[LP] Civilization VI: Leader Pass - 11/17 Developer Livestream Discussion


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Jun 20, 2004
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Have the Livestream up on the TV, with my hands at the ready on my laptop. :D Less than five minutes of the countdown to go, guys!
"Nineteen or eighteen new Leaders, which is it?" Ed BEach being an utter troll.

First Look of Julius Caesar!
Julius Caesar gains Gold from conquering Cities and clearing Barbarian Outposts, gaining more Gold as the Era progresses.

Edit: Caesar's free for all Players!
Available on 11/21. Free for players who have their account linked to 2K like the scout cat.

Julius Ceasar.jpg
Caesar's model is a little over-the-top but I can appreciate its uniqueness.
Caesar was a total diva in real life, so I'd imagine he'd love an over-the-top depiction of him. :lol:

Edit: Also, he's somewhat bald, which may look weird but may be actually historically accurate somewhat.
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