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Civilization, Social Policy, and Tech Balance Mods

Discussion in 'Civ5 - Modpacks' started by seasnake, Sep 13, 2015.

  1. seasnake

    seasnake Conquistador

    Apr 21, 2006
    California, United States
    Hello, I've made three balance mods for Civilization V.

    The First one balances out the civilizations so they're more competitive and adds a third Unique Component to increase the diverse experience each Civ creates. There are numerous changes to UAs, UUs and UBs as well. There's a combat balancer that makes Mounted and Armored Units more valuable and Ranged and Siege Units have some penalties.

    The Full Change List is as below:

    Spoiler :

    Civilization Balance
    For All civs, combat has been changed: Ranged Units (except Bazookas and a few UUs) now have a penalty against cities, Mounted have a bonus against ranged, Siege have a penalty against Mounted (except H’wacha), and Gatling Guns, Machine Guns and Artillery have penalties against Armored Units.


    UA Change: In addition to previous effects, Settlers now get +1 Movement and +1 Sight, and ignore terrain Costs.
    New Unique: Steel Mill (replaces Factory). In addition to normal Factory bonuses, it allows you to train Naval and Armor units faster and gives bonuses for Iron and Coal tiles worked by the City.
    New Unique: Ghazi (replaces Lancer). Stronger than a Lancer with no movement costs to Pillage.
    UA Change: In addition to previous effects, all units only pay 1 movement to move along River Tiles.
    New Unique: Royal Guard (replaces Spearman). Large combat bonus when attacking only (33 percent).
    UA: Name changed to “Hapsburg Dynasty.”
    New Unique: Jaeger (replaces Rifleman). Has the Scouting and Survivalism Promotions normally reserved for Scouts, and earns promotions faster.
    UA Change: Now called “Xochiyaoyotl”, kills produce Culture AND Faith
    New Unique: Eagle (replaces Spearman). Has greater sight and grants a combat bonus to nearby units.
    UA Change: Now called “Chaldean Scribes.”
    New Unique: Phalanx (replaces Spearman). Has double effectiveness against Mounted Units and takes less damage from Ranged attacks.
    UA Change: Name changed to “Order and Progress.” In addition to its previous effects, Plantations give +1 production.
    UU Change: Pracinhas are now cheaper than the infantry units they replace
    New Unique: Jesuit Church (replaces Garden). Doesn’t require a river to build, +2 Science in the city and +2 Faith.
    Also, for all civilizations, Lumber Mills can now be built on Jungle Tiles, making these tiles more productive without demolishing them (helps the Iroquois especially).
    UA Change: Receive a Free Great Prophet after researching Theology
    New unique: Hippodrome (replaces Circus). Circus replacement with bonus faith and culture, but requires Horseback Riding and a source of Horse that can be worked by the City.
    UA Change: Instead of a Free Harbor, cities have a Free Lighthouse. Trading Posts have +1 Culture and +1 Gold.
    New Unique: Cothon (replaces Harbor). Adds bonus gold to sea trade routes and also improves City Defense, while providing an additional 15 XP for Naval Units trained in the city.
    New Unique: Motte and Bailey Fort (UI). Provides a Defensive bonus and adjacent enemy units take damage at the end of their turn. Bonus Culture after researching Archaeology, Bonus Gold after researching Flight.
    New Unique: War Junk (replaces Caravel). Has a unique promotion that grants it mobility and greater defensive strength. Promotion is NOT lost upon upgrading.
    UA Change: Name changed to “Wrath of the Norsemen.” In addition to old effects, 50% chance sea barbarian units will join your civilization
    New Unique: Longhouse (replaces Colosseum). Available upon researching Optics and costs less to build. Land units trained in the city get the Amphibious promotion.
    UA Change: Name changed to “Children of the Nile.”
    New Unique: Khopesh Swordsman (replaces swordsman). Does not require Iron, bonuses when fighting in deserts or open terrain that are not lost upon upgrading.
    UA Change: Receive a free Great Admiral upon researching Compass.
    New Unique: Playhouse (replaces Zoo). Lower Maintenance Cost and +1 Gold for every 10 citizens in the city.
    New Unique: Oromo Warrior (replaces Musketman). Stronger and with the Shock I promotion.
    UA Change: In addition to previous effects, receive a Free Great Writer upon researching Education and +1 gold from City Connections to the Capital.
    New Unique: Salon (replaces Amphitheatre). +10% bonus Science in the city.
    New UA: Name “Teutonic Efficiency.” +3 of the corresponding yield from all Great Person Improvements (+3 culture from Citadels). Receive a free Great Engineer upon researching Machinery. -25% maintenance for Land Units.
    New Unique: Teutonic Knight (replaces Knight). Slower than Knight, but stronger and earns faith and gold from Kills.
    New Unique: Agora (replaces Market). Bonus Gold from trade routes to the city for both civilizations.
    UA changed: Now has own city list, no longer uses other civ city names.
    New Unique: Yurt (Replaces Circus). No resource requirement and cheaper to build.
    New Unique: Chasqui (replaces Scout). +1 movement and bonus when fighting in hills.
    UA change: Name changed to “Urban-Rural Dichotomy.” In addition to old effects, workers produce improvements 33% faster.
    New Unique: Sepoy (replaces Musketman). Cheaper and weaker than the unit it replaces, with a bonus when fighting damaged units.
    New Unique: Kapal Jung (replaces Trireme). Slower than Trireme, but can enter and cross Ocean Tiles.
    UA Change: In addition to old effects, start with knowledge of Archery.
    UU Change: Mohawk Warriors are now available by researching Trapping. Weaker than ordinary swordsmen, but stronger when fighting in Forests or Jungle.
    UB Change: Longhouse is now just like a Workshop with a bonus of +1 hammer for every forest tile worked by the city.
    New Unique: Rusher (replaces Musketman). Weaker but faster than regular musketmen with a bonus when fighting cities.
    UU Change: Samurai is now as strong as a Musketman, and has promotions that make it earn Great General Points and Culture for kills.
    New Unique: Dojo (replaces Barracks). Bonus XP for land units trained in the city and +2 culture.
    New Unique: Seowon (replaces University). Permits up to 3 scientist specialists instead of the usual 2.
    New Unique: Obisdian Warrior (replaces Horseman). Slower than Horseman, but doesn’t require Horses nor is weak to Spearmen, and available upon researching Calendar.
    UA Change: Now called “Terror of the Horde.” Free Khan upon researching Horseback Riding.
    New Unique: Ger (replaces Circus). The City MUST have a source of Horse, but if it does the Ger provides an additional Horse resource and makes Horse resources more productive.
    New Unique: Riad (replaces Garden). Has a greater Bonus to Great Person production and provides +4 Tourism once flight is researched.
    UI change: Polders provide +2 Culture after researching Industrialization
    New Unique: Waag (replaces Bank). Provides bonus gold to the Netherlands from trade routes and greater espionage defense in the city.
    UA Change: In addition to previous bonuses, -25% Unhappiness from number of cities.
    New Unique: Hamam (replaces Garden). Has a higher maintenance cost but also provides additional Faith and Happiness.
    New Unique: Heavy Chariot (replaces Chariot Archer). Mounted Unit with bonuses in Open Terrain
    New Unique: Uhlan (replaces Cavalry). Combat bonus against Melee and in Open Terrain
    New Unique: Fishery (replaces Watermill). Requires Coast instead of River, is available with Animal Husbandry, has no maintenance cost and gives +1 Food for all Fish resources.
    New Unique: Bandeirante (replaces Musketman). Double move in Jungle and heals at the same rate in enemy and neutral territory as it does in Friendly territory. Penalty when attacking cities.
    UU change: Ballista do not have to set up to fire
    New Unique: Forum (replaces Market). Provides a bonus 15% to great person generation in the city.
    UA change: Doubles the amount of Coal as well as other resources.
    New Unique: Streltsky (replaces Musketman). Combat bonus when fighting in friendly territory.
    New Unique: Tipi (New UI). Cannot be built next to each other. Must be built on Plains. +1 Food and Culture, bonus Culture and Faith on Bison resources.
    New Unique: Scarecrow (replaces Rifleman). Bonus when fighting in National Territory
    New Unique: Sofa (replaces Crossbowman). Starts with the Medic I promotion and can move after attack. Slightly stronger when defending against Melee attack, but slightly weaker ranged attack.
    Natural Wonders have been rebalanced as to yields, and Krakatoa, Great Barrier Reef and Gibraltar should spawn on or near larger land masses
    New Unique: Bull Ring (replaces Colosseum). Requires Chivalry to build it, however, provides a culture bonus as well as a gold bonus per source of Cow worked by the city.
    New Unique: Stave Church (replaces Temple). Quicker to build than a normal temple, with a small gold and happiness bonus.
    UA Change: No Anger from city states for units trespassing in city-state territory.
    UU Change: Great Galleass cost reduce to the same price as a regular Galleass.
    UU Change: Merchants of Venice scale in the amount of gold and influence they provide per Era.
    New Unique: Canals (replaces Garden). Provides a strong city defense bonus and Tourism after researching Flight. Also available after researching Construction and makes it more likely city will generate a Great Merchant.
    UA Change: In addition to previous effects, 50 percent chance upon defeating a Barbarian in their camp that the barbarian will join your side.
    Civilization has a plains start bias.
    New Unique: Kraal (new UI). Defensive Bonus and +1 Production to Grassland and Plains tiles. +2 Gold, +1 Food if built on Cow or Bison Resources.

    Steam Link: HERE

    The Second Mod is to balance out Social Policies, particularly the first few. The goal is to make Piety, Honor, Liberty real choices along with Tradition, and improvements to Exploration and Commerce help get them on par with Patronage, Aesthetics and Rationalism.

    The Full change list is below

    Spoiler :

    Oligarchy: Instead of its old effect, Oligarchy provides +2 happiness and +2 gold from the Palace, and increases your capital’s Tourism output by 10 percent.
    Opener: +1 culture, +1 production in each city
    Representation: Each city founded increases the culture cost of social policies 33% less, and starts a Golden Age
    Republic: Instead of the old effect, now provides +2 Science per city
    Discipline: In addition the combat bonus, can build Barracks and Walls in half the time
    Military Caste: In addition to the culture and happiness bonuses, garrisons don’t cost any maintenance and increase city attack by 50%
    Military Tradition: In addition to the experience modifier for combat, +4 happiness and +4 culture from the Heroic Epic.
    Professional Army: 50% discount to upgrade units, 50% discount to build Arsenals, Armories and Military Academies
    Finisher: In addition to its old effect +1 Faith from all Great Works
    Religious Tolerance: In addition to old effect, +1 Happiness from Libraries, Universities and Public Schools
    Organized Religion: Instead of +1 Faith from Shrines and Temples, it’s now +1 for Shrines and +2 for Temples
    Reformation: Future Social Policies cost 10% less
    Mandate of Heaven: Now a 25% discount to purchases with faith, as well as +2 Faith from Constabularies and Police Stations
    Also, Missionaries and Inquisitors now cost less faith to recruit.
    The amount of gold and influence Great Merchants generate from city-state missions now scales with each new era
    Mercenary Army: Now in addition to the Landsknecht, you can recruit Swiss Guard and Foreign Legion in later eras.
    Great Admirals can provide a small Golden Age
    Finisher: Provides a Free Archaeologist as well
    Naval Tradition: In addition to its old effect, and +1 Food, +1 Production from Fishing Boats
    Treasure Fleets: In addition to its old effect, +3 gold from Customs Houses
    There is also a new unit called the Explorer that Scouts can upgrade to. Explorers have abilities that let them finish mapping out land areas.

    Steam Link: HERE

    The Final Mod is a Tech Tree mod that balances out the Tech Tree better and adds New Wonders, Panama Canal and Three Gorges Dam, and does some other balance fixes to wonders.

    Full change list is below

    Spoiler :

    New Wonders
    Panama Canal: Available with Steam Power, city must have a river, provides +2 trade routes and increases the distance and profitability of trade routes to the city.
    Three Gorges Dam: Free Hydro Plant and +25 production in the city (if Order has been adopted)
    Changes to Wonders
    Prora is deleted. Brandenburg Gate is the Fascist Wonder, and it has all the effects Prora had but no longer requires coast.
    Terracotta Army: In addition to the new units, gain a free Great General as well as a permanent experience bonus to troops trained in the city (folded in Brandenburg Gate’s old effects).
    Angkor Wat: In addition it its old effects, +1 Faith on Jungle and Marsh tiles
    National Visitor Center: Requires a Hotel in the city to be built
    National Intelligence Agency: Now provides 15 percent defense against espionage in the city where built as well as its old effects.
    Tech Tree
    Start with 6 Technologies available to Research, Fishing (new technology), Archery, Pottery, Mining, The Wheel, Animal Husbandry. Many changes throughout the tech tree to better balance.
    Railroad no longer a separate technology, its effects are given to Steam Power
    New technology – Chariot Warfare, requires the Wheel and Archery, can build Chariot Archers and the Circus Maximus.
    Chariot Warfare and Chivalry cost the same as techs of a previous tier, because they aren’t needed to research other techs.

    Steam Link: HERE

    In my opinion these three Mods really balance out Civ and make it a fuller game experience. I hope you will try them and like them.
  2. seasnake

    seasnake Conquistador

    Apr 21, 2006
    California, United States
    The screenshots below show some of the changes. The new technologies of Fishing and Chariot Warfare as well as the Panama Canal and Dam are part of the Wonders and Techs Balance Mod. The new artwork, unique components and UA balance (e.g. Germany) are part of the Civilization Balance mod. And the other screen is an example of one of the Social Policy mod changes.

    Attached Files:

  3. seasnake

    seasnake Conquistador

    Apr 21, 2006
    California, United States
    With these mods there are a few I always use:

    The first is bc1's awesome Enhanced User Interface Mod, which enables you to see all the Unique Components on the main screen.

    Another one is Smart AI which really helps the AI make better decisions with its troops, improving its lands, etc. Thank you to Ninakoru!

    Quick Turns is a real time saver, thanks very much to Krzyzyk!

    My personal favorite mod is Tectonics Map Script by Haftetavenscrap. This mod creates worlds that seem to fairly provide opportunities for coastal civs as well as land based, and provide real shape and variety to the world. This one is essential in my book.

    Finally, while purely an interface improvement, the One Color Civs mod is pretty cool. You don't need it, but I like how the map looks with it. Thanks to jptrrs!
  4. seasnake

    seasnake Conquistador

    Apr 21, 2006
    California, United States
    This mod is really thanks to a lot of talented people. I just took what I liked best and folded it into the mods, and I'm very thankful.

    Thanks to:
    Third Unique Component team
    Harald B

    And if I missed anyone I'll go back and try to add you!
  5. Fenragon

    Fenragon Chieftain

    Dec 12, 2014
    Enjoying these mods so far (I'm not using the civs overhaul because I tend to use modded civs) but I have one remark regarding the tech tree.

    It is currently possible to have composite archers before archery is even discovered. Is this intended? It just seems odd.
  6. seasnake

    seasnake Conquistador

    Apr 21, 2006
    California, United States
    That is not specifically intended, I just never got that far without researching Archery because I often go for temple of Artemis. I'll look into it.
  7. tjk999

    tjk999 Chieftain

    Oct 7, 2015
    I really like many of the ideas for the civs. The only issue I have is that nowhere in the civilopedia or in the tech tree does it state how much the american steel mill improves the build speed for naval or armor units. Was wondering if there is going to be a fix for this.
  8. seasnake

    seasnake Conquistador

    Apr 21, 2006
    California, United States
    Sorry for the late response, was in trial for a few weeks and not really doing modding or checking the thread out. (Attorney by day, gamer by night).

    You know I could probably do an update on that this weekend. Anything else?
  9. Skippyciv

    Skippyciv Chieftain

    Oct 12, 2015
    Hello. I tried the mod for social policies alone. It seems to work, but the descriptions of the social policies are still the former ones. I play in french, do i need to swich my game in english to get the correct descriptions?
  10. Azzterix

    Azzterix Chieftain

    Nov 17, 2014
    There is no direct download for this mod? for us playing on Mac and not steam.
  11. AquaVitae

    AquaVitae Chieftain

    Mar 19, 2016
    Hey, I'm just wondering, I installed the SP and the Civ Overhaul mod and El Dorado/Soloman's mine are gone and Fountain of youth is renamed, is this related to this mod? Thanks
  12. crashburn274

    crashburn274 Chieftain

    Nov 13, 2011
    I'm a novice modder and I'm like to combine mods I've made for Tradition, Liberty, and Honor with your mods for Piety, Commerce and Exploration. I thought commenting out the Update Database commands would work, but now the mod isn't loading in the game. Do you know how I can go about modifying your mod?
  13. Imax The Best

    Imax The Best Chieftain

    Dec 29, 2015

    Just paste link here
  14. Azzterix

    Azzterix Chieftain

    Nov 17, 2014
  15. seanb1979

    seanb1979 Chieftain

    Apr 25, 2015
    Game crashes when I found my first town when I have the civ balance mod enabled, but not the other 3. Any known incompatibilities?

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