Civilization Trade Window doesnt show resources and doesnt work in general


Dec 28, 2020
Hi, I hope this is the right place to post this, I havent used this Forum before.
I wanted to try out the Community patch and Balance overhaul.
When i wanna try to trade with another civilization I am shown all strategy resources and luxury resources but when i click on them nothing happens, even clicking on the gold doesnt work (this is when i have EUI installed) when i dont have EUI installed the strategy and luxury resources tabs are shown but there is just empty space under them when i try to open em, gold is shown, but again when i click on it nothing happens. When AI Civs try to trade with me, they offer me an empty trade window. when i accept it seems like something is being traded as I am shown the trades when i try to declare war against them.
I hope you can help me, i wasnt able to find a solution for this problem. I tryed reinstalling all the mods (with the auto installer tool) i deleted cache and teh moduserdata manually before installing. The only thing i noticed was that i couldnt delete the EUI folder in the DLC folder as it wasnt there.
Thanks in advance,
Hi, I have the same problem than KryptixGG. It started with the latest Community patch and carried over to an ealier version (there seems to be balance issues with the latest patch, so I came back to June's 6-19-2 version). I have cleaned the cache several times.
I use the Community Patch only without the EUI.

Thanks for your help.
@KryptixGG: I have suppressed all the Civ5 files on my computer (in the Steam and My Games folders) and done a fresh installation of Civ5 on Steam. A file from the launcher could not be erased though.

The installation process on Steam ended into an infinitely pausing download loop linked to the launcher's file. I restarted my computer to force shut the locked launcher and after the restart, Steam finished the download appropriately.

I then installed the Community patch and, after my usual CTD of Civ5 each time I launch a new version of the mod, I was ready for a new game.

I will let you know if it solves our problem as soon as I trade again with another AI civilization. Could be in a few days though.
That works.

I think there was a missing or corrupted file somewhere. Whatever the issue a fresh install solves it.
I dont know what u mean by suppressing all the civ5 files, but i will try deinstall it and reinstall it and see if it fixes it for me, ty anyways!
When you uninstall a game on Steam, some files are left on your HD, in the Steam folder (program files/steam/steamapps/common) and in the cache folder of the game (User/Documents/My Games). It is recommanded to delete those files before reinstalling a game.

I hope it works for you.
ok good to know. I did not delete those files, but reinstalling still worked, I tryed isntalling all vox pupuli mods and just the community patch+balance and both worked, the EUI folder was in the dlc folder now so i could delete it. Seems like something either was wrong with the game or something bad happened when i tryed installing it the first time.
Thanks a lot.
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