[Concept] Charity/Welfare

Bea Louise H

May 5, 2021
This concept touches on ideas related to Housing and Foreign Trade, as well as briefly going into Golden Ages and Dark Ages.

This concept is for the inclusion of Charity and Welfare in future Civilization games.

In Civilization, when a player is asked by a foreign Civ to make a tribute, it is uncertain whether it is because of need for assistance, or as a military threat. In this scenario, a player might request that a tribute be recognized as "Charitable" in recognition of support for the tribute that is on the table, rather than nothing.

If Charity is refused, the main reason to reject an inclusion of Charity would be to impose strong intimidation tactics against the player, or deny the Civilization a long term asset in the form of a City based Charity; probably named after the founding City and supporting Civilization.

A Charity would then be assigned to one or your Cities and do nothing, or very little in the case of where a status should indicate that it does. Such as Civilization traits and buildings, or a Wonder. (The NHS)

A specific Welfare Govener would then be assignable, either to a foreign City; to increase the growth rate of your Charities to that Civilization, and almost always making that Civilization like you more. Almost... or, to be allocated to one of your own Cities, where it would activate positive repercussions from your Charities based in that City, that may otherwise take a long time to see any benefit from.

Welfare Goveners would then have the ability to gain a level up perk, called something like "Allowances", that would eliminate all but the most severe housing dilemmas in all but the very worst case scenarios. Something like +4 Housing.

If your Civilization suffers from extreme Homelessness, or Famine, this could severely risk triggering a dark age. Alternatively having every citizen live a fulfilled life (housing + occupation) then this should likewise trigger a golden age.

In one example where a player Civ has three Cities, one of them has complete tile based labour allocation and no problem with housing. The second city has some citizens who can't work on a tile, but as there is a University in this City, that covers for them. (Here there is also a growth curve as more employment establishments become available) The third City has a housing defecit, and not every citizen is allocated a tile and there is poor employment and no University type building to cover. However, there is a Welfare Govener allocated to this City! With the Allowances level up perk, which addresses the Housing problem, as well as negating any negative effects from lack of employment, this City is also eligable like the other two.

Because all Cities are 100% by individual means, this Civilization can now trigger a Golden Age.

One more approach to housing might also be to include a Visa Agreement between two foreign Cities within the trading dialogue screen. While this takes away a Citizens ability to work a tile, it also negates all the negative effects from homelessness in the City, including dissatisfaction, and possibly avert a potential Dark Age.

Thus concluding my suggestion for the inclusion of Welfare and Charity in Civilization, and to what it relates.
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