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Coaxke's Guide to Colonization

Discussion in 'Civ4Col - Strategy Articles' started by coaxke90, Oct 20, 2009.

  1. coaxke90

    coaxke90 Chieftain

    Oct 19, 2009
    After beating my first game of Civ 4 Colonization (pilgrim), I thought I should post a guide for those people who might have some trouble.

    Let me explain how I did it:

    First and foremost, I strongly recommend playing as the Dutch. The Merchantman's hull space is very useful and you get +25% production in all settlements. Use your soldier to build your first settlement and use him to harvest food, use the pioneer to improve all the plots around the settlement. You should be building a warehouse.

    Next, sail back to Europe with your merchantman and pick up and all immigrants and make them work in your settlement. You want to get a seasoned scout as SOON AS POSSIBLE. Once you have one, explore the land around you (I use auto-explore) and you will find many native villages who offer you lots of gold and you might even find treasure. NEVER let the king transport the treasure, just be patient and save up for a galleon as soon as possible.

    I started in South America, so the most prominent resources I could use were tobacco and sugar. When you are ready to build your next settlement, build it next to the sea and build adjacent to a source of ore. Use this city to produce tools (your first city should be processing its most prominent resource, tobacco in my case), you will also need to make this second city produce horses, but not until much later.

    NEVER sell goods raw, at least not yet, just use your first settlement to produce cigars from tobacco and sell it to Europe frequently, use your gold to buy a galleon and always pick up immigrants and assign them to their specialized duty whenever possible. After a while, you should build a church in your first city and put firebrand preachers into this church so you can get much more immigrants. Use excess free colonists as missionaries and establish missions in close by native villages.

    Your third settlement should be built inland and near your first settlement, build where resources are abundant; look for the resource that your first settlement is processing! When this city is built, use it only to harvest tobacco and sugar and to construct buildings with wood! Use a wagon train to transport raw tobacco and sugar to your first settlement to be processed and then shipped to Europe for the big bucks.

    Your second settlement should be generating a decent supply of tools by now to construct harbors and shipyards, after shipyards are built, you should begin building a stable to prepare to generate horses later in the game. If your second settlement is generating tobacco or sugar, use a wagon train to send them to your first settlement and then ship to Europe. Your scout should have discovered much of the world by now and you should have gained a large amount of gold and even found treasure. Use this gold to purchase a few veteran soldiers early and keep generating those crosses and replace normal colonists for specialists often.

    You should get most of your food from the sea in coastal settlements, you can send free colonists to native villages that train them into expert fishermen, which are very useful in coastal settlements. Keep building up to a rum factory and cigar factory in your first settlement, then build a place to produce guns. When that is finished, create a trade route to send tools from the second settlement to the first so it can produce guns for later.

    Use the rest of the game to build two or three more inland settlements and use them the same way as the third settlement, just harvest raw resources to send to the first settlement to be processed. You should have one of these new settlements harvesting ore to send off to the second city with a wagon train. Use all your gold to from exploring and selling to buy LOTS of veteran soldiers and also buy specialists when needed and keep those CROSSES coming!

    Preparing for the REF...

    DO NOT CREATE LIBERTY BELLS YET! Right now you should just be selling all that rum and cigars, producing guns and horses, and buying veteran soldiers and specialists. If you built enough inland harvesting settlements and if you built factories in your first settlement worked by at least two specialists, you should be getting 200 cigars AND rum every 4 turns or so, this will give you some MASSIVE gold. Also keep transporting that treasure with your galleon!

    Now you really need to start purchasing frigates from Europe. With all that gold your getting, only buy frigates until you have at least 12, but the more the better! This might take awhile, but it is worth it! DON'T build frigates in your coastal cities, use their precious production to build defensive structures all the way to forts. You might need to buy extra tools from Europe, but that's okay. Try to get 200 guns max in as many settlements as you can (I was only able to fill 3 settlements and I still won) and your two coastal cities should each have at least 200 horses. Use wagon trains to transport these resources. Your first two settlements should at least be at size 16 by now and have plenty of colonists.

    Now it's time to produce liberty bells (you should have at least 90-100 turns left before you start this). Build newspapers in your two coastal settlements and try to get them in your inland settlements, but this might be difficult. Buy lots of elder statesmen, you should have been buying these guys every now and then before. You should have at least 6-8 elder statesmen at this point. While you are getting liberty bells, the King will start adding soldiers to the REF by fours, don't be intimidated! Buy more frigates and lots of veteran soldiers from Europe while you still can and sell that rum and cigars!

    After the REF lands, use all those frigates to take out the man-o-wars before the King can bombard those coastal settlements, and when possible, before he can land his troops. It usually takes 3 frigates to take out 1 man-o-war, that's why I said to buy as many as you can! Make your colonists stop gathering resources and processing and assign them to soldier duty using all those guns and horses you've been stocking up since the middle-game. You should have a very large defense force! Use your dragoons for offense, and soldiers for defense, though you can use them for offense when you feel it is needed.

    Do not waste gold or production on cannons, they are useless! Try to get your colonist-soldiers experience first, and use your veterans only to weaken strong REF units and to defend. Make your inland settlements produce military points and get the best founding fathers that help in combat. Make your two coastal settlements produce horses and guns as usual. Cigars and tobacco are no longer necessary, so turn those colonists into soldiers, too. From here, all you have to do is wait for the King to land all his units and try your best to destroy his man-o-wars. If you run out of frigates, it's okay to build them in your settlements if you think you have enough soldiers.


    -ALWAYS give in to the King's demands. Always pay the gold he wants (he never demands much anyways). You want to keep the tax low for as long as possible.
    -Do not boycott goods, you NEED to sell rum and cigars to Europe to win!
    -Do not defend your inland cities! The King will only attack your two coastal settlements, put all of your defense there.
    -Try to kill the King's forces as soon as they land, don't let his artillery attack your settlements, as they get a huge bonus.
    -Create lots of wagon train trade routes and send all the raw resources except ore to your first city and process it all there.
    -Try to send ore and lumber to your second settlement
    -Try to stay on the natives' good side, don't colonize near their villages and make lots of missions for extra colonists
    -Play on NORMAL speed, it is the easist, IMO.
  2. Wejer

    Wejer Mentor

    Nov 15, 2005
    Drawing Board
    I have a few objections to this game guide:

    Actually, some times, although not always, you may end up with treasures that gives such a measly sum in the area of 250-300 gold, that really take up unnecessary cargo space on the galleon and overall hurting your cause more than helping. It is then a better idea to sell those little units to the king who will gladly do the dirty job for you - you still get 50%, which is good, when you consider that unnecessary cargo space may just lead to all of your ware houses wasting trade goods for no good reasons.

    I would behoove a player NOT to save up to a galleon. The King has that knack to always for you to kiss his ring just when you have that large pile of gold, which at worst can lead to you giving away up to 80% of your treasury coffers - not very nice. Instead, it is much safer to construct your own Galleons. After all, it only requires a Drydock to start pumping them out.

    Actually, you do *NOT* need to wipe out the Royal Navy in order to win your independence, just to ground forces.

    By comparison, Cannon is much cheaper than the Frigates (or Ships of the Line for that matter): 200 Hammers & 40 Tools versus 300 Hammers, 200 Tools & 200 Muskets. Thus, for the price of 3 Frigates you would pretty much instead have acces to 9 Cannons or more! Further, since Cannons have an obscene +% Attack Modifider vs Cities, they can easily kill off all the REF once they have conquered a city - with 67% succes every time! Thus essentially you would be serving your cause far better by purchasing and/or building cannon rather than frigates or other ships.

    Actually, I wouldn't recommend hardbouring in any cities: Regulars in general and Artillery in particular are nasty at attacking cities, and since those Man-o-war as well as Artillery are likely to bombard the defence % all the way to zero it ain't gonna stop them, only slow them down - which is NOT good, since you will want a fast victory to avoid risking a "Europe victory" for your king.

    Instead, its better to allow the REF to capture their first city, and then when they have garrisoned it, you can simply pound it with a combination of Cannons & Dragoons. If you play your cards right, the REF will that way be wiped out very quickly, even at Revolutionary difficulty.

    Of course, if you have "purged" a city of REF influence, you may of course leave it there to be captured a 2nd or even a 3rd time by the REF, thus resetting the trap once more.

    That is the big reason why you should ABANDON the first settlement right away, just so that the Artillery can garrison in there. While there, they are easy targets for Dragoons & Cannon, even with the +50% city defensive bonus.

    Actually, it is widely considered so that Marathon Speed is better suited for playing against the computer. On normal, the risk exists that you may ultimately run out of time fighting your Independence War that Europe snatches victory before you, simply because the King has to ferry such an obscene amount of troops in a much-too-long amount of time. On Marathon, this is not an issue: turns take 200%, but movement remains the same, so transportation costs are cut to a third, which is very useful especially during your War of Independence.

    Actually, I prefer raiding the natives & raking up my XP to create a Super-Dragoon with 100+ XP and fully promoted, which can literally slaughter any REF with ease.

    But then again, I play with Jose de San Martin instead of Peter Stuyvesent.

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