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Colonie Improvement


Jan 13, 2012

Requires G&K

adds a new Improvement "Colony" it acts like the G&K Citadel but doesnt need to be build near your boarders its built by a Worker with "Economics" tech.

Pedia: Colonie's act like Citadels they will Culture Bomb with one Tile radius but with the ability to be build outside borders so you can achieve a zone of Control on Resources without having to build a City on a unprofitable place or to just occupy a specific place in the world for Future use.

now Consumes the Worker when built.


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Awsome mod but It should consume the worker afterwards to prevent spamming colonies.
I agree, on both comments made by leeuw01.

Both comments?. But i agree this will be an option, otherwise the ai doesnt use it, or if iam wrong post it.
what he means with both comments is "awesome mod and should be consumed by building it) thanks ;)

so yes great suggestions there i will try to implement them, right now im having trouble finding the code for "worker gets consumed"

and yes the AI doesnt make any use of it at the moment for a reason-
the borders createt by these Colonies arent "eraseable" and you'll never know what crazy things the AI is doin.

I guess erasing borders on Pillage would be doable with LUA but im totally nub to lua. modding, gotta ask bout that on C&C forum.

Edit: found the code for consume the worker its <Kill>1</Kill>
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