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Compile VP dll with major civs number between 22 and 43


Dec 24, 2010
Hello, I'd like to play VP with a fixed number of major civs (more than 22 but less than 43) so to have a good number of City States on the map (more than 20).

To do this, VP dll needs to be compiled manually. I managed to do that with the info I found in the forum (see this thread and the info on github CPP repository) but although I can play with the set number of civs, I get glitches in the UI (with missing files) both with EUI and non-EUI (so the game is basicall unplayable).

Having said this, can someone tell me whether compiling VP dll for a fixed number of major civs can be simply done by changing some few parameters and build dll (as I've tried) or does it take more coding fixes?

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