Jan 13, 2020
Welp, it has been too long, so I finally released a music template! All that's left is to put your music in, and adjust the settings!


Google Drive:

DISCLAIMER: All the work in this template is a copy-paste of the setup Dwughjsd's Yuni mod project, which unlike this template, also covers voiced dialogue & unit sounds. This template however, is set up in such a way that I have already covered the technical steps, and all that's needed is to simply insert the music and have the settings "lock them in" so it works.)
Dwughjsd's Project:

To use this template, I recommend you check the first few pages of the following:

Also, you will need the following materials:
  • Wwise v2015.1.9
  • Your .ini file, prepared and ready for use
  • Your music files, in .wav format
So I'm keeping the instructions simple, because the full details, I actually uploaded a video on, here:
It is a "watch and learn" video, so if you encounter anything abnormal or wrong, just reference the video here, and see how exactly I handled it here.

As for the steps I took, here they are oversimplified:
  • Copy-paste the original file and make a duplicate. You will be working on the duplicate, to prevent the function of the files from being confused when functioning.
  • Copy-paste the music playlists, events, soundbank, and the game syncs (Game_Location). You will be working on the duplicates, not the originals for the same reason.
  • The only thing you should not copy-paste however is the ID thing with numbers. That is arguably the most important part of this template, so delete the duplicated one and drag the original to your duplicated playlist.
  • Rename everything with "YourCiv" to your custom file name. The pattern of how you lay out the name isn't important and will not affect anything. Naturally, this only applies to the duplicated files, not the originals. (At this point the originals are only there for referential reasons)
  • Also in addition to above, try to avoid getting rid of the "_Music", "_Leader_Music", and "_Themes" to prevent confusion. For clarification, "Themes" is for when you start your game or enter a new era. "Music" is for the normal civ music, with the default themes + the ambients. "Leader_Music" is for the diplomacy screen of your leader.
  • Import your music files in the appropriate tracks.
  • For any new music tracks you will put, make sure that:
  1. The "Stream" box is checked.
  2. The track is in the playlist settings of the Interactive Music section, with the appropriate settings.
Otherwise, it won't play, as it's akin to not having any music file there at all.
  • Rename everything with "YOURCIV_CODENAME" to the codename of your civilization. This is extremely important, unlike the previous, as this will affect how your music connects to your civ. (In the case of that video, my civ's codename was "CIVILIZATION_BMP_KUMO", so naturally I went with "[insert event name here]_BMP_KUMO".)
  • For Event settings, replace everything with "YourCiv" with the appropriate file you have set up. Make sure that the "_Themes", "_Music", and etc, make sure they match.
  • Once you're finished, on your duplicated renamed Soundbank, replace all the old "YourCiv" files with the files you have set up. Then generate, apply, and your done!
Aaaand that should be everything!

Let me know if this is helpful! Also a tip, if your music malfunctions somehow, backtrack and use my video as a reference. If it'll help you, feel free to copy exactly how I put the music! And, if that still doesn't work, feel free to comment on this thread, I'll gladly help and clarify stuff!

Also if you're wondering, yes it's also possible to use this method to change the music of Steam Workshop mods, I did that recently with Civitas' Philippines mod, editing the artdef files to remove the Spanish theme and then making a private project of my own, replacing it with traditional Filipino music (particularly various covers of the song "Bahay Kubo") so it feels a lot more Filipino.... satisfying for someone of my caliber owo xD

Special thanks to Kevin Liu (for showing me the method exists), and Dwughjsd (for cracking the code and making the original method in the first place)! You two are the best friends in modding I have, and I never could have done this or made it possible without you!
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