Comedy news, Colbert, Alex Jones, and the impending show-off at Amphipolis


Oct 15, 2003
The Dream

Comedy shows have become the news, including the alt-comedy shows (usually known as conspiracy shows). However it is true that even with the internet there is still more of an issue when actual tv network people do this kind of thing, than when web-based (or cis-web based) programs to it.
I think that Colbert has played his part in fueling the polarization. Not due to his anti-Trump sayings (i think most people dislike Trump anyway, including many of those who voted for him), but because of how kneejerk his routines are. And ok, he may say his program isn't news, but it happens to be of the same low level as news programs, some of which appear to even aspire to be quasi-comedic or trolling in a tone which isn't miles away from Colbert's comedy or acting.

He is a good comedian, yet things have got real for a while now. I think the mainstream vs alt media thing won't go away, and tensions do seem to rise instead of diminishing a bit. Sad that US couldn't have a decent potus, but that much was obviously going to happen when both your candidates were crap- and Colbert didn't help avoiding that either; he was going on about lame "choose the lesser of two evils", as if people who don't have money give a crap about such a position in the first place.

My view is that the alt media are trolling, of course, but they would not be popular if not for the mainstream media also being ludicrously and pitifully dumb. Which sort of is a parallel to why Trump won against Hillary. :shake:

Amphipolis was where the first part of the Peloponnesian war was concluded, by the leaders of both Athens and Sparta meeting their death. I think we are moving on to something closer to Aigos Potamoi now.

-You can discuss the fake news/mainstream vs alt and similar/tied issues.
Just a short note for now:
The legacy/corporative media (also called wrongly mainstream) are most of the part about agenda and less about truth while the alternative are for most part the opposite. The alternative have found their market niche by telling either the other part of the story, giving wider perspective or just the actual truth precisely becouse the legacy media has stopped offering that and has been exposed for it. Now there may been more nuts in the alt but they are for most part honest.
The PropOrNot thing was pretty stupid. The Washington Post uncritically ran a story featuring a list of "Russian propaganda sites" compiled by some no-name anonymous internet group of neocons. The list was amazing for its diversity. It contained sites from literally every ideology that oppose intervening in Syria and/or saber-rattling against Russia, including:

Anti-war sites with no other political positions, including sites for anti-war veterans
Left-wing opponents of the mainstream Democratic Party (e.g. Counterpunch, Truthdig)
Libertarians (e.g. David Stockman, Ron Paul)
Paleoconservatives (e.g. Paul again, Lew Rockwell)
Sites aligned with the militia or sovereign citizen movements
White nationalists and neo-Nazis (e.g. Daily Stormer, Stormfront, VDare)
Conspiracy theorists ranging from Alex Jones to UFO enthusiasts
Collapse blogs from all sorts of political positions
Fake news sites with no discernible ideology
Aggregators of any of the above sites (e.g. Drudge Report, Zerohedge,
Actual Russian propaganda sites (e.g. RT, SputnikNews)

I'm no fan of any of these groups besides the first two, but it's remarkable that the Washington Post would ever publish claims by some dubious site that everyone from all ideologies who disagree with neocons and liberal internationalists are part of some Russian conspiracy. Someone needs to revive McCarthy to show them how to actually do this sort of thing. They clearly need help. :lol:
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