Combat focused game for iPad similar to Civ 6 with combat/strategic focus?


Jul 7, 2011
I really think the port of Civ 6 is fantastic and more than worth the $30 I paid for it. I find I really like the combat mechanics of Civ 6 and was looking for combat focused games that are very similar for the iPad. In fact I find myself playing domination victories mostly.

I really enjoy how you have to research certain technologies before you can produce more powerful units. I like how resources need to be obtained and protected in order to field combat units. Also, I think managing trade routes and funding adds a nice strategic feature to the game play.

I guess I am looking for a game that is similar to Civilization but has a combat/strategic focus. The big thing for me though is having it on my iPad. I love the portability and the ability to have the game available to play wherever I am.

I looked but could not find a version of Axis and Allies for the iPad. Is there anything similar. Thank you.


Feb 4, 2002
You could try Polytopia, it really seems to be Civ boiled down to conquest. Otherwise sure about the level of strategy you're seeking though...
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