Collectivization policy card keeps getting removed after returning to communist government (Workaround Found)


Dec 2, 2014
Swapped back to a Communist government after trying out some things as a democracy. As I had already chosen communism before I had to wait out the 3 turns of anarchy. The collectivization card appears and is able to be slotted in the economic/wildcard policy slot but is immediately removed after the policy card panel is closed. This results in a prompting by the game at the end of turn that I have an empty card to slot to fill but all policy cards are greyed out and the only way to continue is to force an end turn by pressing ctrl+shift+enter. This completely messed up my game where I was trying to have the democratic legacy card alongside collectivization. I reloaded and tried swapping governments without unlocking the democratic legacy card and the problem persists. I suspect that policy cards unlocked by government types are unusable should you leave that government and then return to it later. Any information on how this could be resolved would be much appreciated.

After some testing it turns out that if the government-unique card is slotted when you change governments, that policy card will become permanently unusable even if you switch back to the government that enables that policy. To resolve this, remove said policy card before changing governments to avoid the game permanently tagging it as some sort of violation.
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