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Civilization Modding Discord Server Index

Discussion in 'Civ5 - Creation & Customization' started by JFD, Dec 10, 2020.

  1. JFD

    JFD Kathigitarkh

    Oct 19, 2010
    The Kingdom of New Zealand
    Greetings fellow modders, mod-users, and lads alike.

    This thread is intended to help those looking to connect with the Civilization modding community (for any game, although usually Civ V and VI) across Discord. For some time, Discord has become the premier platform on which many prominent modders across Civ V and VI have been operating and sharing in their interests for this series and its mods (both as makers and users). Because Discord is not as publicly accessible as CivFanatics, this can make it confusing to figure out where everything is.

    Below I have compiled a list of Discord server links with a brief description of their function. All servers listed are public and everyone interested in joining is encouraged and welcomed to do so.

    If you have any trouble with any of the links, or have suggestions for other Discord communities to be included on this list, please post them below. Hope to see you somewhere!

    General Community Servers

    The Commonwealth
    The Commonwealth is the general hub for modding for Civ V and Civ VI. It is a good place to set yourself up with a personalized space where you can participate in the community, get help with modding, or share your on-going projects (or ideas for projects).

    Civ Modding Central
    Civ Modding Central is the Discord companion to the Civ Modding Central subreddit. It is a place to discuss the subreddit or otherwise to keep track of new posts.

    Civ Modding Magazine
    The Civ Modding Magazine is the Discord companion for the digitally published e-magazine that ran through 2018-2019. Although the monthly publication has now ended, periodic issues are still released on occasion. There, you can submit interest in writing for the magazine, check out archived issues, or generally discuss the magazine and its articles.

    Civ Design Competition
    The Civ Design Competition was a semi-regular competition in which anyone could submit mod designs without the prerequisite need to actually make them, as part of a friendly competition. Although the CDC has now ended, past submissions can be perused for interest's sake, and future competitions may yet still take place with enough interest.

    The companion Discord Server for the r/civ subreddit.

    Modding Help Servers

    Modding Resource Library
    An incomplete compilation of various modding resources, for both Civ V and Civ VI.

    Civ V Modding Helpline
    The premier place to go for modding help for Civ V.

    Civ VI Modding Helpline
    The premier place to go for modding help for Civ VI.

    Civ VI Modding District
    A secondary place to go for modding help for Civ VI.

    Civ Battle Royale Servers

    Civ Battle Royale

    Civ Battle Royale is a Civ V-based community devoted to hosting large-scale civ-based battle royales - where AI opponents are pitted against one another to determine a winner.

    Civ AI Games
    Civ AI Games is an off-shoot of the CBR above that hosts smaller-scale royales and AI competitions. Anyone looking to host there own battle royale should consider joining there.

    Civ AI Tournament
    The Civ AI Tournament is another battle royale-style server but observers take a more active role in choosing representative civs to compete on their behalf.

    Role-Playing Servers

    CivHybridGames is a Role-playing community that does things that are even mysterious to me.

    Democraciv is another Role-playing community in which games of civ are played in interactive, democratic fashion.

    Special Interest Servers

    Overlooked Civ Project
    The Overlooked Civ Project is a community-based server devoted to creating custom civilizations that have yet been made. Anyone with an interest in obscure or overlooked civilizations and a willingness to turn that interest into a mod should join and ask for a channel to call their own.

    Fire Emblem Civ V Modders
    The Fire Emblem server is devoted to developing mods based on the Fire Emblem franchise.
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