Close Combat: The Longest Day


Nov 23, 2021
Hello there!

So, as I've stated in previous threads, I am a seasoned veteran of the CC franchise, and have about 25 years of experience with them. Picked up my first CC game in the 90s, when I got a hold of the CC2 demo off a CD from a gaming magazine. Was amazed then, and love the games still! Currently I'm on a mission to play through all CC games with both factions in the grand campaigns of the respective games. I will be putting them all up on youtube, in due time. It's just something I've wanted to do for a while, and at some point I decided "you know what? I'm just gonna do it!" - and so here we are! Prior to this playthrough, I have also finished with both sides in Cross of Iron and Last Stand Arnhem. More to come in the future!


Here's the links to the first episodes in each playthrough:

Hope some of y'all can get something out of it!

What are your experiences with this game/franchise? Share some stories if you got them, I'm always interested in hearing weird and unusual things that have happened in these games, and add them to my list of experiences vicariously.

Have you, like me when playing through the games for youtube (and certainly otherwise in the past) run into some of the more annoying aspects of CC? When things don't work out the way you want, like for instance when a tank refuses to drive down a straight road, but wants to zigzag through three forests before getting to it's destination that was originally 20 meters ahead of it?

And even if so; can we still agree that despite it's shortcoming, it's a great franchise? :)

EDIT: I added in the German playthrough!
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