Come make MountCFC!!! (A CFC Sim City 2000 cooperative city project)


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Apr 9, 2002
Salisbury Plain
Hey, again, y'all! You might remember CFCopolis, the cooperative CivFanatics Sim City 2000 city, well now that it's complete I think it's time I started hosting a new cooperative CivFanatics Sim City 2000 city!

Like CFCopolis this one will be composed of 49 seperate entities united into one superdealie!

For simplicity I ave devided the rules into basic and advanced. The basic rules tell what you must do and what you must not do and is neccesary to build an area. The advanced rules are exceptions that you can use to add greater flexibility to your area, they are optional reads.

Basic rules:
1. The area you choose must be neghboring an already developed area
2. You must build within the confines of your 14x14 area
3. You must build a road and powerline conection to all undeveloped neighbors
4. You must not use additonal cheats (including ones that add more rewards), disasters, or scurk.
5. You must not add more than one of the following: stadium (limit 5 per city), reward, arcology
6. You must change the sign in your plot to the name of your area, your area name must include your username
7. You must not build a second area or screw with other people's domains or the budget window
8. You don't have to place water/subway elements, but you can if you want to.
9. You must not make something that violates forum rules

Advanced rules:
1. You may build on the the tiles adjacent to your area provided:
__A. All of the additional tiles that were water tiles are still water tiles (they must be basic water tiles, waterfalls or marinas)
____i. Coastline water tiles (those that face open ocean) cannot have waterfalls
____ii. Marinas and seaport docks can extend beyond the tile adjacent to your 14x14 area on Coastline tiles
__B. The land tiles adjacent to your 14x14 area can be built on or raised/lowered provided that the tile further out (the tree tiles in the case of those between two areas) is unneffected (no elevation changes, still has trees/no trees)
2. If you neighbor is the map edge and there is land on the edge you may make a road connection to the neigbor
3. You may make an additional connection to any vacant neighboring plot via rail or highway if you desire
4. You do not need to make a power connection to a neghbor that already has one
5. You may rename any item in your area but the following: Marina, hydroelectric power plant, wind power plant, big park, library, rail, subway station, and bus station
6. If you do not build an item listed in basic rules 5 you may do one of the following:
__A. Remove the additional sign from the corner and place it somewhere in your area (it can say whatever you want), unless it has been already taken
__B. Rename up to two of the items listed in Advanced tules 5 provided:
____i. Noone has renamed them before
____ii, You have the item built in your area
7. You may enact or remove any three ordinances except for nuclear free zone
8. You may relocate your sign before naming your area

Have fun!

Please note that these rules are subject to modification, and that I might make some seemingly minor requests for changes, please bare with me on this: Hosting these things can be quite difficult.

Most recent file located at end of thread
And here is my little piece of the island. Might not be fully connected but im sure you can use it as an example for others to know how to connect it fully.
This is Homeyg's (he gave me the file through the chatroom)

Here's a screenie...

And the upload...


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Added a zone of almost entirely dense industrial: The IndusPark! Also includes one plymoth arco (IndusCorp HQ), four subway stations, and some weird roads and subways. I didn't unpause it, so the industrial area will stay bare until someone does :p.

I expect this industrial zone will scare away some of the people in 'conventional' residential areas, but hey, does IndusCorp care? I think not, since their HQ can hold 55 thousand workers. :satan:


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I demand you post a picture of my city :p
Here is my city.
heres mine!


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sorry i didnt quite get those voting threads done for CFCopolis, they require a lot of work to do, and i personally dont really have the time.
Polyphemus, there are a number of issues that forced me to make some considerable modifications to your area. I will discuss this via PM.


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i will soon fix it, thanks for making me aware.
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