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Coming Soon: Era Specific Hitler Animated Leaderheads


Dec 19, 2001
I have been working on this and decided to post a preview of it for those interested.

This will be the first of my completely revamped leaderheads which will include era specific animations and a graphic design that blends into existing game graphics better than before.


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Go with it, it looks good.
I hope you do the same for Stalin and Napoleon too.
... although hopefully you won't use the original bodies for some, I can't picture Stalin in Catherine's clothes :lol: or Churchill in Elizabeth's for that matter :lol:

How do you go about making it so the leaderhead appears correctly in the Foreign Advisor screen (F4)?

I made a leaderhead, but it kept showing this black outline around the circular section. I finally copied over the color table from the orginal file and told photoshop to use that color table for the new file and that seemd to do the trick for the most part, I did get a few mismatched colors. Is there a simpler way? Like say maybe a specific spot in the color table I have to change to a particular color and that will solve the problem?

Anyways, thanks in advance :)

Really nice work on the Hitler graphics though =)
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