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[IAAR] CivVI IAAR Interest Check


Jan 9, 2011
United States
It has been a while since I have been on these forums, but recently I have been hankering for an engaging forum game to occupy my free time. I am posting to gauge interest in a CivVI IAAR. I am thinking something similar to a Realpolitik or Children of the Empire type game for CivVI. I'd like to have at least 5 people (including myself) to start.

Any interest?
Sure. I don't actually have Civ6 but I miss the days.
I am interested too.
Welcome! Glad to see some interest. I don't think it's necessary at all that you have the game. These games have always been more about the politics anyway.

Spread the word!
Don't have Civ 6 and have no intention of getting it, but sure, I'll play!
Hah, let's show this board what an actual IAAR is. :p
Of course! It will always be open to new members. I have even built in mechanics to help avoid disadvantaging those who join late.

@cpm4001 :Welcome, glad to have you!

@Magnive :My thoughts exactly.

With that we have the required number of players. I have been in heavy development of the ruleset after JohannaK and christos200 expressed some interest. The game has turned out to be a combination of GaP and COTE, with the possibility of taking the form of a Realpolitik. Tried to hit all the bases. The rules are actually done, I just need to spend some time working out all the formulas and spreadsheets.

I plan to incorporate choosing a Civ as part of the first update. So in preparation of the imminent start (possibly tonight, maybe tomorrow), those who haven't gotten to play the actual game might benefit from a quick review of the changes made since CivV. Most notably the social policy system has changed to Civics. Other than that, I'll post here and PM everybody to let you know it's started.

Spread the word! The more the merrier!
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