College Tuition: How much do you pay?

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Sep 4, 2001
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i just had to pay my tuition today for school, $5440 dollars for school and dorms. My friend down the hall had to pay more than twice as much because he's from out of state. how did the rest of you have to pay? oh yeah, say if its in state, public/private and if you think you are paying too much.

I'm in state public school and i figure i got it pretty good.:cool:
I currently owe $8,500 in student loans (full tuition was $10,500), but not to worry-- I haven't been paying it :p .

The worst part is that I chose to go to film school, but I don't really want to pursue it, so whatever you are studying, I hope you dig it.
Nothing now, but when income hits a certain level they will start bleeding between 15 and 20 grand out of me.
I pay about US$3000 tuition which I suppose isn't that terrible. But given the direction our government is headed I expect deregulation within 10 years and a tuition hike of around 800%.

Apparently Canada and the United States are the only two Western nations that require a student to pay tuition for post-secondary education.

- Maj
We pay here as well, albeit in a deferred fashion, but some subjects require upfront payment, plus books, bribes, bastards (round).

Ye get reductions if ye fork out up front, and full fee paying places are given to overseas students and those who otherwise wouldn't get in.
I payed about $2500 cdn in tuitition, plus about another $1500 cdn for trans, books and other expenses. Hey Maj you go to U of Ottawa or Carleton? if you don't mind my asking.
For one daughter about $19,000 tution and fees annual. Living exspenses are extra. Despite all my training for her, she was too timid to go to a large state supported school.
I graduated from the College of William and Mary (Williamsburg, VA) in 1990. Though this is a state school, I was an out-of-stater and basically paid over $11,000 (American) per yer for room and board. Well, that's what the loans were for, and there wasn't a better day than the one where I made THAT last payment.

I looked into taking a year in Europe, and it would have been CHEAPER for me to do so for that year - travel and housing included. I wish I could have, but I was in the undergrad school of business at the time and had to remain at the home campus for 4 consecutive semesters.

IMO, most US colleges are horribly run. They constantly cry poor when they charge outrageous tuition, receive money from many alumni, and (with state schools) receive tax money as well. They should put some more savvy business people in charge of these things.

I always get a kick when I get a call or a letter from my Alma Mater asking for money. I think I've given enough already, thank you!
Here at Johns Hopkins tuition is about $40,000 a year! :eek:

But don't worry, I'm not rich. The only reason I'm able to go here is because of a large grant from the school, and even with that I'm taking several thousand in loans each year. After looking around at colleges last year when I was a high-school senior, I found that most of the famous private schools (Harvard, Stanford, MIT, Princeton, to name a few I looked at) were between 35 and 40 thousand a year. The sad thing is many of the students who go to these schools actually pay that!
I paid about €355,00 for this year. The same for every public university in Portugal.
Only a measily 26,00 dollars a year, with a mere increase to 1,300 something for next year, due to the loss of part of our endowement in the stock market.

That's not to even mention how much my dorm and meal plan costs are. Go CU (Cornell University).

Edited: I forgot to insert a zero, made my school look cheap. Also, I hope the Crimson guy is prepared to see his hockey team hit by a large number of thrown fish. (It's a Hockey thing, only one of our two good sports)
30k a year for Northeastern University
Hm. I paid a total of 0$ for my 4.5 years university computer science degree. The same amount for my university low-level philosophy, language science and latin courses.
Books I had to pay for, of course.
Don't remember how much I paid in rent for the flat those years. Not much, it was pretty small.

The wonders of living in a democracy, where education is not limited to the rich, but seen as a right for everyone to pursue.
And BTW: The loans I took to pay books, food, room and beer those years did not accumulate interest until one year after I finished school. Like it should be.

Yeah poor USAnian students :( All my sympathy goes to them... I think it's a shame education isn't free. In France you only have to pay some fees to cover the university expenses. Which are generally ~€250... Quite the same amount in USD. The dorms are not expensive neither, so you can save quite a lot of money... In some universities, you're even paid for your studies. They're civil cervants.
Non-north americans, let me apologize on all the civfanatic Canadians who, like too many in this country, live under the delusion that the rest of the world lives in a student fantasyland where everything is free.

Yep, most other countries don't ask for tuition. But there's a price: most other countries limit entry into universities far more stringently. Canada and the US have the highest PSE participation and completion rates per capita on the planet, so the terrifying $$$ does buy something in return.

Me, it was a long time ago. $3,000 per year. Lived at home. Worked weekends. Lived like a king. If only...
And let us remember that everyone from all over the world flocks to our universities. Must be doing something right.

I plan on attending grad-school for physics at a Ivy League private university, most likely in the Boston area. :)

You get what you pay for. I don't see famous Nobel prize winners teaching at University of Southern Ossetian Region.

d in a.
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