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Civilization V always crashes when loading a saved game from within a game

Gary King

Dec 24, 2005
If I load a game from the Main Menu, then it loads fine. If I load any saved game while I'm already in a game, though, then Civilization V crashes. How can I fix this?
Yeah, loading a game from within a game is causing problems. Faraxis supposedly knows about this according to the 2K forums so hopefully it'll be fixed in the next patch... to bad my current saved are DOA... had a nice starting position with England... oh well.
The strange thing is, I was able to load saved games before within games in the game's DirectX 11 version. When those started crashing, I moved to the DX9 version, and saved games were fine, until just recently, when they now crash, too.
I have a similar problem, although my computer is below par so that might be part of it. The game crashes for me if I try and do any sort of load game twice. I.e. the first time I load (or start a new) game every goes fine but if I load up a save or start up a new game from the main menu without exiting all the way out of the program it just either locks up or crashes.
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