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Civilizations Reborn

Discussion in 'Rhye's and Fall - Dawn of Civilization' started by 1SDAN, Sep 27, 2019.

  1. 1SDAN

    1SDAN Brother Lady

    Oct 27, 2014

    What is this?
    Civilizations Reborn is mod that prioritizes the addition of new civilizations and other features without feeling too different from DoC.

    Does this mod require a special folder name like your others?

    It needs to be named RFC Dawn of Civilization. In inspecting the code more I've realized I don't fully understand everything I need to change to rename a DOC fork without being certain I'm not causing new errors. If you wish to have both this and DoC installed without renaming the folder, I highly suggest using the "Switch/Checkout" feature of TortoiseGIT.

    I'm using the Steam version and getting an error about the path being too long.
    Do I have to copy and paste this mod into DOC?
    DCR is a standalone mod to DOC, as such DOC is neither required to use nor compatible with DCR. Everything that's in DOC is in this.
    I can't open the 600 AD Scenario
    This is a common error that Github makes, open the scenario file in Notepad++, click edit, hover over EOL Conversion, and click Windows.

    @merijn_v1's AllCivs mod
    @Steb's Steb's Civs mod
    UI Popups when stability changes
    New Companies: the Trans Saharan Route and the Spice Route
    AI with Nationalism and at least 1 non-core city will collapse to core instead of collapsing completely
    England starts with a single settler, Independent Edinburgh spawn, Independent Dublin starts with an Archer
    AI Egypt starts with an Archer
    Monasteries do not obsolete and yield +2 science instead of +10%
    Monasteries yield 15% Science with State Religion and Theology until Scientific Method
    New Indonesian UP: Additional Gold from the spread of the spice route
    New Indonesian UHV3: Have the largest population among Islamic nations and control Cathedrals of 3 different religions in 1700 AD
    Units with a 90% or higher chance of winning a battle will withdraw instead of dying
    +1 Strength and Movement for Scouts
    Added a scrolling scoreboard
    Added Hyenas, Polar Bears, Jaguars, Rabbits and Tigers
    New Wonder - Serpent Mound: +1 Merchant Slot from Parks.
    New Egyptian UHV1 - Have more than 500 Culture in 850 BC and 5000 Culture in 170 AD
    New Egyptian UHV3 - The New Kingdom: Control Nubia and the Southern Levant in 1050 BC
    New Babylonian UHV2 - Make Babylon the most populous and culturally advanced city in the world in 850 BC
    New Babylonian UHV3 - The Babylonian Captivity: Control the Levant in 550 BC
    New Stability Mechanic for Poland/Lithuania and Austria/Hungary: When they control a city in the other's normal area, have a defensive pact, or vassalize the other, they gain their United Dynamic Name and share core populations for stability purposes. Poland and Lithuania's cores also expand when they control a city in the other's territory, which means that while Poland's base core has been shrunk, it's maximum core territory has been expanded.
    Spoiler New Civs :

    Credit to Merijn for the outlines
    NOTE: All Civs have at least 2 major cities in their cores
    Spoiler Burma :

    650 AD in Pagan
    UP - The Power of Monks Kings: Religious buildings provide +1 Great Person Point
    UU - Kyundaw: Replaces Heavy Spearmen, can move through Rainforests, Jungles, and
    Marshes, starts with City Raider I, +25% Rainforest Attack
    UB - Paya: Replaces Library, +1 Artist Slot, +1 Priest Slot
    UHV1 - Indochinese Buddhism: Build the Shwedagon Paya, 2 Buddhist Temples, and 2 Buddhist Monasteries by 1000 AD
    UHV2 - The Five Temples: Have five Great Priests, Great Scientists, or Great Artists and one of each settled in your cities in 1211 AD
    UHV3 - The Toungoo Dynasty: Control all of Indochina in 1580 AD
    Spoiler Hungary :

    895 AD in Buda
    UP - The Power of Horsemanship: Mounted units recieve defensive bonuses
    UU - Huzsar: Replaces Lancer, +1 Movement, no City Attack penalty, +25% vs Gunpowder units
    UB - Vegvar: Replaces Castle, XP applies to all land units, does not require Walls, halved cost
    UHV1 - Kalandozások: Control 20% of Europe in 1301 AD
    UHV2 - The Shield of Christianity: Be the first to adopt Tolerance and have Friendly Relations with 5 Catholic Civs in 1867 AD
    UHV3 - Ensured Autonomy: Win and attend the congress for two world wars
    Spoiler Kievan Rus :

    882 AD in Kiev
    UP - The Power of Chernozem Soil: Cities partially grow when producing with Food
    UU - Druzhina: Replaces Heavy Spearmen, +50% vs Light Cavalry Units
    UB - Veche: Replaces Courthouse, available at Law, +1 Statesmen and Merchant Slots
    UHV1 - Christianization of the Slavs: Build the St. Sophia Cathedral and an Orthodox Cathedral by 1327 AD
    UHV2 - The Wise Prince: Control a continuous empire from a port on the Barents Sea to a port on the Mediterranean Sea
    UHV3 - The Varangian Way: Conduct two trade or diplomatic missions with the most prominent (top scoring) European civilization by 1327 AD
    Spoiler Yemen :

    819 AD in Sana'a
    UP - The Power of Spices: 25% of Commerce from Trade Routes is converted to Food
    UU - Architect: Replaces Worker, can hurry buildings (+40 Production)
    UB - Dam: Replaces Aqueduct, +1 Food, Culture
    UHV1 - The Land of Dreams: Control more culture producing buildings in your capital than any other nation in 1229
    UHV2 - The Rasulid Dynasty: Control Mecca in 1265
    UHV3 - Arabs and Turks: Do not allow any Persian or Turkic nation to conquer a city in the Arabian Peninsula prior to the Collapse of the Ottomans
    Spoiler Oman :

    751 AD in Masqat
    UP - The Power of Aflaj: Extra production, commerce, and can build farms on desert
    UU - Baghlah: Replaces Caravel, +3 Strength,
    UB - Mina': Replaces Harbour, +1 Trade Route
    UHV1 - The Impenetrable Forts: Never lose a city
    UHV2 - Colonized to Colonizer: Conquer 4 cities from civs that have declared war on you
    UHV3 - Chain of the Earth: Acquire 2000 gold from trade deals
    Spoiler Khazaria :

    650 AD in Balanjar
    UP - The Power of Tolerance: Tolerance is enabled at the start. Immigration from Jewish cities. Victories against Barbarians contribute to Great General births
    UB - Saltovo:Replaces Smokehouse. Sheep and Cows attract the Silk Road
    UU - Khagan: Replaces Settler. Trained when a Great General is Born. Cities start with an Armoury

    UHV1 - Khazar Correspondence: Perform a Diplomatic mission in a European City owned by a Muslim Civilization by 1031 AD
    UHV2 - The Jewish Kingdom: Have X Religious Happiness and a larger Jewish population than any other nation in 1031 AD
    UHV3 - Rex Cumaniae: Control a continuous empire from the Danube River to Lake Zaysan by 1241 AD
    Spoiler Xiongnu :

    300 BC at Luut Hot
    UP - The Power of Nomads: Cavalry units starts with the Mobility promotion, + 25% production for Light Cavalry units.
    UB - Ger-Tereg: Replaces Stable. +1 Production. +1 Culture.
    UU - Guli: Replaces Horseman. Does not require Iron/Copper. Light Cavalry. Starts with Leadership.

    UHV1: Heqin - Succesfully demand tribute from 5 different civilizations by 210 CE
    UHV2: The Great Nomadic Empire - Be the largest civilization in the world in 210 CE
    UHV3: Lost Hunnic Connection - Conquer a city in Europe and India by 560 CE
    Spoiler Yuezhi :

    400 BC at Dunhuang
    UP: The Power of Syncretism - +1 Culture, Gold, and Happiness from Religions
    UU: Asvaka - Replaces Horseman. Does not require Copper or Iron.
    UB: Gandhara School - +25% Production of non-Wonder Religious Buildings. Halved Cost.

    UHV1: The Kushan Empire - Extra Culture, Gold, and Happiness from Religions. Halved instability from Religious Disunity.
    UHV2: The Centerpoint of Civilization - Have trade routes with four different civilizations by 200 CE
    UHV3: Greco-Buddhist tradition - Build the Salsal Buddha and eight temples by 400 CE
    Spoiler Muisca :

    Birth: 800 AD at Bacata (Bogota)
    UB: Goldsmith - Replaces Forge. +1 Gold per Gold Resource. Available at Smelting.
    UU: Guecha Warrior. Replaces Skirmisher. +1 Strength. Available at Property.

    UHV1: Tejuelo Gold Coins - Spend 2000 Gold in diplomacy by 1540
    UHV2: The Altiplano Cundiboyacense - Have the largest average population in the new world at the time of Old World contact
    UHV3: El Dorado: Ensure no Old World civilization controls a silver or gold resource in South or Central America in 1600 AD
    Spoiler Mississippi :

    100 BC at Erie - 1N of Washington.
    UP: The Power of Mshi-Ziibi - Extra Commerce along Rivers
    UU: Falcon Dancer - Replaces Militia. 3 Strength. +50% Plains Strength.
    UB: Effigy Mound - Replaces Park. Available at Leverage. Halved Cost. No Max Latitude.

    UHV1: Hopewell Exchange - Control all tiles along the Mississippi River, Ohio River, and Great Lakes by 500 AD
    UHV2: Fort Ancient Culture - Build the Serpent Mound and 7 Effigy Mounds by 1070 AD
    UHV3: Northern Metropolis - Build a palace and settle 2 great merchants in Cahokia by 1400 AD

    Pagan Religion: Midewiwin
    Temple: Midewigaan
    UPV: Acquire 4 Corn Resources and construct 20 Farms
    Spoiler Inuit :

    200 BC at Naparyaarmiut (Western Alaska) and Olyk (Eastern Siberia)
    UP: The Power of Inuksuk - Trade routes do not require roads. Extra Commerce on coastal city tiles.
    UU : Dog Sled - Replaces Settler. Cannot enter Grassland, Plains, Desert, Marsh. Can settle on Ice along coast. Ignores terrain penalties.
    UB: Igloo - Replaces Granary. +1 Food, Production on Ice, Tundra.

    UHV1: The Dorset - Settle Kivalliq, Kalaallit Nunaat, Qikiqtaaluk, and Nunavik by 900 AD
    UHV2: Bounty of the North - Acquire 25 Resources
    UHV3: Bladder Festival - Control and work more Ocean, Coast, and Lake tiles than any other civilization

    Pagan Religion: Angakkuq
    Temple: Qargi
    UPV: Acquire and work 3 Crab, Whale, and Fish Resources
    Spoiler Olmec :

    1600 BC at La Venta
    UP: The Power of Nixtamal - Excess Food provides extra Commerce.
    UU : Blowgunner - Replaces Scout. Can attack
    UB: Colossal Head - Replaces Monument. +2 Artist Slots.

    UHV1: Mother Culture of Mesoamerica - Build 4 culture-producing buildings by 400 BC
    UHV2: The Long Count Begins - Discover two of Arithmetics, Writing and Calendar by 400 BC
    UHV3: A Magnetite Artifact - Be the first to discover Compass

    UPV: Settle three Great Artists in your capital
    Spoiler Lithuania :

    UP: The Power of the Pagans - All cities are pagan and no religious disunity from the most popular religion while running a Pagan State Religion.
    UU: Vytis - Replaces Lancer. Woodsman I. Woodsman II. +25% vs Civilizations of other faiths until the end of the Middle Ages.
    UB: Vaivadija - Replaces Courthouse. +1 Statesman Slot. +25% Great Person Rate.

    UHV1 - Yagaylo's Legacy: Control more territory than any European civ in 1500 AD
    UHV2 - Act of Kreva: Gift 7 units to Poland and have friendly relations with them in 1600 AD
    UHV3 - Defiance of the Three: Control or Vassalize Austria, Prussia, and Russia in 1918 AD

    Pagan Religion: Romuva
    Temple: Sacred Grove
    UPV: Control Saint Peter's Basilica (References "The Pagan Pope")
    Spoiler Nubia :

    2500 BC in Kerma
    UP - The Power of Vaults: +50% Production of Ancient Era Buildings with Stone
    UU - Medjay: Replaces Archer, +1 Strength, +2 First Strikes, No Bonus vs Light Cavalry
    UB - Deffufas: Replaces Monument, +1 Statesman, Priest Slots
    UHV1 - The Nubian Dynasty: Build the Pyramids in Kerma by 656 BC and Control Egypt for 1000 years
    UHV2 - The Makurian Crusades: Control 2 Orthodox Cathedrals and have Pleased or better relations with 5 other Christian Civilizations in 1365
    UHV3 - The Blue Sultanate: Have the highest commerce output among Islamic civilizations and make Sennar the greatest city in all Africa by 1821
    Spoiler Chad :

    700 AD in Njimi
    UP - The Power of Aquifiers: Core Cities also yield a Farm's base yields.
    UU - Iron Helmet: Replaces Arquebusier, +2 Experience per stronger civilization with pleased or better relations and the same state religion
    UB - Zango: Replaces Lighthouse, 2 Statesmen, 1 Merchant slots, +25% GPP
    UHV1 - King of Kanem: Conduct one Diplomatic Mission in Egypt and 3 Trade Missions in your state religion's Holy City by 1259
    UHV2 - Mai of Chad: Sell 5 Slaves and buy 10 Strategic Resources by 1380
    UHV3 - Lord of Bornu: Control the largest army of any nation with holdings in Africa and control Libya, Nigeria, and Cameroon by 1603
    Spoiler Celtia :

    1200 BC in Hallstat
    UP - The Power of Ceilidh: +1 Food from Forests with Chiefdom. Cities start with extra culture.
    UU1 - Gaestae: Replaces Swordsman, 5 Strength, 2 Movement, 25% City Attack, Starts with Guerilla I
    UU2 - Cidainh: Replaces Chariot, 4 Strength, Causes Collateral Damage, Gets Defensive Bonuses
    UB - Dun: Replaces Walls, +2 Culture, Free Woodsman I, Costs 30 Production
    UHV1 - Brennus' Legacy: Raze 2 Capitals by 200 BC
    UHV2 - Europa Celtica: Control 3 cities in Gallia and Germania and 1 in Italia, Iberia, and Britannia in 1 BC
    UHV3 - Ensured Legacy: Be the most cultured Civilization in the world in 200 BC, 1 BC, and 60 AD
    Spoiler Norte Chico :

    UP: The Power of Aceramics - Doubled :science: prior to the discovery of Pottery
    UU: Ayllu - Replaces Worker. Creates 10 :culture: in the capital when it constructs an improvement
    UB: Shicra - Replaces Monument. Half :hammers: cost.
    UHV1: The Andean Progenitor - Have a capital with developing culture in 1800 BC
    UHV2: Quipu - Be the first to discover Writing and Calendar
    UHV3: Andean Metropolis - Have a capital with 5 populations and 6 buildings in 1500 BC
    Spoiler Tiwanaku :

    UP: The Power of Hospitality - Extra Production in the Capital. +1 Priest Slot from Pagan Temples.
    UU: Sisqeno - Replaces Spy. Available at Priesthood. +1 Prophet GPP per turn while stationed in a foreign city
    UB: Kalasasaya - Replaces Civic Square. Available at Construction. 1 Priest Slot. Costs 33% less production.
    UHV1: The Great Andine Theocracy - Build the Gate of Sun and settle a Great Prophet in your capital by 900 AD
    UHV2: The Multi-Cultural Empire - Have two cities with refined culture by 1000 AD
    UHV3: The Splendor of Tiwanaku - Experiece two golden ages by 1100 AD
    Spoiler Wari :

    UP: The Power of Terraces* - +1 Food on tiles adjacent to Mountains.
    UU: Picta Aucac - Replaces Archer. 30% Withdrawal Chance. 25% City Attack.
    UB: Colcas - Replaces Granary. +15% Production. +1 Land Unit XP
    UHV1: Wari Arts - Acquire gold, dyes, cotton, and sheep and have at least 500 Culture by 900 AD
    UHV2: The First Andine Empire - Build 3 barracks and colcas and connect your cities by road by 1000 AD
    UHV3: The Great Centers - Have four cities with developing culture and 5 population by 1100 AD
    Spoiler Chimu :

    UP: The Power of the Mochica Heritage - Recieves a Free specialist in the capital for every other improved resource in Northwestern South American.
    UU: Suchuc Chiqui Aucac - Replaces Skirmisher. +25% vs Archer, Melee
    UB: Kancha - Replaces Castle. Available at Engineering. +25% GPP.
    UHV1: The Mighty Paramonga - Build two Kanchas by 1300 CE
    UHV2: Minchancaman Revenge - Conquer or vassalize the Inca by 1475 CE
    UHV3: The Lambayeque-Sipan Conection - Settle three great artists in your capital by 1500 CE
    Spoiler Tweaked Civics :

    Revolutionism: AI now considers the unhappiness decay effect
    Elective: Added "Increased influence in the Apostolic Palace and while making peace"
    Republic: Removed Food Based Effects. +1 Free Specialist in Capital per Culture Level
    Spoiler Revamped Southeast Asia :

    New Indonesian UP: Additional Gold from the spread of the spice route
    Thailand no longer flips southeast southeast asia
    Khmer no longer flips southwest southeast asia
    Khmer spawn plot moved 1SE
    Moved Ayutthayan Sugar 1E
    Khmer playable in 1700 AD
    Khmer controls Oudong in 1700 AD
    Vietnam controls Saigon in 1700 AD
    AI China gets conquerors against AI Vietnam
    Spoiler Tweaked Wonders :

    The Great Cothon requires Copper
    Shwedagon Paya, Wat Preah Pisnulok, Prambanan, the Emerald Buddha, and Borobudur requires a rainforest or jungle in their BFC and access to the coast
    Pyramids and Sphinx effects are swapped
    Last edited: Jul 25, 2020
  2. soul-breathing

    soul-breathing King

    Jan 25, 2011
    Hangzhou,China PR
    BUG report: Vietnam have no capital in 1700ad scenerio
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  3. merijn_v1

    merijn_v1 Black Belt

    Dec 29, 2008
    The city of the original vlaai
    Nice to see this. I really like how you took some of the concept of my ideas and turned them into original UP/UHV etc.

    I really like the concept of the Kievan UP, but I think it is way overpowered in its current form. Right now it applies to both buildings and wonders, making it an upgraded version of the Great Sphynx. I would limit the UP to normal buildings only, to avoid the Kievans getting too strong easily by building every wonder.

    Even then, I still have my concerns about how strong the UP is. Just build food improvements everywhere and you have a huge surpluss of food, allowing you to grow fast and have a huge production bonus. The production bonus translates into faster building construction, which translates into more commerce and yield output. This makes it too easy to get superdeveloped cities early.

    This is only from looking at the code and the description. Maybe the food bonus is much less then I expect (based on my experience of other DoC games) and the UP isn't as overpowered as I think. I do think that wonders should be excluded from the UP nevertheless. My concerns may also apply to the new civic effect.

    In the 3rd Kievan UHV, you have coded the calculation of the best European civ twice. I would make it a seperate function. If you need to make a change you only need to do it once and you avoid changing it in one place but forgetting to change it in another place.

    In the 1st Hungarian UHV, you have basically coded the countControlledTilesInRegion() function twice. Once for a single region and once for a group. I recommend changing the group version to make use of the single region version, like below.

    Spoiler :
    def countControlledTilesInRegion(iPlayer, rRegion, bVassals=False, bCoastalOnly=False):
        lValidOwners = [iPlayer]
        iCount = 0
        iTotal = 0
        if bVassals:
            for iLoopPlayer in range(iNumPlayers):
                if gc.getTeam(gc.getPlayer(iLoopPlayer).getTeam()).isVassal(iPlayer):
        for (x, y) in utils.getRegionPlots(rRegion):
            plot = gc.getMap().plot(x, y)
            if plot.isWater(): continue
            if bCoastalOnly and not plot.isCoastalLand(): continue
            iTotal += 1
            if plot.getOwner() in lValidOwners: iCount += 1
        return iCount, iTotal
    def countControlledTilesInRegions(iPlayer, lRegions, bVassals=False, bCoastalOnly=False):
        iCount = 0
        iTotal = 0
        for rRegion in lRegions:
            iTempCount, iTempTotal = countControlledTilesInRegion(iPlayer, rRegion, bVassals, bCoastalOnly)
            iCount += iTempCount
            iTotal += iTempTotal
        return iCount, iTotal
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  4. 1SDAN

    1SDAN Brother Lady

    Oct 27, 2014
    Doh! ...I always forget that wonders count as buildings. I playtested their UHV multiple times, so I'm not sure how I didn't notice how glaring an issue it was. Fixed.
    Good idea. Done.
    When writing this code I tried to do that but was blanking on how. Done.
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  5. black213

    black213 Emperor

    Mar 12, 2010
    The foreign relations in DoC always pushes me to use Isolationism. I like the sound of this version more, although it probably is a significant stability boost for Catholics.
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  6. 1SDAN

    1SDAN Brother Lady

    Oct 27, 2014
    I've been thinking about this (technically I've been thinking about it since I first suggested the formula in the suggestions thread), and have been on the fence over whether to give a -1 to positive relations with nations of the same religion. On one hand it would help balance out the Catholic nations and encourage players to try and improve relations with neighbors of other faiths. On the other hand it would encourage players to run religions that the majority of their current allies aren't running.

    Perhaps it should be based on "religion groups" instead, where each nation would be assigned Christian/Protestant, Orthodox, Islamic, Buddhist/Hindu, or Taoist/Confucian and gain said relations mitigation with nations within the same group...
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  7. EdmundIronside

    EdmundIronside The fake sound of progress

    Jun 27, 2017
    Grand Rapids, MI.
    Any plans to add Steb's civs to this?
  8. 1SDAN

    1SDAN Brother Lady

    Oct 27, 2014
    I'll have to replay his civs. It's been a while so I want to make sure I fully understand their gameplay before merging. At the moment I'm working on thoroughly playtesting Civilizations Reborn as it currently is.
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  9. black213

    black213 Emperor

    Mar 12, 2010
    Ukraine declared independence in the 1780s, in Poland...? Warsaw and Vilnius were their only cities. Should probably limit the flip to just Kiev (which in my event was controlled by a stable Russia I think).
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  10. 1SDAN

    1SDAN Brother Lady

    Oct 27, 2014
    New Update

    Some tweaks to the stability formula to be less extreme and more fair across religions:
    > +2 for Friendly
    > +1 for Pleased
    > -1 for Annoyed
    > -2 for Furious
    > +1 for different state religions
    > -1 for same state religions if your capital is in the religion's core or historical area

    Scouts and Explorers can enter rival territory. Scouts have +1 move and strength

    Changed Kievan Rus' fall date as the AI had too easy a time surviving the Mongols and Russians into later centuries

    Kievan Rus no longer becomes named Ukraine upon becoming a vassal, only resurrections

    Made Broader Areas of new civs the same as their birth zones. If I understand the Broader Area mechanics correctly, this will prevent issues like Ukraine resurrecting in Poland.
    Last edited: Oct 3, 2019
  11. 1SDAN

    1SDAN Brother Lady

    Oct 27, 2014
    Reverted relation level base stabilities to the original 3/2/-2/-3 format. I was a bit overzealous when reducing them and ended up overcorrecting to the point that nations tended towards positive stabilities. From my testing, this makes stabilities tend around zero, with low negatives and positives common and high ones every now and then. Spain is easily the nation whos AI I most often see with high relations stability, though the Mongols and Arabia have had 6s on quite a few occasions in my testing.

    In my opinion, I have sufficiently achieved my goal of creating an intuitive foreign relations stability system and does not give a great advantage to Catholic nations. Except Spain. AI Spain has a weirdly good ability to dominate the relations game.

    While this means that the stability system is in a "gone gold" state, I will make adjustments in the future should they be needed or preferred.
  12. cmakk1012

    cmakk1012 Prince

    May 27, 2012
    Habsburg diplomacy intensifies
  13. black213

    black213 Emperor

    Mar 12, 2010
    Same bug for 600AD China.
  14. 1SDAN

    1SDAN Brother Lady

    Oct 27, 2014

    New Update: Merged Steb's Israel and Teotihuacan.
  15. 1SDAN

    1SDAN Brother Lady

    Oct 27, 2014
    Tiny update

    Burma starts with Despotism
    Fixed bug where Indochina was wrongly labeled as Manchuria for the purpose of Burma's UHV (the little text thing you get when mousing over a UHV area)
    Merged latest DOC
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  16. 1SDAN

    1SDAN Brother Lady

    Oct 27, 2014
    Another Tiny Update
    Tweaked Burmese Modifiers
    Fixed an oversight in Borobudur's Help Text
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  17. 1SDAN

    1SDAN Brother Lady

    Oct 27, 2014
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  18. BarbarianX

    BarbarianX Chieftain

    Nov 4, 2013
    Hmm, that's Mumbay in the top right, so I guess you added an Oman civ then? Oh also, there's a bug with the region name for the Teotihuacan UHV, it's not displaying correctly neither in the UHV screen nor on the tile information.
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  19. MalayanGamer

    MalayanGamer Warlord

    Sep 30, 2018
    Does it have Varietas Delectat companion?
  20. 1SDAN

    1SDAN Brother Lady

    Oct 27, 2014
    No it does not. I don't know much about Varietas Delectat, but I'll look into it after finishing the coming update.

    All that is left is playtesting the final UHV condition to find a good value to set it at.

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