Comedian Greg Giraldo Dead At 44 From Apparent Drug Overdose


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Jan 29, 2003
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After speaking at a drug addiction recovery rally...

Sad Celebrity Death News --

Comedian Greg Giraldo died September 29th, 2010 after complications from a prescription drug overdose. The New York celebrity had been in town to participate in a month-long public awareness rally promoting drug addiction recovery. Ironically, Giraldo was found unconscious and remained non responsive at an alleged wild party in his New Jersey hotel room (commercial real estate) following his initial performance at one part of the charity event function.

Celebrity gossip website Telegraph UK revealed:

His death is believed to have been caused by complications resulting from the overdose, which is not thought to have been a suicide attempt.

Producers for the NBC TV show Last Comic Standing, on which Giraldo was a judge, confirmed that he had died in New York last night.

A statement said: "Greg was one of the most talented comedians of our time. He was truly brilliant. His work will surely continue to influence and inspire us. We will miss our friend. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family."

Telegraph points out that Giraldo, who was divorced, was known for his stand-up routines and his "celebrity roasts" on Comedy Central in which he lampooned the likes of cult hero David Hasselhoff, women's role model and legendary female comedienne Joan Rivers and green celebrity animal rights activist and vegan Pamela Anderson.

However, Giraldo had been a long time activist promoting alcohol addition recovery. A Generation X liberal with an open mind, he often spoke about health, social issues, disturbing trends in pop culture, and reminded us all that just because you are bright does not mean you can't have a campy sense of humor.

Giraldo, a resident New Yorker, was a graduate of the Harvard School of Law and was the child of immigrant parents. He was also the father of three young children.

Link to video.

RIP, Greg...
THIS JUST IN: Greg Giraldo wins ironic death of the year award.
Oh the irony… poor fellow.
Greg Giraldo sucked.
He was a great roaster, but stand-up not so much. Still, sad death.
Some of my favorite Greg Giraldo moments occurred on Tough Crown With Colin Quinn where his education, intelligence, and sharp wit were used to obvious advantage. Watch him completely pwn Dennis Leary after Dennis tried to make it personal on the show (3:15 in):

Link to video.

Dennis never did learn how to write his own material so he became a successful truck salesman instead.
I watched the video and didn't so much as crack a smile. At least Carlin included a few jokes now and then.

It's a Just for Laughs performance. Comedians are never good there, because they have to put it on prime time TV. Good comedy is almost never allowed on prime time TV, and is rarely mainstream enough to get there.
Drug abuse is bad, mmmkay? Even prescription drug abuse.
So I guess that explains why you are so openly critical of Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck? Because of the drugs and not the politics?
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