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Oct 25, 2000
Padma, our Civ4 forum moderator, visited Firaxis office last month to preview the upcoming Civilization Revolution. He has written a preview talking about his experience with the game and what he thinks about it. Apparently he had great fun playing the game. :) You can read about it here in our Civilization Revolution forum. Below is a quote:

If you've played Civ4, you should be pretty comfortable with it. Despite what some may say, it hasn't been "dumbed down". Certain elements *have* been simplified. For instance, you don't have to micromanage your cities. But for hard-core control freaks, the ability is still there, just not as obvious. Another change is that if there is nothing to do, by default, it won't wait at the end of your turn. Workers don't run around manually doing things. For instance, to build a road between two cities is as simple as selecting that option, and paying the required gold.

Dan Quick of Apolyton has also written a Civilization Revolution preview and it's separated into multiple parts. Four parts have been posted so far:
Happy reading!

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