Civs gameplay is pretty static once you hit the classical era. What changes should Civ 7 make.


Apr 20, 2020
By the time you hit the classical era, most mechanics have been revealed. After the Classical era, we see a few new mechanic and a number of mechanics that evolve slightly. I would like for Civ to have more mechanics that make large and small evolutions through out the game. This should help with the learning curve for newer players as well as add re-playability for the more serious players.

Which mechanics or game systems would you like to see evolve over the course of the game?

Spoiler Civ 6 mechanics that evolve :

I am sure this isn't all of them but here are some Civ 6 examples of gameplay and mechanics that show up or change after the Classical era.

Mechanics that show up after Classical era:
Espionage: A mechanic that allows you to hurt another civ without being at war​
World Congress: a mechanic allowing all civ to collectively adjust global rules​
Global Events: A mechanic allowing you to participate in short lived events to gain yields​
Power: a mechanic that brings another way to boost your base yields​

Mechanics that evolve :
Naturalist: A worker that makes a 4 plot improvement.​
archaeologist: A worker that "chops" a Great work from a hex​
rock band: a worker that "chops" tourism from districts/wonders​
Airplanes: Adds a new twist to combat, they have a unique travel and capacity system.​
GDR Upgrades: a small twist on upgrading units.​
Siege weapons: Specialized ranged units for attacking walls​
Walls: limit the capacity for range/melee units to deal damage to a city. Forcing the use of Siege weapons​
Embark on Ocean tiles: Expands where you can do the things you already do.

Mechanics that could evolve in Civ 7

declaring War:
Phase 1:​
Relationships start as 'hostile', No reason to declare war.​
While 'hostile', you can attack each other, take cities, but can also trade without issue​
Phase 2:​
formal wars must be declared.​
Relationships moves from 'hostile', to 'skirmishing'. Military can fight in uncontrolled areas without declaring war. You need to be 'at war' for your military units to enter enemy territory.​
Raider unit is unlocked. Raider unit can pillage enemy districts and improvements when you relationship is either 'skirmishing', 'at war'. Military units kill raider in 1 hit
Peace treaty can be signed, moving your relationship with the Civ from 'skirmishing' to 'peace'​
While at 'peace' open borders agreements can be established​
Phase 3:​
Relationships default is now 'peace'.​

Phase 1:​
First Government type doesn't have any policy slots (would like to see 2 or 3 options for the first Goverment type)​
Phase 2:​
Government types now have Policy Slots.​
Phase 3:​
Governors are unlocked​
Phase 4: (not 100% sure on this one)​
Cities without governors become automated. You can directly control your capital and any city with governors​
Need some way to influence what cities without governors are doing. This could be a selection of 'scripts' the help emphasize what you want the city to be doing.​
Another option, could be to purchase control of the city for x amount of time.​
Phase 5:​
Council of the people, provide request/demands(quest) for cities within your empire not accomplishing these things could affect happiness, loyalty, city output etc.​
Phase 1:​
Minor trade/diplomacy with barbarians and city states (similar to Barbarians clans mode)​
Phase 2:​
Civ to Civ trade and trade routes​
Phase 3:​
Market unlocks​
Spoiler A simplified Market :

Expanding on the way Civ 6 currently does trading.​

Upon completing your first Commercial District you unlock the market tab and provides you 1 contract. Contracts are how many market request you can make in a single turn we could also apply a cooldown to contract use. On your turn, you open the market and create a contract for the item you are selling. Before submitting you will see a Supply/demand metric for the item. This could be a single number (Number produced - Number in use). The contract will be seen by any Civ where you have a trading post. It will also be seen by any city-state where you have 3 or more envoys. On their turn, each Civ or CS will have a chance to bid on the item. They can see all parties involved with the contract but will not be able to see the individual bids. On your following turn, you are presented with all of the offers and you can then select who wins the bid.

The winning Civ will receive the goods on their next turn. Magical teleportation of goods to keep complexity down.

All other Civ will receive a notification stating who won and the total cost of the contract.​
If an ally didn't win and where within x% of the final cost. it will negatively affect their relationship with you.​
If any Civ has a trade embargo on the winner. it will negatively affect their relationship with you. Larger penalty if you are their ally.​
If any Civ lost and bid more than the total cost. It will negatively affect their relationship with you​
Civ and City-States will bid based on a mix of their current needs, Supply and demand, and leader traits​
City-States will bid based on their type​
Military CS favor strategic​
Trade CS prioritize Supply and Demand and will bid hoping to resell in a few turns.​
Culture CS favor luxury and Great Works​
Religious CS favor Relics and will bid higher if they share a religion with you​
Scientific and Industrial no effect.​

Having a trade embargo against a Civ. Will stop them from bidding on your contracts.

Having the City-States involved in the market should make it more dynamic and help form a better market price for items.

Airport could allow your contracts to be seen by all Civ and CS

I think there should be some kind of cost to using the market. Either a cost to open the contract or a 'spread'. The spread could be based on distance from buyers capital to you nearest market building. With trading post , Stock Exchange, and open borders decreasing this cost.

Phase 1​
Bonus Resources, and Luxury resources are on the map​
Phase 2​
Techs unlock small deposits of Strategic resources. The deposits can be chopped from their hex​
Strategic Resources are used for making Military units​
Phase 3​
Techs unlock large deposits of strategic resources. These deposits can have improvement placed on them to extracted the resources​
Phase 4​
Resources can now be consumed by improvements, projects and used to produce manufactured goods.​
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