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CoL Discussion: Sections I/J(Miscellaneous)

Donovan Zoi

The Return
Oct 22, 2002
Here are Sections I & J of the DG2 Code of Laws. These sections deal with matters pertaining to our State Flag and National Parks respectively. Please propose any modifications that will make for a better ruleset, as well as identify any passages that are no longer needed.

I.   Nation Name and Flag 
   1.   Proposed changes to the nation name and national flag can be implemented only 
   during periods of anarchy. 
J.   National Park Rules 
   1.   Parkland may not be terraformed. Exception: jungle tiles in the radius of a city 
   may be cut down to prevent disease. 
   2.   Roads may be constructed. Railroads may be constructed only directly 
   between cities. 
   3.   Cities that have park land in their radius may not construct new pollution 
   causing improvements (factory, coal plant, nuclear plant, manufacturing plant, 
   research laboratory, airport, Iron Works). 
   4.   Pollution on park land will be cleared in preference to all other worker tasks. 
   5.   A majority of citizen approval is required to override standing park rules. 
   6.   Any citizen may propose a new park or change in territory for an existing park. 
   Approval requires the support of the governor(s) whose province is involved 
   and a majority of citizen approval.
I believe that both Sections I and J can be removed.
For now, scrap 'em both.

Later on though ...

-- Ravensfire
Scrap 'em.
I would like to personaly keep just "I" but I realy want to shread "J" since it is very inefficent to just reserve land when it can be used for strategic purpouses. This is not Sim Zoo or Sim Park. This is Civ :D
I would also like to see Article I kept and Article J scraped.

Article I does no harm to us, IE: If we make are countries name Techitian when we switch to anarchy we could change the name to "The Democracy of Techitian." or something of the likes.

Article J only aids in screwing ourselves over.
i agree with the general consensus, don't really care with I, i don't mind if we keep it, but J should be scraped, if you want to role play, do it in your own game, don't mess it up for the rest of us. if we INSIST on having parks, make it a limit of 1 per city

EDIT: on second thought don't scrap 'J', make it sya something like "no person, official or citizen may create a national park"
CivGeneral and Strider have said it for me here.

I could not believe it when I first read Article J. I have forested tiles as parkland in my own games sometimes – when my workers have nothing left to do (just waiting for any pollution) and the tiles do not fall in the influence of city. You never know it might even slow up an invasion, but I railroad first so I don’t have any movement penalty. To restrict ourselves in this manner though – wow, just baffling.

I would definitely like to see J scrapped.
Okay, it looks like the general preference is to remove both articles.

Unless there is an objection, I will post a ratification poll striking both sections from the CoL tonight.

-- Ravensfire
Poll has been posted here.

-- Ravensfire
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