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Civilization Overviews

Discussion in 'Strategy Section' started by vcordie, Jun 14, 2016.

  1. vcordie

    vcordie Chieftain

    Mar 21, 2011
    Hi all. I intend this thread to be a hub for different short guides to different civilizations written by the community as replys to this post, which will then get linked in this post. After a few successive wins with Rome, I'll take the initiative and post one for Rome.
    Simple things you can cover in your guide is taking a quick glance and their unique features, and how it affects their playstyle, what other civilizations they are like, their preferred victory methods, and counterstrategies. This is not a location for general strategies that could apply to any civilization. We're looking for specific details to play to each civilizations strengths and weaknesses.

    America: No guide yet
    Arabia: No guide yet
    Assyria: No guide in this thread but jma has an excellent one here
    Austria: No guide yet
    Aztecs: No guide yet
    Babylon: No guide yet
    Brazil: No guide yet
    Byzantium: No guide in this thread but there's a guide on winning a culture victory with byzantium written by crdvis
    Carthage: No guide yet
    Celts: No guide yet
    China: No guide in this thread but jma has an excellent one here
    Denmark: No guide in this thread, but crdvis has an excellent guide here
    Egypt: No guide in this thread but crdvis has an excellent guide here
    England: No guide yet
    Ethiopia: No guide yet
    France: No guide yet
    Germany: No guide yet
    Greece: No guide yet
    The Huns: No guide yet
    Inca: No guide yet
    India: No guide yet
    Indonesia: No guide yet
    Iroquios: No guide yet
    Japan: No guide yet
    Korea: No guide yet
    Maya: No guide yet
    Mongolia: crdvis
    Morroco: No guide yet
    The Netherlands: No guide yet
    Ottomans: No guide yet
    Persia: No guide yet
    Poland: No guide yet
    Polynesia: No guide yet
    Portugal: No guide yet
    Rome: Guide incoming
    Russia: No guide yet
    Shoshone: No guide yet
    Siam: No guide yet
    Songhai: No guide yet
    Spain: No guide yet
    Venice: No guide yet
    Zulus: No guide yet.
  2. vcordie

    vcordie Chieftain

    Mar 21, 2011
  3. crdvis16

    crdvis16 Emperor

    May 2, 2013
    I've written ones for Byzantine, Egypt, and the Netherlands in this Strategy forum that you could link to.

    I would also say that the border blobs strategy written by Skepticon is perfect for Mongolia and I can't see there being a better way to play them. I could do a write up specifically for Mongolia using his strategy (since I'm in the middle of playing it) but I would mostly be repeating his advice with maybe a few tidbits of specifics tossed in.
  4. vcordie

    vcordie Chieftain

    Mar 21, 2011
    Good point about the various guides. For some reason I remembered them being a bit more bare bones, and as thus didn't include them. I actually have trouble with border blobs with mongolia, i can never seem to grab a religion. Though its very op with ethiopia. But yeah, a short writeup would be great. Especially cover how you use the UA to your advantage.
  5. crdvis16

    crdvis16 Emperor

    May 2, 2013
    May as well do the write up for Mongolia using Skepticon's border blobs strategy:

    Civ: Mongolia
    Preferred Victory: Domination

    See Skepticon's border blobs strategy (http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?t=565652) which I will outline here specifically for Mongolia.

    The basic idea is to stack border expansion multipliers with border expansion instant yields to create a powerhouse of land grabbing bonuses. The border expansion multipliers are as follows:

    God of the Expanse (Pantheon) = +25% faster border growth
    Ger (Mongolian UB) = 25% reduces tile acquisition culture/gold cost
    Sovereignty (Tradition) = 20% reduced tile acquisition culture cost
    Divine Right (Piety) = Border growth doubled during WLtKD or Golden Ages
    Ankgor Wat (World Wonder) = 25% reduced tile acquisition culture/gold cost

    The border expansion instant yields are:

    God of the Expanse (Pantheon) = Gain faith upon border expansion (scales)
    Tribute (Authority) = Gain gold/food upon border expansion (scales)
    Lebensraum (Autocracy) = Gain culture and golden age points upon border expansion

    Essentially, you put yourself into a position where you are gaining huge amounts of food, gold, faith, and culture every time any of your cities expand their borders. And those border expansions are going to be happening very frequently because of all the reduced costs and the fact that we are going to be collecting quite a few cities on our way to a domination victory.

    Early game: Get a religion, Ankgor Wat, and a few cities

    I opened scout/monument/shrine but any variation should be fine as long as the shrine is one of your first 3 things to produce. In all my attempts at refining this strategy on Immortal difficulty I never failed to get the God of the Expanse pantheon.

    I found the optimal policy choices to be Tradition->Sovereignty followed by Authority->Tribute->Imperium. You get early Culture from tradition along with faith and an artist slot from Sovereignty (work the artist slot, you need the culture!) and you get your border bonuses going from Authority's Tribute. You can also utilize Authority's barbarian bonuses for some extra ticks of culture if you are able to hunt down the camps fast enough. Last, Imperium gives you a free settler and some bonuses to founding/conquering cities.

    Early tech choices are largely based on what tiles you are likely to have, but unlocking the Ger early is typically a good idea. I found that in order to get the Angkor Wat wonder I had to only research it's prerequisite techs, as otherwise I would be beaten to it by an AI. So that means we will be focusing largely on the bottom portion of the tech tree in the early game in whatever order makes the most sense. In the games where I didn't beeline Commerce I was always beaten to Ankgor Wat. Try to prioritize science bonus buildings (council and barracks) along the way since we won't be getting writing/libraries early (at least not if you're playing Immortal). On lower difficulties you might be able to get away with going Writing and then Commerce in your tech path and still grab Angkor Wat.

    We also need to make sure we end up with enough policy unlocks by the time we research Commerce (the tech for Angkor Wat), hence why early monuments are key and why we work our artist slot from Sovereignty.

    For city settling, aim to build 2 settlers in this time period so that along with the free settler from Imperium you have a 4 city opening. Settle cities such that you can achieve a local monopoly on a luxury, gain strategic resources like horses and iron, and hopefully be near some of the special tiles that benefit from the Ger (Deer, Wheat, Bison, etc).

    Last, our religion should largely take care of itself. The +2 faith from sovereignty, instant yields from the God of the Expanse pantheon, and a shrine in your capital should get you to a religion. I believe I got a religion in every attempt with this strategy even if I didn't prioritize shrines in cities 2-4. I especially recommend picking up Inspiration as your follower belief (+1 culture / 2 followers in a city) to aid in border growth.

    Mid Game: Recover and consolidate/prepare

    Beelining Commerce for Angkor Wat will likely have the consequence of making you feel a bit behind. Take some time to recover. Get to Writing and get your libraries up. Do some infrastructure recovery like making city connections with roads. Spread your religion to all of your cities.

    Make a modest military (focus on ranged mounted units to take advantage of the Mongol UA) but don't necessarily pick a fight with an AI since at this point they probably aren't easy pickings (yet). An easier fight would be whichever CSs are nearby. Take your modest army and march it to their doorstep. If you are able to forcefully annex them via heavy tribute, do so. If not, declare war and kill all of their units and then make peace and attempt to forcefully annex again (or maybe just do this from the start, since killing their units gives you bonuses via Authority anyway...). If you still can't forcefully annex then just DoW again and whittle their city down and take it. Repeat this process for every nearby CS and puppet them all. Spread your religion to them ASAP.

    At some point you will want to save up in order to enhance your religion. Take Zealotry as your enhancer belief (can buy land units with faith).

    For policies, finish off Authority and then open Piety. Take Organized Religion (reduced faith purchases) and Divine Right (double border growth during WLtKD or Golden Ages) from Piety. Work some merchant specialist slots to pop WLtKDs and Artists for Golden Ages.

    For techs, prioritize military unit upgrades. Go for Cannons and Cuirassiers.

    At this point you should be out of nearby CSs to bully and puppet. Your borders should be starting to pop such that you get border growth notifications from at least one city in your empire almost every turn, and sometimes more than one. You might be sitting at -50 gold per turn like I was, but it doesn't matter when your instant bonuses from border growth dwarf that. Use that gold to upgrade your military as new techs unlock. Your faith generation should be massive from God of the Expanse. Rush-buy military units with faith as much as possible and get your military ready.

    End Game: Conquer the world

    Pick your first victim and DoW. Take every city and puppet or annex them all. Even weak cities will still benefit you via border growth. Pick your next victim and repeat. As your army marches, detour to move near CSs and conquer them without a fight- your huge army should be enough to intimidate them into allowing heavy tribute. Take over your continent and puppet/annex everything. Use inquisitors and missionaries to spread your religion to make sure the new cities are giving you faith via God of the Expanse so that we can get back to rush buying more military with faith. Be sure to address happiness concerns by producing buildings to relieve whichever source of unhappiness is hurting most.

    Open Imperialism and eventually Autocracy. Grab Lebensraum first for culture when expanding borders. The more cities you take the more out of control your instant gold/faith/culture yields will be from border growth. Embark your massive army and send it overseas. Grab CS puppets along the way, and grab a CS puppet on the other continent to use a staging ground for disembarking and organizing your military formation. Pick a new victim, DoW, conquer, rinse/repeat. Annex useful cities on the new continent in order to rush buy more military with faith.

    Don't stop until you've conquered it all!

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