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Apr 25, 2009
So I'm chugging along in my current game and am plainly on track to win a revolution victory in the not so distant future given that I'm raking in money hand over fist and churning out a whole bunch of horses and guns per turn... and then all of a sudden the game ends with a French Economic Victory. I am not French.

So I check out the victory status screen and then French have traded 150,000 goods in the time I've traded 20,000. By restoring back a bit and checking the victory screen it appears that they are trading in excess of 1000 goods a turn... but when I look at their colonies I'm not sure how. They have 2 big cities and then a bunch of 3-4 pop ones surrounding the 2 large ones.

Is the computer trading over 1000 resources a turn pretty typical? I was playing on Patriot/Epic. I was clearly the dominant power money-wise and my GNP was hugely bigger than anyone else's even though the French had traded almost 10x as many goods.

Are they just shipping a really really large amount of raw materials to Europe or something? I guess I could have loaded up galleon after galleon with tobacco and cotton...

Side note: the apparently infinite unit spawn for the AI is a bit annoying. I was sinking Russian galleons with privateers at a very fast clip and they were still swarming all over the place.

Maybe I'll turn off everything except a revolution victory.


Mar 30, 2007
The computer must get a lot of cheats to compete. In my last game I was 80 turns in and one of the computer players already had 16 immigrants and 5 cities. The math does not add up. :confused:

Feyd Rautha

Jun 29, 2006
Louisville, KY
Something is FUBAR with this mod methinks... I'm getting the same thing at turn 115 of a marathon game.
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