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[Col] Colonization Hot Seat Multiplayer Savegame Editor


Mar 3, 2019
Hi community!

Here is a savegame editor I created to allow easier starting of hot seat multiplayer games for Colonization.
Very crude, but works (if not, please report. A crash message might be available in the Windows Events view).

Just drag&drop the savegame onto the window or .exe, change the players/names and press save.
No warranty, and so on. Use at your own risk.
As usual:
- only the first human player in a turn will get notifications for buildings, goods, etc..
- everyone plays at the same difficulty (except starting units and AI)
- only save on the first human player's turn, or the game will skip the other players turns when loading after a Colonization restart

- You want to play with France and the Dutch
- Select "France"
- Start game
- Save
- Load the savegame in the hot seat tool (drag & drop)
- Check "Human" for the Dutch
- Change the player's name if you want
- Press "Save"
- Restart Colonization (restart might not be necessary, more tests needed)
- Load the game

And btw, this happens each turn when you have 4 human players and one of them has >=50% SOL.
4p mp 50 sol bug.png


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