Collaboration on research

D Pedro II

Sep 24, 2007
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Hello everybody!

I'd like to make a humble suggestion for upcoming Civ games and I'd be most pleased if you folks could show your impressions on this thread.

My suggestion consists in allowing that two civs that have good diplomatic relations or allies may sum their beakers and thus shorten research times for both of them. This could mean a significant alternative to tech trading, which I personally don't think it's a thing that happened much in real world's history (well, at least, not untill a couple of centuries ago).

I quite don't know if somebody else has already suggested that feature, I'm a first time poster on Ideas & Suggestions. It suddenly occur to me when thinking about the recent Nobel Prize winners which often involves a team composed by people from several nations round the world.

If I'm mistakenly stealing somebody else's idea, I humbly beg your pardon. But with the upcoming release of Civ Revolution and possibily the beginning of the development of Civ V, I think it's a very good opportunity to put it in open discussion on this forum.;)
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