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"Colony is storing negative cargo" bug

Christos Damaskos

Dec 26, 2021
Ever since I upgraded to 'We The People' v.3.0.1 I have been getting a "Colony is storing negative cargo" bug which breaks the game or at other times makes it unplayable.

Essentially, I either get a notification (see the screenshot here) which stops the game OR a colony starts storing vast amounts of negative and positive numbers of cargo (in the 5 digits) for one round. Over the next rounds the colony either start bleeding excess resources, or selling them if the right buildings are present, producing disprportionately vast amount of gold.

I downgraded to 3.0 and 2.9, but the problem persists.

I repaired the installation though STEAM, but to no avail.

This save is in version 2.9 and the problem starts in the next round.

Has anyone met with a similar bug and resolved it?

Note: I've also attached the files to the post.


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@Christos Damaskos

I hope the following helps. :)


Please read here:
(This may be the solution already.)

It is related to using "bad default Steam version" of Civ4Col which is known to cause bugs with mods.
When you play Civ4Col Steam version with mods you need to explicitly downgrade to "Original Release version".

Sorry, but we can do very little about the fact, that Steam default installation seems to cause issues with mods.
(We had many other bug reports that could be resolved by simply switchig back to "Original Release version" - which has no issues with mods.)


However, it will not correct an existing save - it is broken already.
All that helps is to follow the instructions above and start a new game.


By the way:
Please post bugs about our mod WTP next time in our forum here.
In the "general area" of the game, it is not ensured anybody will react.


  • Switch to "Original Relase version" of Colonization in Steam
  • Install clean WTP Release 3.0.1 again (not an outdated older release)
  • Start a new game - do not load old savegames
  • Let us know if the bug still occurs ... most likely it will not


Just so you know about this save as well. Maybe you want to take a look and maybe the savegame gives further information. :thumbsup:
(Most likely the savegame is however already broken and "negative storage" has already happened, just message not yet triggered.)
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Thank you!

BTW I wasn't complaining about the mod per se. I saw my position as trying to root out a bug and make the experience more pleasant for other players.

Otherwise, bug or not, I will play this game in perpetuity; what's a paltry 2.200 hours played already compared to eternity? :woohoo:

I'm looking forward to contributing to the modding community in the future.

Thank again and have a Merry Holiday and a Happy New Year!
Thank you!
Do not thank me too early. :)

We just assume that the "negative Cargo Bug" was caused by wrong Steam version.
(But until now all reports of that bug were only from people that used that Steam version - players of "original version" did not report it.)

Thus, please report back to us if it still happens. :thumbsup:
(But until now nobody that switched to the "Original Version" had reported it again.

BTW I wasn't complaining about the mod per se.
No problem. :)

Every mod is just a piece of software as well and software has bugs.
And all of us are not professional game developers, we just do this in our spare time.

I'm looking forward to contributing to the modding community in the future.
Sounds great. :thumbsup:

Thank again and have a Merry Holiday and a Happy New Year!
You too. :cool:
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