[R&F] Close Starts and Loyalty


Oct 27, 2005
I'm working my way back up in difficulty with R&F and had my first emperor game. Of course I had two civs (France and Poland) start right beside me and settle right beside my capitol. O thought I would stick it out and see how the loyalty would work out. It took a couple ages until conditions were just right but when Poland had a heroic age while the France had a dark age all of France started collapsing fast. I was able to get a cultural alliance with Poland so they wouldn't affect me as I took the French cities while they revolted. Through the general mayhem France's army was crushed and I was able to take all but one city. By the time my cultural alliance was up (and I was now a warmonger according to Poland so that wasn't coming back) I had enough loyalty to hold all of the cities.

I kinda over did it on the conquering thing but I'm wondering if I had restrained a bit if I could have gotten away with no warmongering by only taking the revolting cities.

As a side note I left France with one city just so they would revolt and self-eliminate, that worked very well.


Feb 20, 2016
i hate it that playing on hugh map put the neighbours in my face.i changed start plot distance so at least u have place for 4 cities before the action start
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