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Oct 3, 2003
London, UK
Hey all

Have found time to play civ 4 again, and am currently playing a game as Vicky on Pangea Monarch. I'm winning the game (just teching to Cuirs then will cuirs rush), but want to discuss city placement especially the first 4 or 5 cities.

I've attached the starting position and the save game where I am at. The last 3 or 4 cities I have founded are more land blocking cities, its more the first 5 or 6 placement here (I had nice land so options).

Where would the optimal spots have been for first 5 or 6 cities here, so I can see just how badly my city placement was here
The vicky save is the turn 0 save, and the 400AD one is where I currently am (Game is pretty much won, unless I get DOW'd on by Izzy)

Buffy mod is used


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Jan 1, 2006
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To me, cap should go to the plains hill, 2nd to grab two 6:food:-resources. Wouldn't bother improving rice. 3rd for fish (cap border pop claims also crab), 4th to claim clam with cap border pop. Boat is ready. I didn't see any real alternatives to this even, so curious if you did something completely different. I guess 2nd city could go 1S to share gold+fp and not settle on green, but 1st ring horse is pretty good, too.

Very short on workers (have one), because needed so many boats.


comments on your game
Spoiler :
I think settling cap away from fresh water is a mistake. It's not easy to use all that food with low :health:-cap. I think it's better to just split the food and get fresh water in both cities. Even without that extra clam cap is +16:food: size 7 with a lighthouse, which is just ridiculous. Should aim for size 13 or so 1AD.

I guess settling on silk does make some sense, but I'd just go for the ph next to fish anyway. Coastal fish is a lot better than gold. I think the city north of cap should be coastal.
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