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Civs building 2nd/3rd cities at extreme distances


Aug 1, 2007
Huge Terra map, 12 civs. Two civs so far (England, Siam) have sent settlers to an extreme distance across the map to found their second or third cities. The English city was founded on some Cotton, so I suspect it might be a case of the civs putting too much priority on a City Demand.

Pic attached of minimap, this is fairly early in a (marathon) game so the city areas are still small, which should help visualize the actual distances involved.


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Had the same one in MP, it seems that the AI screws up the city placement when another player / city state is too close to its original city...
Thay always build their 2nd city at the other ends of landmass.
Especially irritating when the most farthest located AI decides to build their 2nd city 3 tiles ! from my capital.

Happened to me twice, both times its the AI that is on the farthest corner of the landmass. Essentially forces one to declare war on them to remove their badly located city taking up tiles from my capital.

Here´s the savefile. India has a settler 3 tiles south of my capital and they will settle there, even their own capital is long ways to south-west and has much better terrain around it. :(


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