CivRev: All About Ghandi and Lincoln


Oct 25, 2000
In addition to the box arts, the official Civilization Revolution site is also recently updated with two new articles about the American civilization and the Indian civilization. Each article contains the pedia entry, fun fact, and bonuses for the civilization.

Bonuses for American Civilization
Starting: Begin the game with a Great Person
Ancient: 2% interest on gold
Medieval: Rush units at half-price
Industrial: +1 food from plains
Modern: Factories provide 3x production
Unique Units: Tank becomes Sherman Tank, Bomber becomes Flying Fortress, Fighter becomes Mustang Fighter

Bonuses for Indian Civilization
Starting: Begin with access to all resources
Ancient: Cities not affected by Anarchy
Medieval: Free Religion tech
Industrial: Half-price Settlers
Modern: Half-price Courthouse

Check out the articles for more details...

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