global city defence, 25%- bombardment in this city
The Sistine Chapel - +2 research for each specialist, +2 research for each state building built
University of Sankore - +2 gold and +3 research from all state buildings
Statue of liberty - Adds +1 gold on coastal tiles, replacing free GP, cost reduced from 1500 to 1000

Library cost reduced from 90 to 60
Courthouse cost reduced from 120 to 60
Aqueducts cost reduced from 100 to 50
Bank cost reduced from 200 to 100
Forge cost reduced from 120 to 100
Market cost reduced from 150 to 80
Grocer cost reduced from 150 to 80
Observatory cost reduced from 150 to 80
Uni cost reduced from 200 to 100
Lab cost reduced from 250 to 125
Colosseum reduced from 80 to 40
Factory production increased form 25% to 50%
Temples reduced from 80 to 40
Monastery tech bonus increased from 10 to 25%
Levee reduced from 180 to 100
Harbor reduced 80 to 60

Unique Buildings
Mint 25%+ gold
Seowon research bonus 50%
Stock Exchange gold bonus 100%

Phalanx returned to a 5 str Spearman like in vanilla
Redcoat no longer 25% against gunpowder units, starts with amphibious
Cossack no longer 50% vs mounted, Free Blitz promotion
Conquisitor no longer 50% vs melee, still gets defensive bonuses
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Sep 1, 2007
Hey Geforced !

I can't believe I missed this !
The forum random links just offered it to me !

We had the same idea to move the MP community forward, it's interesting a lot of out ideas overlap perfectly !

In the end it took 4 years but the MP scene has broadly moved to my mod : Beyond the game (links below).

Your links both download and discord expired sadly ?
What I could do is integrate all your ideas that are different into Options in BTG (lots of options).
Particularly the one you tech by yourself is novel and I'd like to see it !

Come play & talk soon !

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