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Dec 19, 2016
I haven't been modding C2C for a while now, mostly due to disinterest. As of now, I mostly mod Total War games. But now I have good motivation to go back on my Civology modmod I did years ago. This remake will try to add many buildings that add new fields of study much like the old mod.

Commerce: This is proportional to the era it is in, as well as the era its other prereqs are in. This is to balance out the time sink. The type of study affects the outputs and can be and are often combined. Scientific fields add science, Agricultural fields add food, Math, and Geometry fields add production, Philosophy fields add different types of bonuses relating to their study, and Religious fields add happiness. These often have other small effects beyond their outputs, such as increasing the outputs of other buildings, improvements, etc.

Yields: Mostly the same as commerce, but will decrease the amount of commerce, proportional to the amount that is in the yield. Yields are generally long term and only apply to certain fields of study, like maths or geometry.

I can work on this mod by myself, but if anyone can help me do anything related to this, I will gladly appreciate.
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Fields of Study (FOSes) as of now:

Phylogentics (Taxonomy and Genetics)
Bio Systematics (Taxonomy and Genetics)
Etymology (Linguistics and Alphabet)
Phonetics (Linguistics and Oratory)
Graphetics (Linguistics and Calligraphy)
Statistics (Mathematics, Social Contract, and Economics)
Combinatorics (Mathematics and Civil Engineering), requires Statistics
Math Analysis (Mathematics and Calculus)
Differential Geometry (Geometry, Civil Engineering, and Calculus), requires Analytic Geometry and Vector Calculus
Analytic Geometry (Geometry)
Algebraic Geometry (Geometry and Algebra), requires Analytic Geometry and Commutative Algebra
Ethics (Philosophy, Code of Laws, and Democracy)
Logic (Philosophy, Mathematics, and Diplomacy)
Epistemology (Philosophy, Mathematics, and Diplomacy)
Apologetics (Theology and Fundamentalism)
Natural Theology (Theology, Critical Thought, and Education)
Christology (Theology, Education, and Christianity)
Chemical Engineering (Engineering and Organic Chemistry)
Electrical Engineering (Engineering and Electricity)
Aerospace Engineering (Engineering and Flight)
Interior Architecture (Architecture and Perspective)
Architectural Analytics (Architecture), requires Statistics
Business Architecture (Architecture and Derivatives)
Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics (Optics and Quantum Physics)
Optical Engineering (Optics and Astronomy)
Atmospheric Optics (Optics and Weather Forecasting)
Surface Anatomy (Anatomy)
Histology (Anatomy and Microbiology)
Phytotomy (Anatomy and Botany)
Abstract Algebra (Algebra and Modern Physics), requires Commutative Algebra
Commutative Algebra (Algebra and Compulsory Education)
Computer Algebra (Algebra and Early Computing)
Bioacoustics (Acoustics and Biology)
Musical Acoustics (Acoustics)
Architectural Acoustics (Acoustics and Architecture)

Planned Fields of Study:

Astrochemistry (Astronomy, Chemistry, and Radio Astronomy)
Astrophysics (Astronomy and Physics)
Gamma-ray Astronomy (Astronomy and Nuclear Power)
Inorganic Chemistry (Chemistry and Refining)
Neurochemistry (Chemistry), requires Neuroscience
Nuclear Chemistry (Chemistry and Nuclear Power)
Differential Calculus (Calculus and Economics)
Vector Calculus (Calculus)
Multivariable Calculus (Calculus)
Virology (Microbiology)
Parasitology (Microbiology)
Bacteriology (Microbiology and Medicine)
Comparative Anatomy (Biology and Paleontology)
Biotechnology (Biology and Gene Manipulation)
Neuroscience (Biology and Psychology)
Glaciology (Geology)
Mineralogy (Geology and Nitroglycerin)
Plate Tectonics (Geology and Modern Seismology)
Particle Physics (Physics and Quantum Physics)
Photonics (Physics)
Condensed Matter Physics (Physics and Quantum Physics)
Biological Anthropology (Zoology, Paleontology, and Psychology)
Ethology (Zoology), requires Theory of Evolution
Evolutionary Biology (Zoology and Biology), requires Theory of Evolution
Agrostology (Botany)
Dendrology (Botany)
Forestry (Botany and Wilderness Conservation)
Econometrics (Economics), requires Statistics
Socioeconomics (Economics, Psychology, and Consumerism)
International Economics (Economics and Globalization)
Cultural Resources Management (Archeology, Globalization, and Minority Rights)
Historical Archaeology (Archeology and Imperialism)
Experimental Archaeology (Archeology)
Paleoecology (Paleontology and Wilderness Conservation)
Paleobotany (Paleontology and Botany)
Taphonomy (Paleontology and Refining)
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