coastal batteries


Jan 25, 2002
has anyone ever seen these things work?

do they work like a unit fortified in a fortress (ie free shot).

can they protect your shores from bombardment?

are they worth building?
Coastal fortresses are nearly useless. If you really want to defend yourself from enemy ships, use artillery and have all your cities connected by rails.
they only work when ships go from one ZOC to the next. So unless the ship is next to the city for 2 moves in a row, the CF doesnt do anything. Only someone who isnt paying attention would let their ships get hit by coastal forts, since its very easy to go around ZOC.
Yeah, I've only seen them fire in a few games (and even then they only took one hit-point). I mostly build them only as a deterrent or for their bombard protection.

Overall, I think they are mostly a waste to build, and would like to see a range of four, with a fairly-lethal damage potential (perhaps modified by the number of bombard units garrisoned there :confused: ).
They should increase the range you are right...but even just a range increase to 2 tiles would make them into the deterent they were intended to are right about their bombardment though...needs to be upped. Maybe that could be countered by increasing the cost to build it...
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